2002 Indianaplolis, Indiana "Indyfest" HPRA HPV race results
IndyFest 2002 results
IndyFest was held 4/27 and 4/28, 2002 at the 
Major Taylor velodrome (canceled due to rain)
 and the Mooresville Pioneer park.

As the Saturday races were a washout, and the "Outlaw Drags" race was not a points event, the only event where results were recorded was the Mooresville Pioneer Park 10 lap race (10 mile) race. 37 people participated in the event this year, which is amazing considering the horrendous weather. Thanks to Don Barry for the results, and to the rest of the Indiana HPV Association for putting on a great event.

Warren Beauchamp's race report              Rich Sadler's race report

Racer Class Points Place
Leroy (Tyger) Johnson 7 Streamliner 40 1
Rich Sadler 9 Streamliner 39 2
Kevin Berls 1 Streamliner 38 3
David Johnson 73 Streamliner 37 4
Warren Beauchamp 5 Streamliner 36 5
Charles Moll 40 Streamliner 35 6
Dan Glatch 99 Streamliner 34 7
Theron Hill 123 SuperStreet 40 1
David (Doc) Pearson) 103 SuperStreet 39 2
Bruce Gordon 189 SuperStreet 38 3
Paul John 227 SuperStock 40 1
John Abbey 223 SuperStock 39 2
Frank Lindley 284 SuperStock 38 3
Bill Murphy 201 SuperStock 37 4
Garrie Hill 244 SuperStock 36 5
Sean Costin 333 Stock 40 1
Frank Geyer 424 Stock 39 2
John Foltz 420 Stock 38 3
Paul Pancella 486 Stock 37 4
Bill Lozowski 308 Stock 36 5
Jeff Hunn 315 Stock 35 6
Peter Henz 350 Stock 34 7
Tony Levand 320 Stock 33 8
Kevin Abbott 498 Stock 32 9
Ernie Pitchford 321 Stock 31 10
Bob Buerger 388 Stock 30 11
Elbert Chen 450 Stock 29 12
Len Brunkalla 411 Stock 28 13
Kevin Hernandez 508 Junior 40 1
Reuben Gordon 512 Junior 39 2
Tyler Brooks 511 Junior 38 3
Sarah Gordon 502 Junior 37 4
Charlie Ryan 510 Junior 36 5
Karen Wood 680 Women 40 1
Jane Hunn 610 Women 39 2
Jane & Jeff Hunn 711 Multi-Rider 40 1
Tess Machlan & Joe Brooks 702 Multi-Rider 39 2

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Warren Beauchamp's Indy Fest race report                                                     Top
Last Saturday, a group of HPV racers gathered at the Major Taylor velodrome, in Indianapolis, Indiana, for the Annual HPRA races there. After standing around in the rain for a while, we decided that racing on a highly banked velodrome might not be the most sane thing to do in a downpour, and we decided to go to lunch and talk about racing instead. After that it was still monsooning outside, so some of us made our way to the Indy 500 raceway park museum. 

Sunday seemed more promising, as the sun was making an appearance between the clouds. We started a bit late to give the roads in the Mooresville Pioneer Park time to dry out. The first races were the outlaw drags, in which competitors names are drawn randomly out of a hat, and some unlikely pairings occur. I raced with the canopy of my streamliner off, as the wind was picking up and was quite gusty. I won a couple races, and was then pitted up againt a 7 year old on a BMX bike. He took off like a shot, and it took me a while to pass him, then I was practically blown off the road by a huge gust of wind, but I recovered and coasted the rest of the way. The next time I was paired up with Frank Geyer, who blew my doors off. The last drag race was the most exciting, where Sean Costin and Frank Geyer raced. They raced neck and neck the whole way, then Sean beat Frank by an inch, in a photo finish. Next were the stock lap races, made more exciting by the ever increasing wind. Sean won the stock class, followed by Frank. A new racer, Karen Wood won the Women's race, followed by Jane Hunn. Jose Henandez's son won in the Junior's class. 

Lastly was the faired class lap race. Due to the high winds, both Dave Johnson and myself removed our fairings, and raced "naked". Most of the other shorter streamliners were not as affected by the winds, and raced with their fairings. Tyger Johnson won this race in his newly modified F-40 with X2 tail fairing, followed  by Rich Sadler racing in the John Tetz Zote foam streamliner.

Though the weekend would have been more fun if the weather had cooperated, it's always fun to hang out with the HPV crowd, whatever the excuse...

-Warren Beauchamp


Rich Sadler's race report or "Indiana Tetz & the recumbent of doom"
I was priviliged to ride John Tetz's foam shell streamliner at the HPRa race in Indiana, USA this past weekend, racing with fellow MARS member Paul John We acquitted ourselves well: Paul won in Super stock class & I came in 2nd in Streamliner class & 2nd overall in the race after:
1. Blowing a front tire & crashing in the drag race
2. Getting rained out Saturday
3. Having the starter die in my Nissan
4. Getting shunted off the PA turnpike because of a fire in one of the
5. Numerous teething problems in the month before the race

The race;
The rain of Saturday was replaced with a strong 20 mph gusting to 30 wind; of the 6 streamliners, two decided to run without fairings to avoid getting blown over. We parked at the top of the parking lot so we'd have a long downhill run to start the car, as its starter had died yesterday at the motel & we'd been push-starting it since. John & I tried to register his bike in the next lower class, since it wasn't completely enclosed, but we couldn't convince Garrie Hill, so we were in with the fast boys. The course was a one mile road winding thru Pioneer Park in Mooresville, closed to traffic on race day. It descends from the start line for about 3/8 mile in a series of 3 curving down slopes with flat sections between: the last hill is the steepest & also turned right as it fell: on my bravest lap I hit 39.2 thru that corner. This is followed by a flat S bend, then a sharp right leading uphill. The road climbs in the same stair step profile, the steepest slope at the top, to a sharp right hander, then a gently undulating S curve to the start. The wind was blowing straight down the hills, & really would push us faired bikes around in the S leading to the start line. We'd also get blown around at the downhill turn- an F-40 crashed there in the race. The bike was handling well in practice- I thought we had finally wrung out all the problems that cropped up since I started riding it. Our teething problems leading up to the race included a worn out 11 tooth sprocket causing a skipping chain, having part of the fairing blow off on a downhill (a nice state trooper retrieved it for me), crank bearings backing out & jamming the crank, & the fender rubbing the back wheel. In the drag race before the main event I found fate had one more nasty surprise for us- not only did I draw Paul John as my opponent, who soundly trounced me, but as we went down the hill John?s front tire blew out with a bang, causing me to crash hard at 25 mph. The fairing saved my skin but was a mess- split in the back, with two of its mounts ripped off, & distorted beyond recognition. John just got out his bottle of glue & started in on it. The rip in the tail and one mount was mended in short order- the other mount was beyond salvaging. After a frantic search I found an aluminum bar which we used as a splint, secured with tape & tie wraps. The tire had blown out its side wall & John?s spare rubbed the fork- Paul generously gave us his spare Continental. Five minutes before the race, I'm circling the parking lot to see if the thing will holds together- despite some new noises, it seems sound enough & we go for it. The wind is blowing even harder now- I'm in shorts & shivering from both cold & nerves. A gust catches me on the starting grid & down I go again- they hold the start until John velcros me back in again. First lap I'm dead last & just hoping to finish, but the bike holds together so I start to push a little. I find I'm catching riders on the uphill, where the wind slows them down more than me: on the downhill, with the wind at our backs, we're all traveling in virtually still air & aero doesn't matter. When I pass Paul John, who's locked in battle with one of the streamliner guys running without fairing, I wonder if I'm just going to make him mad so he'll chase me down; John's aerodynamic genius overcomes Paul's advantages of youth & talent, & I kept moving up. Now I'm lying third, with Kevin Berl's slick white streamliner ahead. I can't close the gap until two laps from the end, when he tires & I'm pass him on the hill. John?s genius falls short structurally: each time I turn side on to the wind, the foamshell pushes into my legs, my arms, the handlebars & I struggle to pedal & hold it straight. Some of the velcro is coming undone: the tail section behind my head is flapping around, dragging the mirrors askew so I can't see behind me. Last lap, the mirror falls in the right place & I see Kevin charging- I push too & hold the gap to the line. Tyger Johnson, a sixty year old with 31 years of racing behind him, finishes 1st in an F-40. Good-byes all around, the car starts on the second try, & we do the long drive home, leaving the car running at gas stops like bank robbers.

Thanks, John for a great story & my best finish yet.

Rich Sadler

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