2003 Florida Challenge HPV HPRA Recumbent bicycle races

2003 Florida Challenge HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
BRIAN PICCOLO PARK in Cooper City, FL - 3/1/03
Thanks to Race Director Shari Bernhard for providing the pictures. 
Race Results and Report

Racers line up at the start/finish line for the 30 minute timed race. This years races were held at the Brian Piccolo Park criterion course rather than last year's velodrome at the same park.

Most of these pictures can be clicked on to view a higher resolution image.

High and Low. Ron Kauffman on an upright bike, Jim Scozzofava on his homebuilt ultra light lowracer, and John Schlitter on a Baccetta Aero.
Garrie Hill stops to get directions from Jose Hernanez (Red Shirt) and Jim Scozzofava. Ok, maybe not...
Race director Shari Bernhard officiates a race with the checked flag in hand.
Tandems prepare to race. Having two back to back tandem lowracers in one race is a rare treat.
The tandem riders are ready for the last man out race. Left to right (and front to back) are Dennis Sookoos and Jose Hernandez on a Rans Screamer, Chris Burkhardt and Bill Cook the Barcroft back to back tandem, and Ray and Sharie Brick on their Carbon Fiber back to back lowracer.
Ray and Sharie are ready for the 1/2 mile TT.
The Barcroft team takes the corner on the inside, with the Brick team just visible on the outside. Ok, who's driving? 
Another nice picture of the back to back tandems, racing on a lovely day in Florida.
Robin Hayes races her trike. 
Sharie Brick races her micro-lowracer
Shari Bernhard takes a break from officiating the races to race her Baccetta Giro during the 200 meter flying sprint.
Racers vie for position during the faired last man out race. Karsten Fabian on the low racer to the right won the race.
John Tetz reads for the pits with a sprung chain on his FWD lightweight chrome moly and carbon fiber low racer.
Jay Hoover sports some unique and hard to miss aerodynamic aids on this feet. Jay prepares to self-launch himself on his Reynolds T-bone.
Dave Marshal holds Rob Wood in preparation for the 1/2 mile individual time trial. Rob is racing a Barcroft FWD lowracer.
Karsten Fabian holds Ron Kaufmann in preparation for the TT.
Ray Brick launches his wife Sharie in the mini-streamliner that Ray built for her. The carbon fiber and Nomex honeycomb fairing body was donated to Ray by Len Brunkalla, who was given the fairing by builder Garrie Hill. The fairing mold was built by Terry Hreno in the early 1990s.
Ron K. Prepares to launch Karsten for his TT run.

Karsten is a good example of somebody who finished mid pack last year on his high SWB bike, but seems to be a bit faster on this Challenge Jester.

Karsten puts out a maximum effort to win the TT event in his class, as well as overall. Though this is a stock class bike, Karsten registered to race in Super Stock. I think that means we'll be seeing a tailbox on that bike soon.
The race officials contemplate the existential meaning of HPV racing.
Dave Launches John Schlitter for his TT run.
John kicks it toward a first place finish in Stock class. 
Rich Meyers in his home built streamliner and Garrie Hill on a Quantum Toxy prepare to race.
John Tetz, Rich Meyer, and Karsten Fabian prepare to race.
Rich Meyer cruises past the start/finish line in his wood grained "practical" streamliner. Rich has another body for this bike that is less practical, but faster.
This is Ray and Shari's streamliner with the top removed. It's even pink on the inside! Looks clean...
A nice picture of Ray and Shari's carbon fiber B2B tandem lowracer.
Here's Jim Scozzafava's light weight home built carbon fiber low racer. This bike weighs in at just about 20lbs. See his website for more info on this bike.
Ladies and gentlemen, the Rans Screamer...
This is the irreverent ex-Michigan newsletter editor Charles Brown's wood framed recumbent. 
The Barcroft B2B independent drive steel framed tandem lowracer.

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