2002 Cheddar Cheese Challenge HPRA HPV and recumbent bike racing pictures

2002 Cheddar Cheese Challenge HPRA HPV races
Races held July 14th, 2002 at the Kenosha, WI velodrome

Thanks to Dan and Mary Glatch for organizing the races, and for Len Brunkalla for running it. Also a special thanks to all the volunteers. We have a "Lost and Found" again this year--someone left a helmet, shoes, and a bike stand behind. We still have an unclaimed "camelback" from last year as well. Please contact Dan to claim your stuff.
Everyone gathers for the racer's meeting, while Len Brunkalla explains today's races. 

Races run were the individual 200m Meter flying TTs, the "indeterminate length race" (racers don't know how long the race is until the white flag is dropped for the last lap!), and the "last man out" races.

Stock class racers gather for the indeterminate length race. Hmm. All low racers...

Left to Right in the front row are Mike Leger, Frank Geyer, Gary Toy, Tom Ries, and Charlie Ollinger.

This is certainly a different sight than 7 years ago when I started racing. At that time most of the bikes were much higher, with the fast guys on Lightning P-38s taking the top positions, and just a few homebuilt lowracers. 
Tom Ries races on his Optima Baron with home built ABS plastic wheel disks.
"M5" Mike Leger leads Gary "Attack Dog" Toy, while Frank "Frankenbent" Geyer passes on the outside.
Don Smith races his very pretty silver Optima Baron. 
Tandem, SuperStock, SuperStreet, and Streamliner class vehicles gather for the start of the indeterminate length race. The track was a bit crowded at the start, but soon everybody spread out and it was smooth sailing.

Left to Right in the front row are Kevin Berls (sporting the number "1", signifying that he was last year's streamliner class points leader), Bill Murphy (sporting the number "201", signifying that he was last year's superstock class points leader) , and Karsten Fabian. 

Jeff Caswell on his FWD, USS, 16 inch wheeled Super Micro Bike, waits for the green flag.
The Infinity team tapes Jim Curry into the Gee Bee Mini-Moby. Dave "Doc" Pearson and Joe Brooks hold the bike while Don "Co-Dictator" Barry wields the packing tape.
Riders pedal furiously to get their streamliners up to speed on the short and highly banked track.

John Abbey races his Rans Stratus.
Streamliners start the last man out race with a pace lap to ensure everyone gets a good start.
Streamlined racers coming out of the east corner during the last man out race.

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