HPRA Florida Challenge HPV and recumbent bike race pictures
Florida Challenge HPRA HPV Race Results

Races held April 3rd, 2001 at the 1/3 Kilometer Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome in Cooper City, FL. 
Thanks to Garrie Hill for the following pictures and commentary.

This is Brian Piccolo Park in Plantation, Florida.  A really, really nice city park with playing fields, tennis and basketball courts, pool (I think), and an area dedicated to wheel sports.  
In the wheel sports area, they've got a 333 meter velodrome surrounding a 200 meter skating track, a skate park for roller blades and skateboards complete with ramps, half pipes, and whoop-de-doos, and a combination snack bar/rest room/pro shop/administration/covered dining area/LOUD music system (for the skate park)
This park was "way cool", as they say now-a-days, even having and ocean view from the air-conditioned private boxes overlooking the velodrome.......no, not really!
The beginning of the Stock class race.  Notice Rob English up by the wall on his Bike Friday.  He raced in both the Stock and the SuperStock classes, easily winning everything he entered!
One of the two heats for the SuperStock drag races.  Rob English at the bottom.
Here we have Shari Bernhard, the Fearless Leader, and (again!!!!) Rob English on Shari's tandem.  It's a darn good thing Rob wasn't around in 1776, or we might still be the Colonies.
Fool's Crow Cycles (Ed Deaton) and Garrie Hill (me) got together to donate the door prize.  Ed donated a set of wheels (Velocity AeroHeat rims with Sram 9.0 hubs), and Garrie Hill made up a set of carbon fiber wheel discs..........
Now, don't you wish that you had come to the race?

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