2003 Michigan HPV Race Pictures
Races held June 21-22 2003 in Waterford, Mi.

Pictures by Uncle Wilbert, commentary by Warren Beauchamp. There are so many pictures that I broke them up into 3 pages. In addition, pictures of these races from from Jeff Hunn's camera are available here and still others by Mike Channon are here.

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Early Saturday morning, Paul Bruneau poses with his Haluzak Hybrid Race.

All these pictures my be clicked on for a higher resolution image!

Warren Beauchamp's titanium framed low racer (built by George Reynolds) with Coroplast "MOAT" tailbox. 
Bill "ZZ Top" Murphy unpacks his van and prepares his modified TourEasy for the day's racing.
Rick Gritters rolls out his steel framed dual 20 inch lowracer. 
Wally Kiehler holds up the fence next to his Bacchetta Strada with matching areo tailbag.
Rob Wood gets his Norus streamliner (built by Canadian Giles Porier) tech-inspected by Terry Gerweck.
Here's a close up of Rob's Norus streamliner's drivetrain. Rob added a Pantour hub to the front and rear of this bike, and raised it a couple inches to make it better able to handle the somewhat rough race courses in the HPRA series.
Here's the electric operated landing gear on Rob's streamliner. Note the little door that closes automatically when the gear goes up. Very cool.
Kevin Berls waits his turn to be tech inspected. 
Sara Gordon hangs out on her Optima Baron while waiting to have the bike tech inspected. Pretty exciting eh? I can tell Sarah was excited!
Thom Ollinger punches himself in the head a few times to get himself ready to race. His Son Charlie, who had an unfortunate accident which left him bald on the sides of his head asks if he can help. Sean Costin looks on, trying to figure out if this will really help his performance...     :-)


Frank Geyer's Challenge Jester with Razz-Fazz tail box and Rotor Cranks.
HPRA rules state that you need two mirrors to see behind you. Rick Gritters wears his mirrors on his hands for maximum aerodynamics.
Michigan HPVers (L to R) Bill Frey, Carol Stinson,  and Mike Eliasohn register the racers.
Greg Simpson's home built low racer.
Rob Wood puts the finishing touches on his streamliner in preparation for the 1 hour time trial race.
Rob strikes a pose...
Canadian Dennis Taves on his modified Lightning P-38 takes a last stretch before the faired class 1 hour race.
Faired class racers prepare for the 1 hour TT event. No drafting!
L to R, Paul Pancella, Rich Myers, and Kevin Berls. 
Kevin Berls hangs out in his streamliner. When are they going to start this race anyway?
Here's a shot of Kevin's fantastic spring loaded telescoping and folding canopy mechanism 
Racers Ready? HPRA co-dictator Don Barry prepares to wave the green flag
Oops, a last minute adjustment to the Coslinger Special. Sean Costin peeks out through the canopy.
Any they're off! Thom gives Sean a good shove to get him started.
Rich Sadler's foam bodied SuperStreet bike gets more and more enclosed and smoother every year. As long as he can still get into the bike without "moving an body panels" he's still legal.
Doc Pearson crests the big hill in his SuperStreet class Infinity SWB racer. 
Sean Costin crests the hill with speed to spare.
Rich Meyer at the top of the hill, other racers cranking up the hill are just dots in the background. 
Kevin Berls cranking up the last 30 ft of the hill. See that corner in the upper left corner of the picture? That's the "great equalizer". That corner scrubs off so much speed that even the streamliners have to work hard to get up the hill.
Ok, the streamliners don't work as hard as these two. Jeff and Jane Hunn, the "hardest working couple in the HPRA", crank up the hill on their Double Vision tandem.
Here's Sean Costin again, taking the hill.
Sean decided that the hill was taking too long, and decided to go into the "great equalizer" a little faster. Oops! Sean's race crew rushes to extricate him and get him back on the road.
These views are from the observation tower by the start/finish line. Dennis Taves, racing in the SuperStock class cruises by.


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