Northbrook / Kenosha 2005 HPRA HPV Racing pictures
Northbrook / Kenosha 2005 HPRA HPV 
Racing Pictures
Races held July 9th & 10th, 2005 at the Northbrook, IL and Kenosha, Wi Velodromes.

Movie of Northbrook Stock race by Garrie Hill
Pictures by Nick Coppola
Northbrook  pictures by Dave Balfour, Kathy Eagen, and Dennis Grelk
Pictures by Bill Cook and Karen Beauchamp on the Barcroft site
Race Report

All pictures below by Chris Burkhart except when noted otherwise.

Californian Randy Gillete shows Gary Hill his latest carbon fiber racing bike. Randy flew out to Chicago for the races and then flew back all in the same day.
Bill Cook of Barcroft Cycles empties his bladder all over the infield. Bill and Chris Burkhart raced their back to back tandem recumbent lowracer.
Race official and flagman extraordinaire Len Brunkalla aka "Mr. Wonderful", adjusts the red flag. Len's wife Sa' Mah had just finished sewing a new set of flags for the HPRA racing series.
Ed Gin displays his "Elite HPV Fat Old Guy Racing" ball cap. Ed performed announcer duties at the for the Northbrook event.
Wendy Toy warms up for the 200 meter sprints. Wendy raced her Ray Brick "Velogenesis" low racer. 
Warren Beauchamp gets ready to race his Barracuda streamliner in the 200 meter sprints.

Picture by Dan Glatch
The Ollinger tent sported two streamliners this year, Thom's quite capable Coroliner, and the M5 #8 on loan from Garrie Hill. 14 year old Charlie raced the M5, and was extremely fast.  
Randy Gillete's dual 700C carbon fiber racer comes all apart and most of it fits into those small baxes so he can easily take in on the plane. Notice how narrow the handlebars are. He actually has to wrap his hands together to steer the bike.
Picture by Dan Glatch

Picture by Garrie Hill
Australian RAAM racer Glen Drury's Velokraft NoCom does double duty as a flower vase. Just like a VW bug, only lighter...
Kathy Eagan's True Grit lowracer has a scratch in the paint. She was horrified. 
Picture by Garrie Hill

Picture by Garrie Hill
Clever artwork by Bruce Gordon, highlighted by Garrie Hill. 
Lowracers line up in a ragged formation at the start line of the Northbrook 50 lap race. Front row from front to back is AA, Sean Costin, Glen Drury, Gary Toy, and Randy Gillete.
Picture by Dan Glatch

Picture by Dan Glatch
Women riders gather for the start of the 50 lap race. In front is Kathy Eagen, 2nd row front to back are Wendy Toy, Amy Miller, and Barb Pendergast. 
Wendy and Barb are neck in neck in the 50 lap race.

Picture by Dan Glatch

Picture by Dan Glatch
Meanwhile in the men's division, Alan leads the race, followed by Glen, then Randy and Sean.
Racing in the "slower than lead pack" group of riders are Warren Beauchamp, Dennis Grelk, and Gary Toy(?).
Len waves the "1 lap to go!" flag toward the end of the 50 lap stock race. 
Kathy Eagen gives it all she has during the last lap. 
Riding and Racing buddies Wendy and Barb recover from the 50 lap race. In this race Barb pulled an upset victory over Wendy, who has won for the past few years. 
At Sunday's Kenosha races, Sean recovers after an all out 1 kilometer sprint, to gain the stock class WRRA 1K record. 
An upright racer would probably have to just fall off of his bike after a performance like that, but on the Monkeyhand, it's just as relaxing to lay back on the bike and recover.
Mike Mowett crouches into his body sock for his 1K TT.
Rich Myers gets some umbrella shade while readying himself for the Kenosha reverse race. 
Hey what the? 

Racers who have been practicing their left hand turns for years were thrown for a loop on Sunday's 50 lap clockwise race. It took racers a couple laps to get over the novelty, but after that, the speeds were just as fast as the previous day's racing.

Picture by Dan Glatch

Picture by Dan Glatch
Rick Gritters runs in the 50 lap stock reverse race. 
Frank Lindlay does the "staying alive" dance moves while modeling his prize after winning the coveted "cheese buttocks" in a raffle. 
 Cece Heiberger models the cheese head that she won. 
Rev. Bruce Gordon with money in hand after winning 2nd place in the SuperStreet class.
Gary Toy thanks everyone for the congratulations and the cash after winning 1st place in the Superstock class.
George Reynolds, of Reynolds Weld Labs fame, collects his prize for 2nd place in the 50 lap race, and 1st place in Superstreet in the 1K sprint. George also set a 1K WRRA record for the masters class. 
Rich Meyers placed 2nd in the streamliner class. Kudos to Rich for racing the completely enclosed Gee Bee Moby on both sweltering days.
Cheddar Cheese Challenge race director Dan Glatch announces the race winners. Dan is wearing a "Killer B" jersey. 
A happy AA collects his prize money. Alan placed first in the "stock" class, and made it look easy.   
Another happy camper, Sean Costin, collects his prizes for 1st place in the stock 1K sprints, and 2nd place in the stock 50 lap race.

Race Report
The Northbrook stock 50 lapper was indeed a fun race. I was lucky enough to be in the mix for the whole thing. I had just finished that 100 lap 'liner race, and started off on my NoCom at about 22 MPH for the first couple laps, until I cooled down and my legs warmed up. I'm one of those guys that has one speed. I can cruise at 26 or 27MPH all day on the velodrome, but that does not do me any good when the fast group is going 29 or 30. I can sprint up to about 30 but not for long. By the time I was up to speed, the fast group had already whizzed by a couple times. Glen, Alan, Sean, and Randy stayed in a pretty good paceline until the "bell" lap at lap 20. This lap was for the sponsor to give out a free set of Schwalbe tires to the leader of lap 20, and everybody sprinted. Glen won. Then everybody lost, because after that it was more of a free for all. I jumped on the lead pack a couple times and drafted but couldn't hold it for more than a lap or two. I tried to paceline with Rick, but couldn't pull fast enough to make it worth his while. Toward the end, it was just Alan and Glen in front. They traded off but their speed had dropped off considerably. Alan led for the last 3 or 4 laps, and had about a 20 meter lead on Glen, but in the last lap, Glen sped up and passed Alan in the final turn. It was an exciting race. I was no where near placing...

I was happy to see that Alan won the stock race on Sunday. As JV noted, some racers blast at the same speed for the entire race, allowing people to draft them, then are passed at the end. Alan has come in second place more times than I can remember. Fortunately for him, he is now fast enough that his one speed is faster than most people can hang onto. Ha! I have tried countless times to hang on to his wheel on our training rides, and he is (almost!) always able to motor away from me until he is a tiny speck in the distance.

Barb P. also had the one speed issue, and came in #2 at almost every race in past years behind her racing nemesis (and riding partner) Wendy T. This year she used race tactics to keep Wendy from drafting her the whole race, and had some really great sprints at the beginning and end of the races to win both days.

Fun stuff. Friendly rivals. Lots of sweat. 'bent racing at it's best.



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