Pictures from the 2001 WISIl Cheddar Cheese Challenge in Kenosha, WI

WISIL Cheddar Cheese Challenge HPV race pictures
Kenosha, Wi July 15th, 2001

Thanks to Tom Reis and Bill Cook for contributing pictures!

Another beautiful racing day dawns, and the tent city is erected in the infield of the Kenosha velodrome. Riders gather for the racers meeting.
Chris Burkhart & Aaron Bard of the Barcroft racing team get the Barcroft Tandem up to speed during the 200 Meter sprints.
Dave Krafft in his Kinetic Kooler powers through the 200 meter sprint.
Kevin Berls takes his "11" streamliner through its paces in the 200 meter sprint race.
Mike Nelson, in his new streamliner, with ghostlike semi-opaque bare fiberglass fairing. Mike is still working on blowing a canopy for this bike, and I'm sure that will increase his speed significantly.  
Richard Myers modifies his streamliner every time I see it. Since last time he has created a molded foam nose to replace the old blown plastic one. The shape is much nicer now. 
Rob Wood in his Norus streamliner, takes the corners on the Kenosha velodrome at high speed. At 38MPH you are leaned over so far on the steep banking that your bike is almost laying over completely sideways.  
Sharie Brick had a good day racing. No flats! Ray used the same tire on her streamliner that he uses on her micro-low-racer to good effect.
Warren Beauchamp goes high on the corner.
The stock class racers line up in preparation for the 30 lap race. Len Brunkalla is saying "what do you mean I don't have to give the flag speech???". 
Jim Curry and Jeff Hunn take the low line, as Frank Geyer and Paul John prepare to pass.
Sean Costin leads the pace line, with Paul John trying to catch a little draft, and Tom Reis hanging to the inside of Paul. Mike Leger and Gary Toy fill out the pace line behind Paul.
The Barcroft finished a race with Len waving the checkered flag.
Kevin Berls passes on the outside during the 30 lap streamliner race. Doc Pearson hangs toward the middle of the track. Tim Dunsworth and Bill Murphy stay close to the low line. 
Streamliners line up to get around traffic. There were a couple of times when streamliners had to slide through very small openings in traffic, or slam on the brakes to avoid a collision, so the excitement level was high!

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