2001 Sparta Wisconsin Classic HPV race Pictures

Wisconsin HPV Classic Racing Pictures
Sparta, Wis. -  August 17-19, 2001
Pictures by Mark Stonich

Nathan Nowak steels himself for the drag races, held on the streets of Sparta, Wis.

Left to right, Aaron Stiles, the Howard WaveWalker, Jake Free, Ron Drynan, Bill Murphy.
Aaron Stiles on his new Canyak pedal powered Kayak, with dual counter-rotating props.
Jake "WaterWorld" Free on his new Proa HPB, relaxing on the lake at Sparta, Wi. Got any resin, friend?
Bill Murphy gets ready for some human powered boat racing.
Aaron Stiles and his Carbon Fiber wedgie bike at the Excalibur speedway, in Tomah, Wi.
Rick Gritters steels himself for a race on his home built M5 clone, at the Tomah 3/8 mile oval.
This is a close-up of Rick's M5 clone rear dropouts. He ingeniously welded rear dropouts onto the front fork that was used as the bike's rear chain stays.
Steve Bringe on Tail box equipped his Rans Velocity2.
Sue Bringe, on a matching  Rans Velocity2, sans tailbox, relaxes in the Excalibur winners circle.
Racers line up at the Excalibur track.
John "Rotator" Olson prepares to pass Jeff "Micro bike" Caswell.

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