Pictures from the 2001 Tucker 100 in Northbrook, IL

Pictures from the 7th annual  Tucker 100 HPV races
Northbrook, IL July 14th, 2001

Thanks to Tom Reis, Bill Cook, and  Jeff Hunn for contributing pictures!

AA, on his Challenge Jester with Optima CF tailbox, sprints around the 333 meter velodrome on his 1K standing start TT.
Alex Shapiro, on the very finished looking Barcroft lowracer prototype, gives it everything while during the 1K TT. Bill Cook of Barcroft also brought their latest Tandem, which appeared to be quite fast due to the close proximity of the riders.
A gaggle of streamliners waiting to run the 1K TT. It was very exciting to see such a large group of streamliners at the races this year.
Ed Gin explains the 10 lap race to the junior class racers. Seasoned 10 year old racer Charlie Ollinger on the left, gives Ed "the look".
Stock class racers lined up in preparation for the 50 lap race. That's a lot of lowracers!
Tom Reis, on his Optima Baron, and Paul John, on his Challenge Jester attempt to match pace with Sean Costin, riding Monkey Hand.
Bryan Ball on his pretty blue Challenge Jester passes Barb Prendergast, who is riding an Earth Cycles Sunset.
Bill Murphy on his Tour Easy, and John Olson on his Rotator Pursuit wait for the faired class 100 lap race to begin.
This picture shows more racers waiting for the billboard Tucker 100 race to begin, including the front end of Tyger Johnson's Lightning F-40, AA on his Jester, and Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda streamliner.
Sean Costin prepares to launch Mike Nelson in his new, not quite finished streamliner. Mike has been working hard on this new design for the past year.
Kevin Berls, in his newly completed streamliner with Carbon fiber body as well as a carbon fiber chassis, opted to be hand launched for this race as well.
Ray Brick helps his wife Sharie get buttoned into her carbon fiber fiber and Nomex honeycomb monocoque Micro Moby streamliner.

Warren Beauchamp, Kevin Berls, and Rob Wood careen around the corner of the velodrome, preparing to pass Frank Lindley. The amount of lean you can see is a good indication of how fast the bike is going.
Sharie Brick, in her Pink Powderpuff streamliner, goes down after her front tire loses pressure. Time for the yellow flag!
Ralph Koser in his mini-streamliner, finds that this head popper version is almost as fast as his full streamliner version .
Theron Hill, Frank Lindley, and Mike Nelson during the 100 lap race.
Theron Hill, racing on an M5 low racer, with the M5 nosecone and flexible body. This bike races in Superstreet as it has a body which has over 60% of its body covered in "fabric".

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