Indy Fest 2003 HPRA HPV and recumbent bike race pictures

Indy Fest 2003 Race pictures
Held Apr. 26th at the Major Taylor Velodrome and Apr. 27th at the Mooresville Pioneer Park. 

Thanks to Garrie Hill, Thom Ollinger, and Gary Toy for helping out with pictures. Some of these pictures can be clicked on for a larger image. Oh Yeah, I took some too. 
Karsten Fabian recently purchased this Challenge Jester from Bryan Ball. Karsten's legs are so long he had to replace the stock boom tube with the extra large one from his old Quantum Toxy. Karsten also made some nice wheel disks out of thin ABS plastic.
Randy Gillette drove all the way from California for these races. Here's Randy striking a pose on his home-built ultra low and laid back racer. I think this is about the 4th version of his square steel tubing frame that he has built in the last year. At under 2 meters in length, this one is USCF legal. 
This is Rick Gritters latest lowracer. This year's model sports a dual 406mm wheel design, and is USCF legal. Rick is extra fast on this little bike, and unlike last year's big back wheel model, it fits in the back of his pickup truck. 
Faired class racers line up in preparation for the 200K sprints. AA and Keith give the thumbs up.
Bill Murphy, with his Body socked Tour Easy, waits for his turn at the 200K sprints.
Warren Beauchamp poses beside the ti-Cuda before doing the 200K sprint.

Bruce Gordon, with his "PopCycle" Coroplast and cloth streamliner observes... 

Keith Santiago on his Optima Baron with custom Carbon Fiber wheel disks and tailbox races during the 200 Meter sprint.
Warren Beauchamp on his ti-Cuda with MOAT tailbox, gives it all he's got during the 200K sprint.
AA on his Razz Fazz Carbon Fiber wonder bike, puts down a hot lap during the individual 200K sprints
A group of "stock" class racers cruise aground the velodrome during the 50 lap race. 

Racers listed top to bottom then Left to Right are: Rick Gritters-homebuilt lowracer, Jim Curry-Infinity Bulldog SWB, Karsten Fabian-Challenge Jester, and Jeff Hunn-M5 Shockproof.

Here's another group of racers during the 50 lapper. 

Left to right they are: Thom Ollinger-Homebuilt lowracer, Drew McDowell-Optima Baron, and Jim Curry-Infinity Bulldog SWB.

Here's a nice fuzzy shot of Barb Pendergast on her custom extra small VeloKraft carbon fiber lowracer with nylon disk covers. Barb burned up the track, winning the womens class of the 50 lap race by several laps.
Rick Gritters takes the lead for a while during the 50 lap race. Rick and Karsten traded off leading several times during the race, and Karsten beat Rick in a sprint to the finish in the last lap.

These guys were turning close to 30MPH laps the whole race, and the next fastest racer finished two laps down.

Wendy Toy looks mighty aero with her new helmet. Wendy is riding a Lightning Stealth now, but will be beating up on Barb soon, as she just took delivery of a beautiful red lowracer built by Ray Brick. The new lowracer was built up after the Indy racing weekend, and Ed Gin reports that on Wendy's inaugural run on the Northbrook velodrome, it was running several MPH faster than her Stealth.
Randy Gillette looks relaxed, but he cruised fast enough for a 3rd place finish in the 50 lap race behind Karsten and Rick. 
Karsten and Rick battle for first place at close to 30MPH during the 30 lap race. 
This is not an optical illusion. Sharie Brick rides her tiny lowracer, and is overshadowed by the seemingly giant Eugene Metcalf on his Barcroft Virginia.
Than Cramer races his Optima Baron during the 50 lap race.
Dan Glatch works on his Piranha streamliner before the faired 50 lap race. Next to him is Rich Myers wood grain embossed streamliner, which is still missing the bottom sections. Rich will be racing this bike at the 2003 Calvins 12 hour Challenge.
Sean Costin gets sealed into the Coslinger Special streamliner before the 50 lap race by (L to R) Rick Gritters, Thom Ollinger, and Karsten Fabian. 
Keith Santiago relaxes before the 50 lap race. 

Racers prepare their streamliners in the background.

Warren Beauchamp on his Ti-Cuda with MOAT tail fairing leads Gary Toy on his Optima Baron Race with Coro tailbox.  

Warren had just pulled away from Gary when he got a flat due to a brake rubbing on the time, and Gary proceeded to come in second after AA in the race in SuperStock class.

Sean Costin dominates the field in the Coslinger Special. Sean had just modified this streamliner to be used with a head bubble instead of the now HPRA illegal camera system. In these races he opted to race without the bubble to allow for some cooling. 

On Sunday at the Mooresville Pioneer Park venue, Bill Lozowki prepares for the days racing. Behind him, his Challenge Tai-Fun awaits the fun.

Theron Hill works on the M5 #8 streamliner, while Len Brunkalla and Rob Wood look on.
Sharie Brick's streamliner with the top off. It looks like they have worked the bugs out of the streamliner, as Sharie ran well this weekend, with no flats or crashes.
Rob Wood races his Barcroft Oregon FWD lowracer with a 16" rear wheel to allow him to lean the seat back more.
Ray and Sharie Brick race their carbon fiber back to back lowracer.

Click on the picture for a  1.33MB MPEG video of their pass, plus a bunch of other yahoos.

Thanks to Garrie Hill for the video clips.

Karsten hits the hill hard, in hot pursuit of Rick Gritters. Karsten was making up a couple seconds per lap, but that wasn't enough to catch Rick who took an early lead.

Click on the picture for a  1.39MB MPEG video of Rick, Ray Brick, and Karsten.

AA cruises down the hill at the Mooresville venue. AA has optimized his Razz Fazz carbon fiber lowracer and was the winner of all of this weekends lap races in  the SuperStock class, as well as the overall winner of Sunday's lap race.

Click on the picture for a  692KB MPEG video of his pass.

Sean Costin takes a test lap with the top off in the Coslinger special
Sean blasts down the hill. He was able to keep enough momentum in this 75lb bike to blast up the hill as well. If he had not had to stop for adjustments, and then crashed later he would have lapped the field handily.
Rev. Bruce Gordon Cruises down the hill in the "PopCycle". I think he's got a Festina under there...

Warren goes off-roading during the outlaw drags after checking in his rear view mirror for
 a bit too long, and breaks his seat after going back on road over a 6" curb. Help Garrie?!!
The HPVA timing system, run by HPVA VP of Land Sean Costin worked betted than expected, and only had a couple of glitches during the weekend. Overall probably better than we could have done counting laps manually...

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