Encino HPRA HPV races
Encino HPRA HPV races
The Bent up Cycles Day at the Track was held at the Encino, CA velodrome on June 20th, 2004.
Thanks to Dana Lieberman and Jim Verheul for organizing the event, and to Larry Lem for the pictures!
Bruce Shannahoff takes a lap on his yellow Aerocycle.


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Colin Clark takes a test ride on Larry Lem's FWD lowracer trike. Larry is planning on using this trike (or it's successor) in a fairing for WHPSC racing. 
Colin Clark cruises by on Larry Lem's "used-to-be" dual 700C highracer, now a SWB 700C/406 bike. Now that's a high BB!
Dan Acfalle races his Baron Jester with HED Aero wheels in the stock class.  
 Derek Jackson races a Volae Sport.
Riders gather for the 15 lap Novice Race. 
The novice race allowed new racers to compete with others HPV racers at their same level. Scott Bruce won this event.
HPV veteran Paul Gracey races his modified lightning F-40 in the Superstreet class.  
 Peter Borenstadt races a dual 700C highracer built by Randy Gillette with an Optima tailbox. 
Randy Gillette races his dual 700C carbon fiber highracer with a tailbox of his own design. Randy raced in the Superstock class, and won the 1K matched sprints in that class.
Rick Valenbula races a homebuilt lowracer with a full fairing constructed of a front bubble, body sock, and Coroplast. 
Rob Tyrell races his titanium framed Reynolds T-Bone with an HP Velotechnik tailbox.
Sheldon Jordon races an Optima Baron. 
Steve Pritchet races a Burley Hepcat with a Tailsock.

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