Arlington Crit 2003 HPVA National (North American) Championships Recumbent bike race pictures
Arlington Crit 2003 HPVA National Champs Pictures
This Race held Aug. 2nd 2003 in Arlington Heights, IL, and was organized by HPVA VP or land, Sean Costin. Photography by Dan Glatch.
Rick Gritters takes a corner on his home built dual 406 USCF legal low racer.

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 Paul Pancella takes the same corner on his M5 lowracer.
Chris Evans zips by on his tricked out Optima Baron with carbon fiber tailbox 
Recent 'bent convert Jim Verheul takes a corner on his Bacchetta  Aero high-racer.
Frank Geyer takes a high speed corner on his Challenge Jester. 
Tyger Johnson flys by a group of spectators on his Lightning F-40, Jim Verheul follows.
Frank Geyer and Steve Manthey converse after the race  
Frank, Jim, and Rick cool down after the race. 

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