Ohio HPRa HPV and recumbents bike racing pictures
2001 Ohio HPRA HPV Racing Pictures

The 2001 Ohio races were held October 13th in Xenia Ohio, at the Kil-Kare motor speedway
Ohio Race Report

Thanks to race directors Garrie Hill and Rob Wood for an exciting day of racing. Thanks also to Jeff Hunn, Rich Myers, and Bill Cook for contributing pictures.

Bill Murphy does a 2 lap TT on his home built dual SWB 700C "high racer". 
10 year old Charlie Ollinger lays down a lap on the long wheelbase lowracer his father Thom built for him a few years ago.
Frank Guyer, racing for the Challenge team on very pretty Challenge Jester, with Garrie Hill carbon fiber wheel disks.
Gary Toy, racing for the Yellowbike team on his Optima Baron pushes the envelope during the 2 lap TT.
Alex Shapiro, racing for the Barcroft team on a decidedly production ready looking FWD Barcroft lowracer.
Warren Beauchamp, racing on his Barracuda low racer, with heat formed Coroplast tailbox.
Kevin Abbott, racing his Trek R-200. Kevin says he and his brother Jeff will be working on lowracers for next year!
Wendy Toy and Jane Hunn battling it out in Women's class on dueling Sunsets, which were made by Sean Bjoralt of the now extinct Earth Cycles.
Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan, racing on a newly repainted tandem, which was built by Ray Brick.
Garrie Hill races today on a very pretty gold colored Challenge Jester.
Than Cramer racing his Reynolds Wishbone. Than says he'll be making a tailbox for it soon.
Streamliners line up at the start of the 45 minute race. In the front is Rob Wood's latest Coroplast bodied fully suspended streamliner. Suspension was very helpful on this track. In the middle is Kevin Berls, in a streamliner of his own construction, and out there at the far end is Tyger Johnson racing a Lightning F-40.
Rich Myers is continuously improving his foam bodied streamliner, and he gets a little faster at every race. Rich has plans to construct a lowracer based streamliner for next year. 
John Simon races the LWB Moby streamliner. Built in 1983 by Terry Hreno, this streamliner continues to be very competitive. 
Thom Ollinger weasles his way into his latest streamliner. This one uses the fiberglass nosecone from his old "Velocipede" streamliner, and a combination of Coroplast and clear Lexan panels to create the aerodynamic shape. 
Thom Ollinger under power. This is one of the only streamliners where you can actually see what the riders are doing.
Tyger Johnson races his Lightning F-40 with colorful "Cars-R-Us" paint job and salmon  body sock. Rumor has it that Tyger may be obtaining Garrie Hill's Lightning X-2 fairing for next years races. 
Rob Wood buzzes by in his Coroplast streamliner. Rob is working on a new composite body for the lowracer chassis in this streamliner, and is selling the Norus streamliner that he has been racing for the past year. 
Kevin Berls in his beautifully finished streamliner. This streamliner has a carbon fiber lowracer inside. Kevin design and built both the bike and the body.
Theron Hill races in an M5 soft shell body. The nose cone of this body is carbon fiber, and the remainder is a reinforced neoprene fabric. The bike inside is of course an M5 lowracer.
Stock class racers (and one rogue superstock racer) blast away from the start line at the beginning of the 45 minute race.
Jeff Hunn on his Pharobike drafts the sole upright racer during the 45 minute race. Frank Guyer looks on.
Rick Gritters on his M5 clone leads the way, with Gary Toy and Warren Beauchamp following.
Alex Shapiro and (sorry, I forgot the name)  during the 45 minute race
Warren Beauchamp drafts Rick Gritters during the 45 minute race.
2001 Ohio HPRA HPV Race Report
On Saturday, October 13th, 25 brave souls braved the pessimistic weather reports, and gathered
in Xenia Ohio for the annual Ohio HPRA HPV races. This years races were at the 3/8 mile Kil-Kare speedway in Xenia. Bill Murphy and I packed ourselves, two recumbents and a tailbox into his Honda Civic. It rained while we were at breakfast that morning, then cleared up in time for the races. I registered in "Super Street" (tailbox class) for the races, as I had to leave my streamliner body at home. 

We first ran a 2 lap individual time trial. Alex Shapiro on the Barcroft lowracer won the stock class
event at about 28MPH, which was fast for the damp, bumpy track. I think John Simon won the streamliner class sprint. The track was an odd shape, and the streamliners were getting thrown wide around the start/finish line turn.

The next race was a 1 lap mass drag by class. I got lumped in with the streamliners. I got the drop on everyone and my suspension allowed me to hug the inside edge of the track. I could feel the
streamliners gaining on me as I hit the proverbial wall, and Tyger Johnson finally passed me just before we crossed he finish line. 

The final races were 45 minute races. The streamliners ran first, and Rob Wood quickly pulled in front in his new Coloplast fully suspended streamliner. You could see by the look on Jon Simon's face that the expansion joints in the track were taking their toll on him in his venerable Moby streamliner. Average speeds for the streamliners on the track were pretty low, in the lower 30s due to it's odd shape and rough surface. Coming back from a bathroom break, I though I heard thunder, funny, no black clouds in the sky! Then I saw it was Kevin Berls streamliner shuddering over the bumps that was making the noise. Ouch. Kevin later said he needed some earplugs... 

Ed Gin had come to the races with Gary and Wendy Toy, but elected to go for a ride on some of the many fine bike trails in the Xenia/Dayton area rather than race. He came back looking like the mud monster after 50 miles on the mud and leaf encrusted asphalt bike trails. I wish I had taken a picture!

The last race of the day was the 45 minute stock and superstock races. Garrie Hill wanted me to race in a 20 minute race with the tandems and juniors, as there were already more stock class racers than would be easy to score. I had to recruit all of our spectators to help count laps before he would let the two Superstock races join the stock class. Rick Gritters on his M5 clone, and I jumped out to an early lead, with low racers Gary Toy, Frank Guyer, and Alex Shapiro ducking in behind us to draft. After a few laps we pulled away, and traded off drafting each other throughout the race. By then the wind had picked up considerably so we were only able to maintain 24 to
27 MPH speeds around the track. Rick is very fast and I was sucking wind the whole way. It was great fun. We lapped the field at least once. I yelled at Rick that when there was about 5 minutes left on the clock it was every man for himself. When I thought it was the right time I sprinted off, but misjudged and pooped out on the last couple laps, allowing Rick to catch me and beat me by a couple bike lengths. What a great race!

Oooh... this is getting long, I'd better cut it short. Sat dinner at Big Boy. Awards. Clap Clap. Snooze. Sunday, Rain Rain. Nobody wants to race in rain. Drive home, splash splash. Ed Gin zooms by. Home. Now begins the official "building season"!

- Warren Beauchamp

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