2003 Michigan HPV Race Pictures
Races held June 21-22 2003 in Waterford, Mi.

Pictures by Uncle Wilbert, commentary by Warren Beauchamp. There are so many pictures that I broke them up into 3 pages. In addition, pictures of these races from from Jeff Hunn's camera are available here and still others by Mike Channon are here.

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Rob Wood rides the inside line in his Norus streamliner.
Jeff and Jane Hunn take the checkered flag, winning the race in multirider class. Rumor has it they may be riding a tandem lowracer soon.
Don Smith on his Optima Baron during the 1 hour stock time trial. 
Paul Pancella races his M5 lowracer.
Thom Ollinger, looking very patriotic,  races his homebuilt "Nirvana" extra low FWD machine.
Matt Kiehler takes a more relaxed approach to HPV racing. After all, it's not all about the speed, it's fun just to get out there and ride!
Greg Simpson, out on the track for his first time on his home built lowracer. Greg later mentioned that had a great time and vows to be back.
Mike Channon races his home built 16" wheeled alumin framed trike. 
Chris Myers races a Challenge Jester during the 1 hour TT.
Veteran HPRA racer Ben Gordon races a Vision R40. Ben gets faster every year!
Canadian recumbent activist Jay Dixon rides her Greenspeed trike during the 1 hour race. Jay was given this trike and a sponsorship to tour Australia on it as a goodwill ambassador by Greenspeed.
Mike Mowett races his upright bike. 
Don Smith cruises by on his Baron.
Fast guy Karsten Fabien powers his way to a second place finish in the 1 hour TT.
Paul Bruneau takes a lap past the flags lining the start finish line. Paul is riding a Haluzak Hybrid Race.
Bob Krzewinski cruises by on his Lightning P-38. Eight years ago this bike was the weapon of choice for HPV racers.
Paul Pancella cruises by the flags.
Dave Elliot make a pass during the 1 hour race on his Baron.
New racer John Heinbaugh managed to place 6th place overall on his Baron lowracer.
Tyler Brooks cruises by on Grandpa Joe's Fugi.
Keith Santiago powers by on his way to a fantastic 3rd place finish in the highly competitive stock class.
Thom Ollinger, showing a bit of fresh road rash damage, is nonetheless happy to be racing. Any day you are racing is a good day!
Rick Gritters takes the checkered flag to win the 1 hour TT race in stock class. Rick averaged over 25 MPH in this time trial.
Rich Myers gets his trike ready for the practical bike competition. This is the same trike that he used the previous weekend to ride 331.4 miles in 24 hours during the National 24 Hour Challenge 
It's the man of many gears, Leon Chassman and his bike of many gears.
I'm not sure if he rides it or not, but he claims that it has 1500 gear combinations. I think he's going for the "most number of law enforcement patches glued to a bike" record too...
That's Leon in the background. The bike almost looks like a crotch rocket motorcycle from this angle. 
An unknown youngster tries out Jane Hunn's Sunset lowracer.
Terry Gerweck goes for a cruise on his home built LWB dual 700C 'bent.
Rich Meyers takes a cruise on his trike between races. The trike is decked out in practical vehicle configuration
Reg Rodero debuted his new fully faired RWD LWB lowracer. This bike has retractable outrigger wheels to allow the bike to stop and start without putting down his feet, or to be ridden in ice and snow without worry of sliding out.
It's Dusty and err... No that's our intrepid photographer Uncle Wilbert and Bill Murphy. 


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