2002 Northbrook, IL Bryant Tucker 100 HPRA HPV and recumbent bike race pictures

2002 Bryant Tucker 100 HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Race held July 13th 2002, at the Northbook, IL Velodrome

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Despite one incident, it was another great day of HPV racing. Thanks to Bill Murphy and Sean Costin for organizing the event, to Len Brunkalla for performing the race director duties, to Ed Gin for announcing, to Lisa Costin and Karen Beauchamp for registration, and to everyone who helped with scoring. It's people like you who make HPV racing fun and interesting. Thanks to Tom Ries, Jeff Hunn, Chris De Waal, Mike Leger, and Rick Wianecke for all the pictures. All picture below can be clicked on to view a higher resolution image.
Chris Burkhart and Bill Cook race their back to back tandem, which was fresh out out the Barcroft Cycles skunkworks, during the 1 kilometer time trial. This independent FWD/RWD bike featured a novel chain path for the stoker, which eliminated the need for a twisted chain.
Sean Costin lays down a hot lap during the standing start 1K TT. Sean is racing in the bottom half of the Coslinger Special streamliner.
Dave Johnson races the Great White streamliner during the 1K TT. This bike features a carbon fiber LWB frame and a mostly carbon fiber body.
Garrie Hill races his Toxy low racer, with factory tailbox. This is a very cool aluminum framed bike with rear suspension and front and rear monoblade wheel stays.
Dan Glatch pauses before racing, in his fiberglass and Coroplast streamlier, which was built by Bob Jung.
Rick Wianecke gives Charlie Ollinger a hand in getting started on his 1K TT run. Charlie's Dad, Thom will soon be building youth recumbent bikes commercially. Check them out at http://www.kidzbent.com, or contact Thom at hpvguy@juno.com
Veteran HPV racer and "Breaking Away" movie persona Frank Lindley races the his Infinity SuperStreet class vehicle during the 1K TT.
Jim Curry races the Mini-Moby streamliner. He fits in the bike much better now that 150mm cranks were used to give his feet more room in the very narrow streamliner nose area.
Tony Levand raced his tailbox equipped LWB big wheel bike very competitively in the SuperStock class.
Lap counters stay cool in the shade. Left to Right, Theron Hill, Rob Wood, Karsten Fabien, Kevin Berls, Garrie Hill, and Rick Wianecke.    
Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda streamliner, ready to launch for the 1K TT.
AA cruises around the track during his 1K TT. Alan is riding a Challenge Jester with Katana monoblade fork, Garrie Hill wheel disks, an Optima tailbox, and Louis Garneau Aero helmet.
Wendy Toy checks out the competition while races line up for the 100 lap race. Wendy is racing a Sunset lowracer with Rick Wianecke nosecone and Coroplast sides and tailcone. Ed Gin secretly put the fairing and side panels on the bike prior to the race so Wendy could give Earl "Shreck" Russell a run for his money (and a hard time). Earl won...
Races line up for the 100 lap race. See that nice gradually curved banked track in the background? It doesn't feel gradual at all above 35 MPH!
Garrie Hill steadies Rob Wood in the M5 #8 fairing. Frank Geyer was originally slated to race the 100 lap race in this fairing, but at the last moment it was determined that he would not fit. He was too tall and too wide. Though Rob had a hard time seeing over the fairing, he was very fast.
Dave Johnson prepares to be taped into the Great White by the vehicles builder, Rick Wianecke. 
AA waits for those dang slow streamliners to get ready for the 100 lap race. Alan averaged over 27MPH during the race, and lapped everyone in the class above his. 
Faired class racers prepare for the 100 lap race. 
Sean Costin races the video camera navigated Coslinger Special during the 100 lap race. Though some concern was given over the safety of this system on a crowded course, Sean seemed to have no problem weaving in and out of traffic, and avoiding slower racers.
Dave Krafft races his "Kinetic Kooler" SuperStreet class bike during the 100 lap race.
Doc "No Hip Joint" Pearson races his Infinity SuperStreet bike during the 100 lap race.
Announcer Ed Gin smiles for the camera, while fellow lowracer Chris Cortez scores the racers.
Sean Costin rounds the corner and prepares to overtake Garrie Hill. 
Minnesootan Tim Dunsworth takes the inside line, on his venerable Tour Easy while Glen Struebing, Karsten Fabian, and Tony Levland pass in a paceline.
Dan Glatch, and Theron Hill lead this grouping of vehicles out of the east corner.
eff Hunn takes a quick look over his shoulder as Dave Krafft overtakes the Hunn's Double Vision tandem 'bent. J
Rob Wood, looking over the side of the M5 #8 fairing to see around the corner during the 100 lap race. It's really nice to see this bike finally racing!
Earl Russell leads the paceline, with Karsten Fabien in hot pusuit. Earl was racing his patriotic body sock equipped Titanium Easy Racers Gold Rush.
Warren Beauchamp rounds a corner at 38MPH during the 100 lap race. As we were to find out a bit later, those ropes don't do much good in preventing a streamliner from exiting the track.
Race Director Len "Mr. Right" Brunkalla waves the checked flag.
Disaster strikes! Sean Costin's camera system goes out due to duct tape failure in the 64th lap, and he impacts one of the rope support poles. He was fortunate that the bike absorbed much of the impact, and that the frame broke in multiple places. He escaped serious injury and ended up with some minor lacerations, a sprained ankle, and a cracked tailbone. Sean says he will rebuild the bike and that he (and it) will return!
The 50 lap stock class race begins!

Mike Leger on his M5 low-n-heavy-racer leads Alex Shapiro on the Barcroft lowracer.

In a classic dual between Dutch lowracer recumbents, Challenge factory racer Frank "Frankenbent" Geyer on his Challenge Jester leads Tom Ries on his Optima Baron during the 50 lap race. Tom eventually rallied back and won the race.

 Frank is the new Northbrook 1K record holder with a 1:09.06 time.

Riders bunch up in the corner, as Gary Toy (Optima Baron) and Bob Buerger (Muffler Missile) pass Charlie Ollinger (Ollinger LWB Lowracer MkII).
The Great White, having been crammed into Dave Johnson's van, peeks tauntingly out of the front window. Rick Wianeke and Dave Johnson prepare to disembark.

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