Indy 2004 HPRA HPV and recumbent bicycle racing pictures
Indy 2004 HPRA HPV and racing pictures
Races were held on 4/24 and 4/25 in Indianapolis, IN, and Moorseville, IN. Also see Indy Race results.
Pictures by Dave Balfour, Jeff Hunn, Garrie Hill, Dan Glatch, and Warren Beauchamp.
Bruce Gordon pulls the newly remodeled PopCycle Coroplast bodied Sunset lowracer streamliner onto the highly banked Indy velodrome track for a test run.

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Rueben Gordon and Charlie Ollinger wait their turn at the 200M Time Trials.
Garrie Hill times the 200M runs, as Charlie high tails it through the optical timing traps. The timing equipment spits out a tape with the times, and then Garrie converts it to MPH with a program on his HP calculator.
Jeff Hunn makes a 200M run on his fully suspended M5 Shockproof. Jeff just keeps getting faster. Maybe it's the wheel disks...
Jeff and Jane Hunn  boogie around the high banked track on their Double Vision during the 200M TTs. 
  Matt Smith runs the 200M TT on his Nirvana low racer.
Rick Gritters takes the highly backed corner at high speed on his homebuilt small wheel lowracer.  
  Sean Costin comes out of the corner and kicks it into high gear on his Monkeyhandt during the 200M sprint. Sean had the fastest speed of the day at 35.88 MPH.
Gene Metcalf takes his turn at the sprint race on his beautifully finished Baron with Optima tailbox.
John Schlitter of Bacchetta keeps his eye on the 200 meter line during the sprints. John is riding a tricked out Aero titanium 'bent.
Than Cramer races his Optima Baron during the 200M sprints.
  Ed Wagenaar races his Bacchetta Giro during the 200M sprints.
Warren Beauchamp races his Reynolds / Beauchamp Ti-Cuda during the 200M sprints, and stays down close to the black line on the highly banked turn. 

It's important to stay low as the higher up the bank you are the farther you have to go!

  Wendy Toy makes her 200M run on her Ray Brick Lowracer.
The next race is the 50 lap race for faired class bikes. Here two veteran races duke it out with their new streamliners. On the outside is Kevin Berls in his new GB Varna. On the Inside in Bruce Gordon in his Foam and Coroplast PopCycle.
 Dan Glatch leads Tyger Johnson during the 50 lap race. Dan is racing his Bob Jung built Pihranna II streamliner, and Tyger is racing his lightning P-38 in an F-40 fairing.
Kevin Berls passes Gene Metcalf during the 50 lapper. Kevin said that the canopy was so narrow that his helmet barely fit in it.  
  Bruce comes down the straightaway during the 50 lapper. Bruce says that this new body style is much faster than last years model.
Tony Levland cruises by on his homebuilt LWB remote steered monotube racer dring the 50 lap race.  
Dave Balfour races his CatTrike with nicely finished Coroplast tailbox during the 50 lapper. Dave says next time he'll mount his video camera to the bike to provide a racers eye view of the event.
 Doc Pearson on his Infinity Bulldog FWD SWB passes Dave Balfor. 
 Tyger is out front in this picture, but Rick Gritters is coming up quick on the outside.
Rick Gritters rushes by in his doped Dacron over steel tubing streamliner. Rick also built a new lowracer for the chassis. Rick added some cardboard to the inside of the bike for crash protection. Rick won the race in the streamliner class at an average speed of 29.32 MPH. 

This is always a hard track to go fast on.

  Tony modified his bike this year changing last years 700C front wheel out for a 20 incher. 
Dan and Tyger were very evenly matched, and ran at 28.63 and 28.62 MPH average speed (respectively) for the 50 lap race. 
  Frank Geyer blurs by on his Barcroft Oregon lowracer in superstock class during the 50 lap race. 

Rumors are that a new Barcroft/Hill carbon fiber splitter plate tailfaired wonder bike is in the works, and that Frank will be racing it for Team Barcroft.

Gene Metcalf takes a breather after the race. What a pretty bike.
Gary Toy appears to be ready to draw his ray gun on an unseen alien creature, while Ed Gin looks on casually. 
Racers Meeting! HPV racers gather to hear the details of the next race. HPRA co-dictator Garrie Hill (left) lays down the law. Sean Costin (yellow jersey) claims he would have gone faster but somebody was holding his arm.   
Here's Rick's new 'liner at rest. It uses a Garrie Hill Varna canopy. The black spots above the front wheel are the Spandex that Rick pushes his feet through to start and stop.
Frank poses for a non-blurry hand stand shot on his FWD small wheeled Barcroft Oregon. 
  Kevin stands next to his new streamliner. He says it will be painted white. This race was the first time he had ridden it. Garrie Hill made the body, and then Kevin added the carbon fiber chassis and drivetrain, and finished it.
Here's a shot inside Kevin's new 'liner, showing the novel drivetrain. He's using a shiftable intermediary gear, and a Sachs 3x7 hub to provide a decent gear range, but had to remove most of the toothed gears on the hub for clearance issues. Everything was immaculately finished, and the canopy was spring loaded to keep the top open with a prop.   
Stock class racers line up in preparation for the 50 lap race.  Gary Toy dozes off while waiting for Warren to finish preparing the timing system and get ready to race.
Warren lines up with the rest of the racers. Ready, Set....

Stock class racers vie for position during the 50 lap stock race.

Bob Marsh takes the corner on his yellow on yellow quasi low SWB 'bent.
Sean Costin, Warren Beauchamp and Jeff Hunn. 
Matt Smith, Gary Toy and Sean Costin battle it out, while Frank Geyer and Rick Gritter come up on the outside.
Bill Lozowski on his Challenge TaiFun passes Jane Hunn. George Davis is in hot pursuit on his highly Bacchetta  Strada.
Gary Toy kicks his Optima Baron Low into high gear to avoid being passed by Jogn Schlitter.  
Rick Gritters passes Ed Wagenaar and Rueben Gorrdon.
Gary Toy passes his wife Wendy. John Schlitter passes Matt Smith, hot on Gary's tail.
Tom Ollinger blows by, followed by BIll Lozowski and Than Kramer. 
Sunday threatened to be a rain-out, but the rain passed, and the pavement was dry enough to start the outlaw drag races. Here Rick Gritters gets this inside lane on the corner before the finish line, and takes 2nd place from Frank Geyer.

Yes, that road in the background is part of the race course. It's about a 3/8 mile curvy hilly drag race.

  Sean Costin powers through the drag to beat Rick Gritters for 1st place.
The 10 lap "long" race begins for all racers on the Pioneer park main road. Warren carries his bike to find a good place in the pack to start after setting up the timing. The long race course is a 1 mile loop, down a hill and back up.
  Frank Geyer, on his Aluminum Challenge Jester takes an early lead and never looked back.
Charlie Ollinger stands up on the pedals to try to keep up with Gary Toy on the long uphill grind at the back part of the course.  
Dave Bafour cruises up the hill.
Sean Costin punishes the hill, followed by Dan Glatch and some other racer way down the hill.
  Tony Levland cranking up the hill
More hill climbers, Tyger, Frank, and Doc.  
  Wendy Toy crests the hill.
Doc Pearson cruises down the top part of the track, followed by Chris Cortez.  
  Jeff Hunn boogies by followed by Thom Ollinger on a ...what? a highracer? 

Yes race fans, John Schlitter was nice enough to loan Thom a Bacchetta to race after Thom's low racer suffered an untimely demise.

Matt Smith catches a draft from Rick Gritters. 
Bill Lozowski doing his "one armed man" impression.  He raced with one arm tucked behind him, and the other holding onto his stem. That Taifun must handle very well to allow him to race like that. Now if he could only do something about those legs!
Sarah Gordon makes her way up the hill.  
Tyger Johnson Blurs by. Tyger was the overall winner of the long race.
Warren cruises by the parking lot at the top side of the course, followed by Wendy Toy. 
  A nice shot of Dan Glatch in the Piranha.
Rick Gritters takes the corner tight at the top of the course.
  Stock class racers line up for the short course race. The short course was a 1/2 mile track with no hills, but by this time in the day the wind was howling.
Some racers prefer to start at the back of the pack.  
  GO! Frank sprints off and is out in front
A nice shot of Frank in the tight corner. 
  George Davis kicks by on his Strada.
Rick Gritters takes the tight corner wide, avoiding the puddle.
Gary Toy crashes and slides though the tight corner while being hotly pursued by Warren.
Warren takes an off-road detour to avoid running over the still sliding Gary, and manages to get back onto the track without losing his position.
Wendy and Chris hang out and chat on their comfy bikes after the race.

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