Florida 2004 HPRA HPV racing pictures
Florida 2004 HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Thanks to race director Shari Bernhard for organizing the races, ride, and other activities. Pictures and text by Dan Glatch.
#306 sprinting in front of  finish line to win a drag heat. 


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Sean Costin edging out #306 at the finish line in the drag race. 
A pack of trikes heading toward the finish line 
in the last man out (LMO) race . 
The leaders of the stock LMO (first heat) as they 
approach the finish line area. Unfortunately when I shot the action, they had entered a pool of shade, making it difficult to see some of the details, but 
John Schlitter (left) is checking his mirror, Sean Costin (center) watching John, and the others are sprinting hard to avoid elimination. 
Attached is a photo of Theron Hill in his streamliner chassis putting in a hard finish-line sprint in the 1K TT. 
Here I am on the new Rans Force 5 high racer recumbent. It is "hot off the press" (made in Kansas, to be exact), and only a few shops had received their orders already, so we were lucky to be able to try it out. 
Sunday featured a ride for everyone. That's me on the Bacchetta Strada in Markham Park, west of Ft. Lauderdale, where we started.
Here's where we stopped along the way for a break. This is not the most scenic portion of our route, but it gives you an idea how lush and green everything is, and shows the nice roads and bike route (the extra wide shoulder). I picked up a card from the local recumbent club while at the races. For anyone who is interested in riding with them (locals or visitors) they had some Internet contact sites; getbent.org and the southfloridarecumbentriders Yahoo group.

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