2004 Warsaw Wringer HPRA HPV Racing Results
2004 Warsaw Wringer HPRA HPV Racing Results

Races held August 21st and 22nd, 2004 in Warsaw, Indiana, at the Health & Wellness Center on Saturday, then at the United Office Complex on Sunday. Thanks to Jeff and Jane Hunn for organizing and running the event. See Jeff Hunn's Race Report!  Race Pictures

        Saturday Criterium Saturday 3-lap ITT Saturday Time Trial Sunday Criterium Overall Overall
Name Number Class Bike Place Laps   Place Time   Place Laps   Place Laps Weekend
In Class
Rick Gritters 370 stock homebuilt lowracer 1 65   1 1:32.40   1 59   1 60 240 1
Warren Beauchamp 305 stock Ti Cuda 2 64   3 1:39.43   3 57   - - 155 4
Paul Pancella 486 stock Volae highracer 3 63   2 1:33.87   2 57   - - 160 3
Jeff Hunn 315 stock M5 ShockProof 4 60   4 1:45.75   4 53   2 53 190 2
Frank Sapper 334 stock Bacchetta 5 50   6 1:53.65   - -   - - 75 6
Al Spens 333 stock M5 6 46   5 1:48.37   - -   - - 115 5
Dave Balfour 211 superstock Wishbone 2 60   3 1:43.75   1 55   1 55 225 1
Chris Cortez 254 superstock Earthcycles Sunset 3 56   1 1:39.19   2 51   2 46 220 2
Paul Bruneau 212 superstock Velokraft V2 1 63   2 1:39.78   - -   - - 115 3
Bruce Gordon 101 superstreet Earthcycles Sunset 1 55   1 1:55.88   2 47   1 52 180 1
Frank Lindley 184 superstreet Infinity FWD SWB 2 55   2 2:01.32   1 48   2 19 165 2
Dan Glatch 91 streamliner Jung Streamliner 2 51   1 1:45.43   1 52   1 57 235 1
Dave Pearson 33 streamliner Infinity FWD SWB 1 58   2 1:51.87   2 50   2 50 225 2
Dora Cortez 620 women Lightning Phantom 1 45   2 (crash)   1 30   1 33 235 1
Jane Hunn 610 women Earthcycles Sunset 2 2   1 1:52.53   2 1   2 40* 225 2
Ben Gordon 501 juniors BikeE 1 45   1 2:06.09   1 26   1 35 240 1
Jeff & Jane Hunn 711 multirider Nirvana tandem lowracer 1 49   1 1:48.25   1 32   1 39 240 1
Joe Brooks/
Tess Machlan
702 multirider Brick tandem 2 36   2 2:20.28   2 25   2 30 220 2
Dave Balfour 917 trike CatTrike 1 50   1 1:43.75   1 35   1 40 240 1
Bruce Gordon 912 trike CatTrike 3 44   3 1:56.75   2 30   2 33 210 2
Gene Metcalf 914 trike Windcheetah HyperSport 2 46   2 1:51.90   3 29   - - 160 3
Garrie Hill 944 trike Windcheetah HyperSport 4 40   4 2:09.22   4 27   - - 135 4

The Crit and * Time Trial events were split into two heats, one with trikes, multirider. junior and women, and the other with streamliner, superstreet, superstock and stock. Generally the heat with streamliner class was a longer race. Jane Hunn raced in the the heat with streamliner class for the Sunday crit race, so that she could race with Jeff on their tandem in the other Crit race, and she chose to take 2nd in the womens class because of that.

Warsaw Wringer Wrapup, by Jeff Hunn

Mother Nature gave us beautiful weather for the weekend, with plenty of sun and high temperatures in the mid-70’s. When Jane and I arrived at Saturday’s venue to begin setting up we were greeted by Dave Balfour, who offered us coffee heated on his camp stove in the parking lot. As preparations continued more and more riders showed up, and we were pleased to have 22 racers for the day! I’m grateful to Warren Beauchamp for bringing and running the HPRA’s bike race timing system, and to Luke Gilbert for running it Sunday after Warren left. Following registration, tech inspection, and practice laps we started off with a 65-lap race for Stock, SuperStock, SuperStreet, and Streamliner classes, followed by a 50-lap race for Women, Junior, Multirider, and Trike classes.

We were racing around a fairly new medical building, which we were happy to be offered after arrangements to race around 2 downtown city blocks fell through. The course was tight, about .2-mile in length, and we soon discovered another challenge: at the end of the front straightaway, which sloped slightly downward, there was a constant trickle of water across the road, courtesy of some architectural mistakes, I think. It was easy to pick up too much speed on the straight and then have to brake and lean (on the wet pavement) to set up for the tight corner. Several racers lost traction and slid out early in the day (nothing more serious than a few scrapes, fortunately), but as the racing progressed we all learned to corner better and faster. The trike riders, of course, didn’t worry about sliding out, although I heard some of them talk about the adrenaline rush of lifting the inside wheel (unintentionally) while cornering! 

We had several volunteers with yellow flags and radios on the corners, and they were able to signal caution laps after the crashes until things were stabilized. I’d like to thank Steve & Betty Messer, Chris Cox, and Art Hunn for coming to help, as well as Tess Machlan for helping with registration and Joe Brooks for doing tech inspection. A big thank-you to the many other racers who stepped up to help with the various aspects of running the races—you helped make the inaugural Warsaw Wringer run very smoothly!

Following the lap races we took turns doing standing-start 3-lap Individual Time Trials (approx. 1 km). After a short lunch break we reconvened to do the Time Trials. The first race was intended to be a 45-minute TT for Stock, SuperStock, SuperStreet, and Streamliner classes. After the race started a glitch in the timing system resulted in the loss of 15 minutes that had been entered, so the race ended up being a 30-minute TT. The second race was to be a 30-minute TT for Women, Junior, Multirider, and Trike classes, and it was shortened (intentionally—by racer consensus) to 20 minutes. After a short rest period all who wanted to lined up for a last-man-out race. Several laps into it Jane and I saw Dan Glatch coming up behind us so we sprinted for the line only to drop a chain (one of 3) on our custom Nirvana lowracer tandem (built by Thom Ollinger). It’s a good bike that we’re still working to get dialed in. Afterwards a dozen or so of us enjoyed good eating at the local Hacienda.

On Sunday we were racing around a different building, and the course was significantly bigger (.3-mile around) and easier to run. The straightaways were a bit longer and we could corner easily at almost full power. Several racers had to leave on Saturday, so our Sunday group was a bit smaller but no less enthusiastic. We ran a 60-lap Criterium for Stock, SuperStock, SuperStreet, and Streamliner classes, followed by a 40-lap Criterium for women, Junior, Multirider, and Trike classes. With only a couple of laps remaining Dave Balfour on his Wishbone w/tailbox went down on a corner trying to pass Dan Glatch’s streamliner, and he ended up with major road rash. Dora Cortez and several others helped him get cleaned up (I think Rick Gritters took a little too much pleasure in spraying the antiseptic on Dave’s open wounds!), and he pulled on a fresh pair of cycling shorts over the ripped ones and climbed onto his trike for the second race! (He told me later he felt like he had been put through the Warsaw Wringer.) Following the second race points were tallied and cash prizes awarded to the class winners for the weekend: Rick Gritters (Stock), Dave Balfour (SuperStock), Bruce Gordon (SuperStreet), Dan Glatch (Streamliner), Dora Cortez (Women), Ben Gordon (Junior), Jeff & Jane Hunn (Multirider), and Dave Balfour (Trike).

Thanks to all who came to race, especially those who drove from far-away places like Iowa (Rick), Wisconsin (Dan), Illinois (Dave, Bruce & Ben, Warren, Chris & Dora), Michigan (Paul and Paul), Ohio (Garrie, Al, and Gene). Thanks too to the Hoosier racers: Doc, Frank, Joe & Tess, and local racer Frank Sapper for coming to race. Look for a better Saturday venue next year for the 2nd annual Warsaw Wringer!

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