Ohio HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
2004 Ohio HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Ride and Races held Oct 22 -> 24th 2004 at the Xenia, Ohio Kil-Kare speedway (home of the famous school bus demo derby). Pictures and wordage by Jeff Hunn.
Brenda Gritters and Luke Gilbert check out the proceedings. They were invaluable at keeping the scoring and timing running smoothly. 


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Steve H comes down the front stretch Saturday morning on his 3-lap individual time trial.
Wendy Adaska comes down the front straightaway during her 3-lap individual time trial, while Steve Houck waits for his turn and Rick Gritters shows what happens when you wear your helmet too tight... <g>
Wendy Adaska crosses the finish line on her 3-lap individual time trial Saturday, while Garrie Hill reads his stopwatch and various spectators and racers look on.
Wendy can't bear to watch the start of Saturday's combined Stock/SuperStock/Junior 10-lap Short Course race. From left to right, racers are Rick Gritters, Dave Balfour, Steve Houck, Jeff Hunn, Ray 
Brick, Jim Curry, Bryan Ketterhenry, and Ben Gordon.
Dave Balfour leads Ben Gordon, Rick Gritters, and Jeff Hunn around the challenging corners of the Short Course 10-lap race.
Jim Curry rounds a corner in his Infinity FWD during 
Saturday's 10-lap Short Course race.
Jeff Hunn leads Rick Gritters and Ray Brick around a corner during Saturday's 10-lap Short Course race, while HPRA co-dictator Don Barry watches and prepares to flip the lap counter. 
Dave Balfour cuts inside Steve Katterhenry to set up for a hard left corner in the 10-lap Short Course race.
Women racers and Trike class racers wait for the start of their combined 10-lap Short Course race on Saturday. From left to right, racers are Wendy Adaska, Kathy Eagen, Aaron Ehglert, Jane Hunn, 
Dave Balfour, Patrick Grant, Steve Katterhenry, Mike Kring, and Rich Myers. 
Jane Hunn leads Wendy Adaska around one of two extremely sharp hairpin corners in the 10-lap Short Course race. Wendy eventually took the lead for a lap or so, only to have Jane come on strong at the 
end and cross the line a foot or so in front of her. However, because Jane's transponder was on her rear QR (her monoblade front fork makes it difficult to mount there), Wendy's front QR - mounted transponder crossed the line ahead of Jane's transponder, so Wendy was awarded the victory. 
Sunday dawned clear, sunny, and beautiful, although it took a bit for the track to dry from the puddles left by Saturday's rains.
John Simon in the Moby streamliner (held by Thom Ollinger) and Richard Myers (held by Rick Gritters) prepare for the finals of the 1-lap Drag Race.
John Simon in the Moby streamliner barely edges out Mike Mowatt in his partially-faired upright road bike in the 1-lap Drag Race.
Jane Hunn (held by husband Jeff) and Guy Levalley wait for the start command in the 1-lap Drag Races.
Jeff Hunn (left) and Frank Lindley prepare for their 1-lap Drag Race.
(left to right) Rick Gritters, Ray Brick, and Jeff Hunn await the starter's flag for Sunday's Last Man Out race, Stock Division.
Mike Mowatt prepares for his one-lap drag race against long-time HPRA racers Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan on their Ray Brick 
custom tandem.
Ray Brick on his beautiful homebuilt low racer prepares to race Bruce Gordon in Sunday's 1-lap Drags. 
Rick Gritters on the low racer and Ben Gordon on the Bike-E prepare for their 1-lap Drag Race on Sunday. Ben built a lead with quickness off the line and beat Rick!
John Simon (in the Moby), Doc Pearson, and Rich Myers wait for the start of the Streamliner Last Man Out race. Rich retired his high-mileage homebuilt streamliner MuleE after Saturday's race, so he 
raced an unfaired Baron in Sunday's races. We are all eager to see what new vehicle Rich comes up with for next season.
Jeff and Jane Hunn (left, on their Thom Ollinger - built custom lowracer tandem) wait with Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan for the start of the Multirider class Last Riders Out race on Sunday.
Richard Myers (left) and Dave Balfour await the starting signal for the Trike Last Man Out race on Sunday.
Ben Gordon, Jane Hunn, and Kathy Eagen await the starting flag in the combined Junior/Women Last Rider Out race on Sunday. 
Just after the start of Sunday's SuperStock Last Man Out race, Guy Levalley leads Mike Mowatt, Bruce Gordon, and Frank Lindley.
 Women's division winner Kathy Eagen (center) accepts her prize money from Garrie and Leslie Hill after Sunday's racing was done.

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