2002 Florida Challenge HPRA HPV and recumbent bike racing pictures

2002 Florida challenge HPV race pictures 
Held Feb 23rd 2002, Cooper City, FL.

Thanks to Shari Bernhard for the pictures and captions below!

Jim Scozzafava getting his Optima Baron ready to race.
Paulo Camasmie (right) showing his Catrike to Bob Jackson (not *the* Bob Jackson) .
Joe Brooks and Tess Macklin and their Ray Brick-built tandem. They were unable to race the tandem due to low cranks which hit the track in the turns.
Heather Fortner deep in thought. Ominous clouds loom in the background.
Sharie Brick's cabon fiber monocoque streamliner in profile. This beautifully finished streamliner was built by her husband Ray, from a fairing that was built by Garrie Hill. Garrie built the fairing from a mold created by Terry Hreno around 1985.
A peek inside Sharie's monocoque streamliner.
A nice shot of the Brick's back to back lowracer tandem.
Jim Wilson taking a warm up lap on his Ross Festina.
A racer test riding Paulo Camasmie's Catrike trike.
Team Brick on the back-to-back carbon fiber tandem built by Ray.
Alan Jarrett playing peekaboo... If you look close, you can see Alan through his windshield.
Sharie Brick going topless - Made ya look!
Alan Jarrett coming down the track. He was clocked at
18 seconds per lap during the timed race, on this 333M track.
Alan Jarrett races in his Yellow Coroplast(tm) streamliner.
Shari Bernhard on her V-Rex comes in for the finish of the 200M sprint
Sharie Brick in her integrated streamliner goes for
the 200M sprint.
Joe Brooks on his front and rear faired Rans tailwind.  At least it *looks* like Joe Brooks...
Jim Wilson coming in to the 200M sprint finish.
Shari Bernhard with Dennis stoking, barrell
toward the finish line of the 200M sprint on a Rans Screamer. I think that smudge is a water drop on the camera lens...
Dennis Sootkoos on his Rans Stratus muggs it up for the camera.
This is the group of the volunteer lap-counters who timed the race. And they though they were just going to be spectators...
A group of riders approaches the finish. Check out the cloud cover!
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