Michigan HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Michigan HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Pictures from the June 5th & 6th 2004 races at Waterford Sportsman's Park, Waterford, MI.
Thanks to Dave Balfour and Jeff Hunn for all the pictures!
Racers line up for the 1K sprint. Left to Right is Doc Pearson in his Infinity SWB Coroplast racer, Richard Meyers on his CatTrike with fiberglass over foam tailbox and splitter plate, and Rick Gritters on his dual 406mm lowracer.

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Dave Johnson shows Warren Beauchamp how far the Great White can lean over in a corner. It looks like a lot, but he scrapes in some of the corners on the twisty track. Warren's bike has about the same amount of lean. Streamliners need to be able to lean 40 degrees from horizontal to be able to negotiate the corners at high speeds.
John Simon (left) checks out the racer in the current 1K run, Bruce Gordon and Warren Beauchamp wait patiently for there chance to breath hard and take the corners fast.
Andrea Funk hangs out on Rick Wianecki's FWD lowracer while waiting for the 1K sprint. In the background, Frank Geyer prepares his bike.
Chris Cortez takes a high speed corner on his Sunset lowracer. 
Dave Balfour takes a corner on his rare dual 20 inch Reynolds Wishbone. Dave made his tailbox from fiberglass over foam.
Dave Johnson takes the Great White through a corner. 
Great White was built by Rick Wianecki, Ed Gin, and others for the .decimach prize. It was raced by Ed Gin and Byron Gremley before being turned over to Dave. It started with a SWB chassis, and was later converted to LWB 
 Kathy Eagan races a CatTrike trike.
Dora Cortez races a Lightning Phantom with a very patriotic wheel cover. Dora finished 3rd overall in the larger than usual women's class.
Carey Chen races a custom Bacchetta highracer, followed by Jane Hunn on a Sunset lowracer. Carey built the "outlander" series of recumbents.
Jeff Hunn races his M5 Shockproof. Jeff finished a respectable 5th in stock class.
Jeff and Jane Hunn race their long awaited Nirvana tandem lowracer. Jeff says it handles quite well. 
John Simon take's his LWB Moby streamliner into a corner during the 1 hour TT. 
Kevin Berls takes his freshly painted Varna clone streamliner into a corner during the 1hour race. Kevin left the door he sticks his arm out of for landing open for ventilation. Kevin said his head is still jammed up too tight against the canopy of this newly created tub bike. He's going to modify the seat to allow him to sit directly on the floor of the tub to give him more headroom.
Mark Schwartz races Reg Rodaro's LWB lowracer in stock class.
 Paul Pancella takes time off between running the practical vehicle competition, and helping with timing to race on his Volae highracer.
This beautiful homebuilt Quad was raced in the multirider class. It wasn't too fast but they did finish the 1 hour race, despite the grueling hill climb in the middle of each lap.
Reg Rodaro races his fiberglass and cloth faired LWB bike in the short race.
Rich Meyers prepares to take a corner on his highly modified CatTrike. 
Paul Bruneau follows David Balfour during the short race. Paul took first place in Superstock class for the weekend, followed so closely by Dave that they used a tie-breaker to decide the placings.
 Kathy Eagen takes a corner during the short race, with Dora Cortez breathing down her neck.
 Tony Levland comes out of the corner on his LWB homebuilt. Tony took 3rd place in the large superstock class.
Here's Paul Bruneau's Velokraft VK2 with velokraft tailbox, sans rider. It's rolling sculpture...
Wally Kiehler races his Bacchetta with a small front fairing, and AngleTech Aerotrunk.
Wally is one of the main organizers of the Michigan HPV Rally.
Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda streamliner leans way over in the corner during the long race. In this short there may have been a centimeter of clearance between the body and the road.
Warren cruises though the "Esses" during the sprint (I can tell because the vent is taped up).
Chris Myers takes a corner on his beautiful M5 lowracer, with Renn disk wheel.
Robert Palmer races his LWB Vision R-40, modified with a 26" front wheel.

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