2004 Warsaw Wringer HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
2004 Warsaw Wringer HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Thanks to Dave Balfour for most of the pictures. Some pictures by Jeff Hunn. Race Results
 Warren Beauchamp prepares to pass Dan Glatch on the very tight Saturday race course.
 Doc Pearson takes a corner in his Infinity Banshee coroplast bodied racer with new fiberglass nosecone.
Dora Cortez races while sporting multiple bandages on her leg. She crashed in the wet and tight corner during a previous race.  Dora races her Lightning SWB with patriotic coroplast wheeldisk.
Dan Glatch holds race organizer/director Jeff Hunn to start him in the 3 lap sprint. Jeff is riding an M5 Shockproof.
Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan prepare to run the 3 lap sprint on their Ray Brick tandem. 
 Ben Gordon races his Bike-E in Junior class.
Al Spens holds Frank Sapper in preparation for the 3 lap sprint. Frank is riding a Bacchetta SWB.
 Frank Sapper accelerates out of the corner, heading for the finish line.
Bill Lozowski sits on  Gene Metcalf's nicely finished Windcheetah Hypersport. Hmm. Do I have room in my garage for one of these...?
An aero helmeted Dave Balfour runs by on his Catrike with aero wheelcovers. This was a great course for the trikes.
 Warren Beauchamp and Paul Bruneau set up the timing system and prepare to hand out the transponders.
Racers line up for the 65 lap race. The yellow stripes are the pickup wires for the timing system , and serve double duty as the start/finish line. 
 Dan Glatch cruises around the corner in his battle scarred Piranha streamliner. Dan had crashed earlier on the wet/tight corner, which took it's toll on many racers. Dan left the back of the fairing off since it was such a short and tight course.
Chris Cortez rounds the corner before the start/finish line. Chris put in an excellent performance in the 3 lap TT, and is getting faster every time he races. Chris is riding a Sunset lowracer with an M5 tailbox. 
 Warren Beauchamp takes the corner on his Rotor crank equipped Reynolds built ti-Cuda. 
Rick Gritters flies through the corner on his Rotor crank equipped homebuilt 20/20 lowracer.  Rick is also sporting some road rash from the evil corner from hell, but he came prepared with kevlar shorts and BMX elbow pads, so was spared with worst of it.
Frank Lindley cruises around the corner on his Infinity SWB superstreet class recumbent.
 Bruce Gordon accelerates out of the long sweeper in his Coroplast "POPCycle" streamliner. Bruce added a longer tail to this bike since the last race to give it better aerodynamics. 
 Paul Pancella drafts behind Warren Beauchamp, while Rick Gritters prepares to pass them both.
 Jeff Hunn cruises by on his Shockproof. Jeff commutes to work on this bike daily.
Rick Gritters cruises nonchalantly down the stretch toward the start/finish line.
Warren Beauchamp works hard to keep Paul Pancella from passing. The short course worked to the advantage of the taller bikes.  
Doc Pearson leads Jeff Hunn and Dave Balfour.
Frank Lindley with Dan Glatch gaining on him.  
Dave Balfour races his 20/20 Wishbone RT sans tailbox. 
 Battle of the fairings...
 Dora Cortez and Paul Bruneau check out the results. Other racers hang out.
 Gene Metcalf and Garrie Hill hang out on their lawn chairs... errr... their Widcheetah Hypersports, during the 65 lap race.
 Racers line up for the 50 lap race
 Jeff and Jane Hunn prepare to launch their limo length Nirvana tandem lowracer. Jane had to complete 1 lap in women's class to keep her race points and 2nd place race standings, then hopped onto the tandem for the remainder of the race.
Jeff and Jane take off!
Al Spens races a Econ-bent homebuilt.
Joe and Tess give it what for as they head for the finish line.
Much debate will occur here. Is this Ben passing his Pop or visa versa? And is that really Bruce Gordon? Without the long beard, who knew?
Jeff and Jane take the corner and head for the start/finish line.
Garrie and Gene Squueeeze through the corner.
Ah yes, that really is Bruce Gordon, racing his Catrike.
Dave Balfour storms through the back stretch.  
Paul Bruneau and Rick Gritters concentrate on the AMB timing system.
Lowracers take a break between races  
Racers line up for the 2nd lap race on Saturday.
Chris Cortez mans the lap counter during the Sunday races. 19 laps to go!
Dave Balfour fends off Ben Gordon during the Sunday lap races.
After the races, velonauts "Doc" Pearson and Frank Lindley take a break.  
Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan race by during the Sunday races.

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