2002 Calvin's 12 hour challenge HPV results

Calvin's 12 Hour Challenge 2002

Calvin's was held on Saturday, May 4th. The race consists of a reasonably flat 50 mile loop and a 7 mile loop, over pavement of varying qualities, and lasts for 12 hours. racers complete as many loops as they can in the time allotted. This race has several classes, including recumbent for not faired 'bents, and HPV for those with fairings. This year Frank Geyer smashed the Calvin's recumbent record by over 50 miles, going 206 miles in 12 hours. Thanks to Thom Ollinger for the pictures.

Frank Geyer writes:
What a great race! With just 30 road miles in this year it went very well. The hills weren't that bad, some of the chip sealed roads sucked more. Wind was cold in the morning, but died down after 11 am.

Frank Geyer

 Best thing of all, no sore muscles (but the knees were trashed, just getting out of the van took a while). I guess that's due to the constant food/fluid intake (Hammergel works!) and watching the heart rate. The toughest riders were the high wheelers and the handcyclist(150+ miles!), kudos to them. Paul Pancella rode very strong, he got almost 200 miles in, have to watch him closer...;^) Rich had problems with the bike, a bummer, the ME3 is really fast. The Jester is a good ultra bike, if you replace the seat with anything else resembling the shape of my back a bit more... Note: Do not inflate the tires at 40F to 110psi, they will be over 120 at 70F, which leads to loss of all comfort. Me idiot. For next year we would need a fast pack of low racers doing a pace line to try to crack the 260+ miles course record. Paul, Alan, Sean ???
Richard Myers writes:
When I stopped riding I had an one hour remaining and Frank probably had 30 minutes.  I stopped because I fell trying to get out of ME IIIs when my cane wedged itself between the frame and rear cogs . When I crawled out my calf muscle cramped up and it was all I could do to get back in and peddle the remaining 30 mile of the 50 mile loop to get back to start finish.  I had enough time to get in two or three more 7 mile loops but since I would not break my existing record of 227 miles and I was making a lot of mistakes I decided to stop. I was tempted to give it a try when Frank stopped because of his knee's hurting . One loop would have put me in front by one mile.
 I do not know the person listed in second in HPV but it may have been one of two recumbents with front fairings that signed up that morning, and after seeing Frank and Paul may have decided to enter as HPV and pick up a guaranteed second. With Frank, Paul and Karston breaking the existing records the wedgies are getting a look and just how fast a recumbent without fairing but with younger riders can do. Now if I can get some of the younger strong streamliner riders to show up the wedgies will really get a show.

Rich Myers

Paul Pancella

Thom Ollinger writes:
Richard went 200 miles. Don't let Richard's numbers fool you. His new 'liner shell is awesome (check out his "NASCAR" quick fill fluid system). Once he gets his strength back from being sick we're all in trouble. Also, Frank quit a little early due to sore knees (after breaking the 'bent record by 50 miles :^). I'm not sure how far Paul Pancella and Karston Fabien went. Somewhere around 175, I'm
pretty sure. There were a couple other guys on 'bents there.
A guy from Indy on a SWB Vision (I think), and a guy from Sterling Hts., Mich. on a Baron. They both had problems which prevented them from racking up a bunch of miles. Also, they were both real nice, but I'm crappy with names and don't remember them (damn it). The day started out almost freezing, then very slowly warmed up to about 65 or 70 degrees.The wind was fairly agreeable, but the condition of the roads in that part of the country is getting kind of poor. The event had a record turnout of over 200 racers, so it was a pretty good day of racing.

Karsten Fabien

Warren comments:
Can you believe they have a high wheeler class too? Jeff Rapp rode a high wheeler over 100 miles, breaking the Calvin's high wheeler record!
Rich is continually refining his ME design. The nose looks a lot smoother this year, and the canopy has been redesigned.
That's an interesting paint job too. Ok, it only looks like paint, Rich says it's actually "Contact brand multipurpose decorative covering". 
Rich added these quick-fill ports to refill his water and liquid nutrition for the Calvin 12 hour challenge.

2002 Calvin Challenge specialty class results

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