2003 Michigan HPV Race Pictures
Races held June 21-22 2003 in Waterford, Mi.

Pictures by Uncle Wilbert, commentary by Warren Beauchamp. There are so many pictures that I broke them up into 3 pages. In addition, pictures of these races from from Jeff Hunn's camera are available here and still others by Mike Channon are here.

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Rick Gritters gives it all he's got during the 200ft sprint. Riders vied for the highest speeds and were timed with multiple radar guns. 
Terry (in the hat) and Wally time Rob Wood. Top speeds in the lower 40MPH range were recorded.
Warren Beauchamp cranks by at 36MPH
Reg Rodero makes a high speed pass in his fiberglass and fabric bodied streamliner.
Karsten posts the high speed of the day at 43MPH!
Rich Meyers tries to get a accurate speed reading by standing with the timing gun almost in front of the approaching racer. 
Sunday's "unofficial" road race was run with no classes, and in two heats. The first was for people who recoded sprint speeds above 35MPH, and the second for those with speeds under 35MPH 

Bruce Gordon, in his fully faired Sunset lowracer, prepares to line up for the road race with the "fast" racers. 

Racers wait for Jon Stinson to take them around on a pace lap.
Rich Sadler cruises through the rough, sharp corner after the course's cut through the parking lot.
Rev. Bruce Gordon at the same corner. 

Yeah, they're moving!
Frank "don't stop pedaling for the corners" Geyer takes the corner at a high speed. In the background, Joe Brooks performs corner worker duties.
Paul Pancella cruises through the corner on his M5.

In addition to racing, Paul also organized and ran the practical vehicle competition.

Warren Beauchamp takes the corner, with Karsten hot on his heels.
Warren and Karsten traded off the 2nd place position a couple times.
Frank gradually increased his lead over the second place riders to about half a lap by the end of the race.
Frank cruises by "The Swamp".
Rob Wood, riding his Barcroft lowracer, tries to get a draft off of Rich Sadler.
Dannis Taves on the swamp corner.
Rich Meyers cruises by on his fully faired MuleE streamliner during the road race. 
Frank relaxes and talks with Rob after the road race during a cool down lap.
Warren Beauchamp cruises by during his cool down lap.
The second road race heat starts and the riders spread out quickly.

Dave Elliot cranks by on his Baron

Frank Lindley sports a new tailbox for this year for his custom Infinity SWB racing bike. 
Doc Pearson seems to be doing quite well after his hip replacement last fall.
Reg Rodero checks to see if Jane Hunn is still behind him. Yup, she is!
Jay Dixon cruises by on her Greenspeed trike.
Joe and Tess Machlan crank on by on their Tandem.
Jane Hunn on her Sunset lowracer
Canadian Reg Rodero cruises by on his LWB remote steered RWD lowracer. Reg removed the outriggers, nosecone, and body sock for this race.
Wally Kiehler cruises by on his highracer.
John Abbey on his Rans Stratus passes Rich Meyers on his trike.

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