Indianapolis Indiana HPRA HPV human powered vehicle and recumbent bike races

Indy 2001 Race HPRA HPV race pictures
Human Powered Vehicles Races held April 21st & 22nd, 2001 at the
Major Taylor Velodrome on Saturday, and then at the Mooresville Pioneer park on Sunday.
Thanks to Jeff Hunn for the majority of these pictures.

Wendy Toy on her Lightning Stealth drafts Barb Pendergast, racing an Earth Cycles Sunset during the 25 lap race at the Major Taylor velodrome on Saturday. Wendy sprinted by Barb on the last lap to win the race.
Rob English performing a pre-race mantra on his Optima Baron. Rob works and races for YellowBike, a importer and online marketer of the Optima line of recumbents. The YellowBike site has some nice videos of the Indy races.
Races line up (sort of) for 25 lap stock race. Note Rob English lining up on the inside line, and Sean Costin hugging the wall, preparing to sweep down and draft Rob. Rob did some impressive weaving in and out of traffic to shake Sean off his tail, and won the race.
Gary Toy races on his Optima Baron, and Thom Ollinger taking the inside track on his homebuilt lowracer. Thom raced this bike inside of fairing for a few years, before replacing it with his tub bike. This year Thom is working on a new super secret racer in the BlackWorld labs.
Jeff Hunn, who also races with his wife, Jane on a Double Vision Tandem, here races a rare Duchane Pharobike.
Bill Murphy holds down Garrie Hill's M5 Number 8 fairing. Garrie had to race his M5 without this fairing because of some foot clearance issues which he didn't have time to work out before the race. This fairing is so light that it had to be weighted down with concrete block to prevent it from blowing away in the 40MPH gusts.
Ray Brick races his home built "Kermit" suspended touring bike at the Mooresville Pioneer park course on Sunday.
Warren Beauchamp races his Barracuda streamliner. New on this bike is a slightly more aero underside, wheel fairings, and a front suspension. The front suspension helped immensely around the fast corners.
Sharie Brick races her ultra-light low racer.
Kevin Berls races his new streamliner in "practical" configuration. Since this was his first race weekend with the bike, he wanted to try it partially  faired before running with his other completely enclosed top.
Paul Pancella, racing his like-new Lightning P-38, follows Bill Lozowski, who races on a Challenge Tai-Fun.
Jane Hunn races on her Earth Cycles Sunset low racer.
Ray Brick straps Sharie into the unpainted Micro-Moby streamliner. This bike has an interesting history. The male fairing mold was created by Terry Hreno at least 10 years ago, then was rescued by Garrie Hill a couple years ago. Garrie made the female mold, and produced this body, made from a carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb composite, but couldn't find anyone small enough to fit in it. Garrie eventually released it to Len Brunkalla, who in turn passed it off to Ray Brick.
Sharie Brick races her Micro Moby for the first time with the top on. Ray Brick created a carbon fiber and aluminum, fully suspended monocouque front and rear chassis for the streamliner over the winter. Sharie raced the streamliner up and down the hill at the Mooresville race course, until she overheated due to the black fairing and lack of ventilation.
Doc Pearson races his Super Street class Infinity SWB recumbent
Sean Costin follows Rob English during the road race.
Bruce Gordon races with his modest tail cone, on a Earth Cycles Sunset low racer.
Frank Lindley racing on his fiberglass faired Infinity FWD SWB 'bent.
Rich Myers averaged 30MPH in his new home built fully faired, fully suspended streamliner.
Theron Hill races his M5 in an M5 sandwich fairing. Theron still seems to be getting faster every year.

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