Kaneville Sub 4 hour century TT
Kaneville Sub 4 hour century TT
Ed Gin organizes the first "Sub4" century is held on an ~18 mile, slightly rolling course, with mostly new pavement.  

Dateline Kanville, IL, September 21st 2003. Biker gang terrorizes small town. Residents say "what are those things?".

Pictures by Harv Hanig

At 6:00am Frank Geyer busily adds the proper amounts of tape and foam bits to ensure his Jester with Razz Fazz tail box is at peak aero efficiency for the 100 mile event.
 Frank attributes part of his great speeds to the use of Rotor Cranks.
Warren's streamliner features specially modified ABR stickers. 
Still pre-dawn on Dauberman road - Officials Ed Gin and Chris Cortez seem awfully happy for having to get up at 4:30am in order to sweep the corners before the event.
Frank Geyer gives his "Sponsors pose" for the Hammer Gel, though he's not looking extremely awake yet...
It's almost light enough to ride now. Ed Gin blurs by Alan's Razz Fazz. Alan is on the background warming up on his wedgie.
Alan cruises past the roadblock and down Scott road at the break of sunrise.
 Frank passes the school in Kaneville. 
Alan cruises down Harter road at 30MPH.
Warren in the battle scarred 'Cuda.
Alan appears to be just taking in the scenery, Not!
Wendy and Gary Toy wait to cheer the riders as they ride by the parking lot in Kaneville during each loop.
Keith Santiago gets a draft off the pace van.
Frank makes a pit stop in the corn field.
Keith cruises by the few building and homes that make up the town of Kaneville.

If you live in the Chicago area and have seen this bike recently, it was stolen on 9/25/03. Please contact Keith (and the police)...

Alan recovers after the 100 miler.
Frank recovers and packs up the van to head back to Michigan after the event.
Fast men Frank and Alan both achieved their goals of a Sub-4 hour 100 mile TT, riding their  "superstock" (or Euro stock class) tailboxed low racers. 
(Left to Right) Frank, Alan, and Warren all achieved Sub 4 hour times. 

Keith achieved a respectable Sub 5 hour century on a "stock" class 'bent.

Warren - 3 hours 36 minutes 32 seconds
Frank - 3 hours 53 minutes 49 seconds
Alan - 3 hours 55 minutes 26 seconds
Keith - 4 hours 29 minutes 10 seconds