2001 Florida HPRA HPV and recumbent bike race results
Florida Challenge HPRA HPV Race Results

Races held April 3rd, 2001 at the 1/3 Kilometer Brian Piccolo Park Velodrome in Cooper City, FL. 
Thanks to Shari Bernhard for organizing and running the race, providing the results, and the race report.

Name  Class  1 lap
Drag Race
200 M
Sprint (Sec)
200 M
Sprint (MPH)
Last Man
30 Min Timed
Race (laps)
1 KM
TT (Min)
Rob English 306 Stock 1st 13.46 33.24 1st 54.625 1:25:51 195/1st
George Reynolds 311 Stock 2nd 14.02 31.91 2nd 54.325 1:28:51 190/2nd
Bryan Ball 400 Stock 3rd 15:05 29.73 3rd 47.687 1:37:35 180/3rd
Mark Cooper 305 Stock 4th 16:04 27.89 5th 49.50 1:39:81 178.5/4th
Dennis Sootkoos 313 Stock 4th 16:60 26.95 6th 43 1:51:71 171.5/5th
Mike Kring 304 Stock 5th 17:09 26.18 7th 42.968 1:55:54 163.5/6th
Dick Avery 312 Stock 6th 25:17 17.77 8th 27.875 2:51.95 154/7th
David Caskie 307 Stock DNR 16:73 26.75 4th 51.437 1:45:75 141/8th
Cleve Watkins 415 Stock 5th 18:95 23.61 DNR 43.562 1:55:60 130.5/9th
Ed Deaton 455 Stock  DNR 16:63 26.90 DNR DNR  DNR 34/10th
Rob English 205 SuperStock 1st  12.56 35.62 1st 61.062 1:19:45 195/1st
Jay Hoover 207 SuperStock 2nd 16.91 26.46 2nd 46.125 1:44:38 189/2nd
Ken Evans 277 SuperStock 5th 16:52 27.08 3rd 45 1:49:15 184/3rd
Jose Hernandez  204 SuperStock 3rd 18:08 24.74 4th 41.562 1:55:37 180/4th
Dan Brown 244 SuperStock 4th 17:15 26.09 5th* 37.25 1:55:72 176.5/5th
Robert McWhirter 206 SuperStock 6th 22:05 20.29 5th* 32.325 2:33:41 170.5/6th
Joe Brooks &
Tess Machlan
702 MultiRider 2nd 21:27 21.03 2nd 35.625 DNR 153/1st
Shari Bernhard &
Dennis Sootkoos
748 MultiRider 1st 16.36 27.35 1st DNR DNR 117/2nd
Garrie Hill 144 SuperStreet 1st 16:01 27.94 1st 52.937 DNR 156/1st
Alan Jarrett 12 Streamliner  DNR DNR DNR 1st DNR DNR 39/1st
Shari Bernhard 648 Women 1st 17.55 25.55 DNR DNR  1:50:13 117/1st
Clint Reynolds 514 Junior DNR DNR DNR DNR 38.125 DNR 39/1st

* Due to a discrepancy in the outcome for 5th position in the last man out race, a sharing of 5th place was deemed a suitable solution.

Shari Bernhard's race report:

It was a beautiful day, warm and breezy. Perhaps a little too breezy for bike racing, but everyone took it in stride. This was the First Annual (does that mean she's gonna do it again???) Human Powered Race America Florida Challenge HPV Race, held at Brian Piccolo Park's Velodrome in Cooper City, FL.

I arrived at the Velodrome 45 minutes before registration started, knowing I'd need time to get things set up. This was my first time as a race director, and I was so nervous that my mouth felt like I stuffed it with cotton. It was almost 8 am and I wasn't nearly ready. With Garrie Hill's awesome assistance, along with a plethora of volunteers from the racing riders and my own bike club, including Steve Levy, our club's Racing Director, and Fritz Mueller, our club president and dynamite bike wrench, things came together eventually - people were registered, bikes safety-checked, and numbers assigned without incident. All told, there were 20 registered riders, exactly the number I hoped for. Fewer would have been disappointing, and more would have been more work than I thought I could handle. Knowing what I know now, another 10 riders would have been okay, but I'd have 4 races instead of 5. 

There were no surprises as to the winners, according to the experienced racers in the group, and a devious scheme was afoot at the awards dinner that night to create a special "Foreigner Class" which those of  "English"birth were required to ride in, and no other class.

A few highlights(?) of the day:

I'm sure there are more embarrassing highlights, but you get the picture...

Seriously, though, it went really well even though it sounds like a comedy of errors. The Awards Dinner Saturday night was attended by 21 people, mostly the racers, some spouses and a son. The food was yummy (if slow to arrive for hungry cyclists), and a whole lot of fun. The Velodrome facility is top-notch. There is a large, grassy center area with a bike rack and the park people put up two huge tents with a couple of benches and two picnic tables. It was the perfect place for spectators and racers alike to hang out in the shade. Over the course of the day, spectators from my bike club, others in the park, and kids who were at the skate track next door came by to watch. There was a tall scaffold and a public address system setup, and we used it for some of the races, but it turned out we needed to be at track level more often, so we resorted to yelling a lot.

Garrie's help throughout the day was critical. There were moments when I stumbled because I was unsure of how to proceed. He was an indispensable resource and I owe him for success of this event, and I can't thank him enough for the assistance.

 It would have been better for several of the classes to have more competition, so if you've ever thought about racing even a
little, do it. I can personally attest to the feeling of accomplishment, and there's no question about how enjoyable a time you'll have.

The Fun Ride on Sunday wasn't a lot of fun for a few people. The wind was whipping out of the southwest and for riders needing to recuperate from the energy expenditure of the day before, it was too much. A couple of  riders turned back after 6 miles, and a couple of others needed to be reined in every now and then. Still, the route for the 27 miles was about as 
nice as we get in this urban jungle, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the paved path through Robbins Park.

I can't end this without thanking the sponsors: 'BentRider OnLine, X-Eyed Designs, Bicycle Outfitters, Atlantic Bicycle and Broward County Parks and Recreation Division. (If I forgot someone, I apologize.)

Again, my utmost and deepest thanks to Garrie Hill for his help and encouragement, to Steve Levy who may think we're weird but who had a great time and put in a full day's work, to the volunteers who supplied mechanical assistance and motivation, and to all the folks who came out to race and did double duty as timers and lap counters. It made my job easier, and my efforts very, very worthwhile. I'll be ready for next year.

Shari Bernhard
Plantation, FL

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