Indy Fest 2005 HPRA HPV and recumbent bike Race Results

Indy Fest 2005 HPRA HPV Race Results

Race Results by Don Barry. Saturday races were canceled because of high wind, rain, snow, and the fact that the walls on the velodrome were down for replacement. Sunday's Race was held at Mooresville Park.

Sunday's Race In The Park was cold and dry. Bill Lozowski won the outlaw drags on his new M5 low racer. It was a non-points event. It was decided by all present to run a 25 lap race on the 1/2 mile course.

25 Lap Race Results

# Name Bike Class Place in Class
1 Doc Pearson Coro bodied Infinity FWB SWB Streamliner 1
184  Frank Lindley Coro bodied Infinity FWB SWB Superstreet 1
353 Bill Lozowski M5 Lowracer Stock 1
302 Jeff Hunn M5 Shockproof Stock 2
486 Paul Pancella Volae Highracer Stock 3
344 Ray Brick Ray Brick lowracer Stock 4
316 Andrew Prather Infinity FWD SWB Stock 5
611 Sharie Brick Ray Brick micro-lowracer Women 1
610 Jane Hunn Sunset Lowracer Women 2

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