2004 halloween hydrobowl
2004 Halloween Hydrobowl HPB Races
Human Powered Boat races held 10/30/04 at Marine stadium in Long Beach CA. The event started on time and finished on time! Thanks to Bill Gaines for running the event, and to Larry Lem for sending the results and pictures.
- Results - 
Entrant Vehicle Static Thrust, lb 100 m time, sec Slalom time, sec 2000 m time, sec Total Points  Place
Jake Free monohull + 2 outriggers 50 (max) 24.89 2:03.12 14:46  153 1
Tom Traylor monohull + 2 outriggers 50 (max) 26.91 1:58.54 15:23 149 2
Steve Ball monohull hydrofoil na 22.94 1:41.32 na 144 3
Dwight Filley catamaran hydrofoil 13 30.63 2:44.76 19:07 134 4
Chris Broome/Larry Lem tandem kayak 48 30.35 2:57.38 16:20 131 5
Chris Broome signs up for the Halloween Hydrobowl event, while Alice Broome looks on and Bill Gaines waits patiently.

More Hydrobowl pictures by Michael Lampi on his site (Chris Broome and Larry Lem are in the yellow and green kayak).

Dwight Filley (L) gets some Hydrofoil tips from foilmaster Sid Shutt.
Jake carries his latest creation down to the water. Look ma, no kidney belt! 
Jake Free returns from a run during the races. 

Larry Lem writes: "The guys from Washington brought one of their commercial boats. They gave lots of people test rides, trying to sell some. I had the opportunity, but the ol' competitive spirit arose and I decided to save my energy for the upcoming 2000m event. Chris and I gave it everything we had during that race and left it all out on the race course. If it hadn't been for the turns, it could have been a 3-way battle between Jake, Tom and ourselves. We fell further behind with every turn in our very long kayak. If only it had been a straight race course..."

Tom and Sima Traylor prepare to make a run in Tom's tandem monohull HPB.
Steve Ball amazed everyone again with the speed and maneuverability of his hydrofoil. But he was too pooped to enter the 2000m race.
I don't think he made any major changes for this year. He plans on having an all new boat next year. 
Tom readies his slick HPB for another race.
Dwight Filley didn't break anything on his Wave Evader this year. That's a good thing!
Alice Broome sits in Larry Lem's adult-sized Krazy Kar made of 2x4's, 20mm front disk hub MTB wheels, and 3" castors.

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