2002 Michigan HPRA HPV races - recumbent bicycles - human powered vehicles - practical vehicle competition

19th Annual Waterford HPV Rally Pictures

Held June 8th & 9th, 2002 at the Waterford Speedway in Waterford, Michigan.

Thanks to the race organizers and volunteers of the Michigan HPV Association for putting on another great event. The weather cooperated with sun, tolerable temperatures, and low winds. Thanks also to Jeff Hunn for the pictures, and to everyone who helped Jeff fill his camera with photos. All of the pictures below can be clicked on to view a higher resolution image. Also see pictures on John Foltz's web site.

Thom Ollinger prepares his number 3 streamliner for the one hour time trial. This is Thom's fastest creation yet, and was built last fall from parts of his older streamliners. 

Rich Sadler peeks out of his orange Zote foam streamliner. 

In front is Karsten Fabiens Toxy with Coroplast tailbox.

Andrea Funk and Dave Johnson prepare the Great White streamliner for Saturday one hour time trial.

This streamliner was built by Rick Wianecke, and is now owned by Dave.

John Simon gets taped in in preparation for the race by Gunther Schmidt. Michigan HPV Association newsletter editor Charlie Brown looks on from behind the streamliner.
Thom Ollinger cruises by Vision Tandem riders Jeff and Jane Hunn. Tandem riders in HPRA races get to race with the streamliners, and become used to seeing them pass at high speeds.
John Simon in his 20 year old Moby streamliner takes the sharp corner at the base of "The Hill". Dave Johnson follows close on his heels.
Rich Sadler on the same corner. This slightly bumpy corner takes a lot of nerve to get around at high speed, but the faster you go, the easier it is to make it over the hill.
Mike Mowett crosses the finish like on his upright TT bike, with body sock.
Rich Meyers, in his latest incarnation of the MuleE streamliner, crosses the finish line at the end of the one hour time trial.
Wally Keihler on his "for sale" Rans V2.Wally wants a Bachetta, but needs to sell his current bike first.
Doc Pearson gets around the track extremely well for someone needed a new hip. Note that he is waiting until after the HPV racing season to have this done. Priorities!
HPRA co-dictator Don Barry talks to Jim Curry between races. In front of them is the Infinity SWB FWD aluminum framed low racer. 
Frank Lindley and Thom Ollinger try to keep cool while waiting for their turn at the Hill climb / Coast down race. Racers blast up the hill then stop pedaling and mark where the glide to with a chunk of chalk. Hillclimb time and rollout distance are recorded separately.
Racers line up for the Hill climb / Coast down. The top of the hill is in the background.
Another shot of the racers lined up for the Hill climb / Coast Down. Good climbers can accelerate all the way to the top of the hill, but it's tough! It feels steeper than it looks.
Sean Costin is ready to launch himself up the hill. Seans hand rests next to a jar of chalk used to mark where he eventually stops. Race official, past IHPVA president, bike engineer guru and 1996 Olympic team bike consultant Dave Kennedy looks on.
Rich Sadler checks out where another streamliner has rolled to on the track. How fast do I need to go up this hill?
Part of the Michigan HPV rally experience is the practical vehicle competition. One of it's trials is the slow race. Here Andrea Funk rides as slowly as she can go, while keeping between the white lines.

Wally Keihler checks to be sure she doesn't put her hand down or assess any line penalties.


A tandem team tries it's luck at the slow race, swinging the handlebars wildly the whole way to retain balance.
Junior class racer Cory Dubrish takes the slow race honors, by performing an extended length track stand on an upright bike. Matt Kiehler observers, while lounging on his EZ-1
Thom Ollinger's streamliner rests on it's kickstand between races. This clear sided vehicle is the only streamliner where you can actually see what the racer is doing.
Warren Beauchamp, Unknown Person, John Tetz, and Paul Pancella (Left to Right), check out John Tetz's very slick lightweight chrome moly and carbon fiber FWD low racer. Even with the Zote foam tailbox and fenders it weighs only 26 lbs.
Rick Gritters on his way to winning the short course stock race, despite a crash that cost him many square inches of torn Lycra and lost skin. Rick is riding his latest RWD low racer, which comes apart to make it easy to pack up into the trunk of a car, or in a small aircraft.
Jane Hunn races her EarthCycles Sunset low racer during during the short course race. This beautifully made bike is no longer in production, as EathCycles has dropped off the face of the Earth.
Faired class racers line up for the 15 lap short course race. Len Brunkalla (in yellow) verifies that the racers are ready. In this race, John Simon came in first, Thom Ollinger came in second, and Warren Beauchamp came in third, after a crash (ouch!).
Jon Stinson plays pace car to give the faired races a chance to get used to the course at low speed before starting the race.
Len Brunkalla gives racers the green flag, and they are off! Volunteers relax in lawn chairs and on couch bikes while counting the laps.
Warren Beauchamp recovers after the race, in the Barracuda streamliner
An example of Andrea Funk's handicraft. She makes cool quilts from bicycle t-shirts. She can make you one too! If you would like Andrea to make a quilt of your T-shirt collection, you can contact her at 517-351-3471.

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