San Jose Velodrome races
San Jose Velodrome races (not an HPRA event)
Races held May 16th, 2004 at the Hellyer velodrome in San Jose, CA. Pictures and info thanks to Larry Lem and Tom Amick.
Race Results 
More pictures at LRay's site
Pictures by Larry Lem. Click on each picture for a bigger image.


 A Bike E set up for touring does some loops on the track.

Chris Bechtel, who is working on a Battle Mountain speedbike, here races a Softride Monotube frame wedgie.
Rob Hitchcock and Mark Mueller  look over some unseen bikes.
Jim Verheul races his Titanium Bacchetta Aero.  
Dana Lieberman on his new dual 700C Reynolds T-bone takes the high road, The Traylors take the middle road on their back to back carbon fiber tandem, and Nathan Graff races a Bike E.
John Stephens races a stokerless M5 tandem, while Lisa Tenello appears to  having great fun on Bill Patterson's "Suspended Freedom" aluminum chassis FWD lowracer.
 Nathan Graff and his Dad on Bike-Es?
Holly Cvetich does some laps on a tricked out Tour Easy at the 'drome.
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo HPV team members Paul Nelson holds Ryan Fowler to launch their 1884 streamliner, "Intuition" for a sprint race. They had 3 or 4 different people riding the the bike for the event. 
 Peter Borenstadt races a high racer that looks almost identical to Randy Gillett's. 
 Randy Gillett races his home brewed high racer.
Tom Traylor and his wife Sima race Tom's front and RWD moving BB carbon fiber back to back tandem. 
Pictures and verbiage from this point down are by Tom Amick.

 Cal Poly team with Vellox Solium - 

Here are several of the team members for this year's first place west coast ASME college event. The rider is Colin Hughes. Starting from left to right the other team members are Stephen Franco, Marissa Nelson, and Leif Banser.

Colin Hughes in Vellox Solium - 

Colin Hughs is one of the Cal Poly team riders, and is also a member of the Cal Poly Wheelmen.

Dean Pederson in Rotator Coyote- 

Dean is a regular attendee of the San Jose event. He is usually one of the fastest riders at the velodrome.

Larry Lem contorts his way into his latest creation. I had the chance to ride this bike, and found it relatively easy to maneuver in spite of it's extremely low stance.
Larry Lem takes a picture- 

Charlie Webster (left) watches the pretty bikes go whizzing past. Larry Lem is seated on the bench, and Chris Broome hangs out behind them in the bright day glow green hat. 

Mark Mueller in Greenspeed trike- 

That about tells you all I know regarding this photo.

Michael Cvetich, Holly Cvetich, and Peter Borenstadt - 

Michael is at the left, Holly in the middle, and Peter is on the far right. 

Ryan Fowler on three wheeled contraption- 

That is the president of the Cal Poly HPV team. The bike was created the night before by using the  remains of a front wheel drive bike that was completed 3 years ago for the ASME HPV races. They just added a steel cross beam, and a couple of chair casters. It was fun to do 180 degree spins in the parking lot with, but it's not much of a speed machine.

Tom Amick- 

That's a picture of me in the hotel parking lot the night before the race. This bike was completed just one day before the event, and only had a few miles of testing in it. The race brought out some important changes that needed to be accomplished before the next race in Encino.

Tom Traylor- 

Tom is one of the most dedicated racers out here in California. I have seen him at both the San Jose, and Encino Velodromes for the past couple of years. He competes in GT, unfaired, and tandem classes. I don't think there is a person at the competition that rides in more races. Also he's one of the faster riders even though he might also be one of the oldest. Tom Traylor took first place for the 1/2 hour GT race, and he had the fifth fastest bike in the 200meter sprint race. He's a very impressive individual.

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