Bryant Tucker 100 HPRA HPV and Recumbent Bike Pictures
2003 Bryant Tucker 100 HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Race held Saturday, July 19th, 2003 at the Northbrook, IL velodrome. Pictures by Harvey Hanig, captions by Warren Beauchamp.

Chicago Daily Herald article about the race pictures and writeup from Sunday's Cheddar Cheese Challenge
Cool Movie by Paul Bruneau of the 100 lap race
Race Report by Gary Toy 
Bryant Tucker 100 Race results 
Cheddar Cheese Challenge race results
Warren Beauchamp tapes down the antenna loop for the HPRA's new AMB timing system. This system worked great and allowed us to get results for everyone without errors introduced by having racers record laps.
There's no shade at the velodrome, so many people bring tents. 
Here's Randy Gillett's much modified lowracer. I think he's about got it right, as he was very fast at these races. Randy drove all the out from California to race here. Other racers drove from as far as North Carolina and Texas.
Karsten Fabian (with his Challenge Jester in the foreground) performs arcane and existential rites in preparation for the days races.
Rich Meyers sets up his Mule-E "woodie" streamliner.
Looks like a Barcroft, a Baron, and Rob Wood's streamliner. Where are all the people?
There they are! Stock class racers line up in preparation for the 1 kilometer standing start individual time trials.
A stock racer shifts into overdrive during his 1K sprint.
After the 1K sprints were the lap races. The first was the 25 lap race for Juniors and Multi-riders. Here, the racers line up at the start line.
Here's another shot of the Juniors and Multirider lineup.
Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan cruise by during the 25 lap race.
Radical BMXers Jake Smith and Don Labinsk cruise by on a lowracer tandem owned by Dan Glatch, and built by Robert Jung.
The next race was the 100 lap race for all the faired classes. Here, the bikes stage for the race start.
The Barracuda streamliner waits for it's rider. Warren is busy showing somebody else how to run the AMB system so he can go race.

Dan Glatch waits with the top open in his Piranha streamliner.

Tony Levland lines up for the race in his "Carp" streamliner. Notice a trend here?
Glen Struebing on his Rans recumbent.
Sean Costin gets into position in the Coslinger Special streamliner. Sean has to start at the back because his bike needs to be launched and caught by a crew.
Sean's crew gets ready to seal him in.
Ok, Sean is all sealed in. Hey Sean, how's it going there?
All systems go! Sean is ready to be launched.
The race is started, Tim Dunsworth on his Tour Esay in the foreground is passed by a passel of streamliners.
Chris Evans cruises by on his Baron with carbon fiber tailbox, with Dan Glatch in his Piranha streamliner, and another rider on a lowracer behind.
Warren Beauchamp passes by at around 40MPH in the Barracuda streamliner.
Doc Pearson, riding his faired Infinity Bulldog race bike, passes Tim Dunsworth on his Tour Easy.
Tony Levland cruised by during the 100 lap race in his Corplast bodied, long wheelbase, remote steered, dual big wheel streamliner.
Dennis Rock and Glen Struebing cruise by on their SuperStock class bikes, with Dan Glatch passing on the outside, and Bill Murphy hanging in the back on his body socked Tour Easy.
Rev. Bruce Gordon cruises by in his Coroplast bodied Sunset lowracer.
Dennis Rock and Glen Struebing are passed by Tony Levland.
Sean Costin passes Bruce Gordon, and a tail faired low racer.
Dave Johnson in the Great White streamliner leads Rob Wood in the Norus streamliner.
Rob Wood prepares to pass Dave Johnson, while Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda streamliner moves up quickly from the rear.
Jay Heiberger on his tailfaired Jester passes Bill Murphy, While Sean Costin prepares to pass them both. Earl Russel moves up the field in his patriotically socked Tour Easy Ti-Rush.
The 50 lap stock class races line up. Ed Gin (with bullhorn) gets them ready to go. Fast racers Karsten Fabian (behind Ed), Rick Gritters,  Frank Geyer, and AA vie for position in front.
More racers line up in the back of the pack. The Spectators hang out on the bleachers under the trees.
Another view of the front line. In front in Ray Brick on his new home built Velodynamics lowracer.
Timing system ready? Racers Ready? On your mark, get set, go!
The lead pack comes around the corner with AA in front, but being passed by Grank Geyer and Rick Gritters.
AA leads two riders on Baron low racers.
Thom Ollinger slinks by on his super low home built, followed by Jeff Hunn on his M5 shockproof, and Barb Pendergast on her Velokraft lowracer.
Race Report by Gary Toy (Optima Baron rider)

What a terrific weekend of racing. The weather was perfect and there was the biggest turnout of racers ever at Northbrook. It was great seeing the usual races and newbies. I trained really hard this year, and
hopefully have improved from last year.

Northbrook - I did a personal best during the 1K race, and was totally exhausted! This year's 50 lap stock race had the largest amount of fast racers that I have ever seen. I did well at the start, I drafted well
and was going at a very good pace when all of a sudden I encountered a chain drive problem. I coated for a lap to the start line area, quickly fixed the problem, and got back into the race. I drafted for the rest of
the race and the had a great sprint at the finish with Alan, Keith and Randy. Great job by Rick, Karsten, Alan, and Fran. Those guys were so fast!

Kenosha - During the lap race Frank and Karsten led off at a blistering pace as usual. Karsten won that cool prem T-shirt for being in the lead at a specific point in the race. I drafted Matthew (strong sprinter) for
a few laps and then went around him. I passed a few riders as the race wore on, and when Karsten passed me the second time I sprinted hard to catch him and then drafted behind him for the rest of the race. Thanks Karsten! I have to say, this was the best weekend of racing that I ever had. I talked to some of the other racers who said:

Harvey - "I was happy that I did a personal best of the 1K time trial."

Chris - "I improved my last year's stats. I had my own small battles on the race track. It was fun!"

Kudos to the race organizers Sean Costin & Dan Glatch. The timing system worked really well.

Randy and Jay: Great Job! What a drive you both did to make it to the races!

Questions: Rick is it true that you turbo-train on your airplane? Karsten, I heard you train even when you sleep. Is this true?

-Gary Toy