Waterford 2005 HPRA HPV Racing pictures
Waterford 2005 HPRA HPV Racing pictures
Pictures by Jeff Hunn and Luke Gilbert unless noted otherwise.
Race Report by Mike Mowett
Pictures by Dave Balfour 
Pictures by Chris Evans here and here
John Stinson and Wally Kielhler explain the days events during the racers meeting Saturday morning. 
The first race was the faired hour race. Racers line up at the start finish line. The faster racers try to get a spot close to the start line to avoid having to pass people and lose ground at the start.
Warren Beauchamp in the Barracuda is followed closely around the sharp corner at the bottom of the hill by Rick Gritters. This corner was taken at about 30MPH by the streamliners. 
Rich Myers races his yellow Challenge Jester with home made tailbox and body sock. 
Chris Cortez races his EarthCycles Sunset with M5 tailbox.
Dave Balfour races his home brewed carbon FWD lowracer. Note the Kevlar sleeves. Dave kept his skin intact for the entire weekend.
Rick Gritters passes Mike Mowett. 
Chris Evans racing on his Velokraft VK2 with Razz Fazz tailbox.

Photo by John Stinson

Wally Kiehler races his new Lightning F-40.
Stock class racers take flight at the start of the non-faired 1 hour race.
Brenda Gritters and Luke Gilbert run the AMB timing system, which provides accurate automated lap and race timing for the HPRA series.
Kathy Eagen races her "True Grit" lowracer, built by Rick Gritters.
Rick Gritters, racing his RotorCrank equipped dual 20" lowracer.
Frank Geryer put down the hammer, drinks the hammer drink, and displays the Hammer clothing, on his Challenge Jester with RotorCranks. 
Robert Palmer races on his SRM equipped Volae SWB. 
Jacek Sochacki races his HP Velotechnik Speed Machine.
Jim Iwaskow races his home brewed Carbon fiber SWB. 
 Sean Costin races the FWD MonkeyHand.
Cary Chen races his Bacchetta ti-Aero
Chris Myers races his M5 lowracer with Renn Wheeldisk.
Dennis Grelk races Garrie Hill's Challenge Jester. Dennis is getting his 'bent legs quickly!
Dora Cortez races her patriotic Lightning SWB. 
Race Official and flagman extraordinaire Len Brunkalla prepares for the next race.
Then it rained. Chris wipes down the M5.
 Doc Pearson and Frank Lindley wait out the rain.
Streamliners huddle under a shelter, awaiting dry pavement. Pictured are the Beauchamp Barracuda, Costin Coslinger, Simon Moby, and Rodaro racing 'liner.
 Chris and Dora Cortez wait for the rain to stop.
Len's son Greg Brunkalla was taking pictures, video footage, and interviews for a magazine article and possible documentary. Here, Greg films Reg Rodaro in action.


Race Report by Mike Mowett
We had about two hours of a steady rain, then decided to break early for dinner, after a two hour dinner, we came back to the track to set up to try and get the HILL CLIMB / COAST-DOWN and KILO in before dark. About six or ten people got in a KILO ride, before the rain picked up again, and caused some problems with our pressure sensitive switches that Warren built - it was awesome having the new system, if only the weather would have cooperated!!

Story of the day:
Sean Costin, KING OF THE HILL, Sean recovered from a drop chain / gearing problem on the hill during the One Hour in the Coslinger to win the HILL CLIMB with a a New Track Record of 18.6 seconds on his Stock "Monkeyhand" - the first ever sub 20 second run on the track. Rick Gritters had the previous record at 20.06 seconds. These earlier runs were down with hand-timing. Warren's new pressure sensitive switch tapes was used for this event, with one tape at the bottom of the hill, and one at the top.

If Frank (and the Stock racers) had run with the Streamliners and SuperStreet, they might have had even faster times, I bet. From a historical perspective, the two hour races was our fastest ever based on the average of the top ten speeds = 27.0 mph. In 2002, we averaged 26.4 mph. What hurt in the Hour Races, was the temperature was a blazing 89 to 91 degrees most of the day, with high humidity. I don’t think the air density was any less dense during the race. A strong downpour rain started after the races.

John Simon, in his 15-plus year old Terry Hreno built Moby streamliner has been a fixture (or Top Speed person!) at Waterford every year. He’s won the Sprints and Hour numerous times. He told me it was the first time he’s ever been lapped in the hour on the track, as both Rick and Warren passed him. He asked is everyone getting faster or is he getting slower? The answer is: Rick and Warren have gotten faster, as John is running about the same 30 to 31 mph hour times as in years past from a check of the records.

The timing for the Sprints started having problems half-way through when the rain started coming down again! So we took a quick poll of riders waiting to go and decided to hand-time. Thanks to Terry Gerwick for this. In Stock Class, on the Monkey Hand, Sean went an agonizingly close to 40 mph (39.99 mph – electronic timed). OK, Sean we’ll round up for you. Not bad for unfaired. Rick threw down a 41.57 mph (electronic-timed) for the fastest of the day.

There was a three-way tie for fifth fastest overall, at 3.87 seconds or 35.24 mph (2 were electronic, one was hand-timing – my run). In the world of Track and Field, it is commonly accepted in 100 meter sprint events, that automatic timing is 0.14 seconds faster than hand-timing. I exited the traps at close to 37 mph.

In years past, we had a race for “Fast group = those over 35 mph in the Sprints” and “Slow”. This year, with participation being a bit down on Sunday, we only had one Road race, and no streamliners entered. Fast guys Rick Gritters and John Simon had already gone home, and Warren didn’t race.

Sean “King of the Hill / Sprints” had a mechanical problem again, but since he dropped behind, I was able to make it up to second place. I averaged 25.5 mph in 30 minutes for 12.75 miles, but had it been official, it might have been faster (it seems my speedometer is reading low at every event). Frank claims he saw me behind him near the end because I’m up high with a bag over my head – literally!, but I never could see him, he was so far ahead! Dennis on his Jester was moving along well. The top five finishers were all within a lap or two, including Wally Keihler and Charlie Ollinger. Charlie’s looking strong!

There was a turtle crossing the road during the road race. He made his way slowly across towards the infield, and was there lap after lap till Warren thankfully came across the track and rescued it. We also spotted deer and a baby fawn during the weekend.

I know everyone is looking forward to Northbrook!

Len Brunkalla’s 27 year old son, Greg has become a photographer and videographer. He’s really interested in shooting a documentary on HPVs. He had some great studio quality cameras that look like the stuff TV guys use. He took, presumably, some great action shots as we went through the Chicane on the course. I think several of us were leaning over him as he sat like those courtside photographers right on the edge of the chicane. He flew in from Chicago and made it there, after missing a flight, later on Saturday. Greg mentioned that if he could find a production company willing to sponsor the documentary that would be great. He would like to travel to the big events like Battle Mountain, (I mentioned maybe CycleVision to him) to really get great footage. Greg did some on-camera interviews with people during the weekend, and after we had all packed up, he took a video of Sean circling the track in the Coslinger. Dad Len was driving and Greg was shooting out the back open hatchback of their van.

Jeff Hunn brought along a younger guy (Luke Gilbert) who really helped out with the timing and tabulating results from Warren’s system. Brenda Gritters helped man this system during the races, freeing up Warren.

Ann, the lady from the Waterford Hills raceway, spent the whole weekend with us, and I think was interested in buying a Burley trike by the end of the weekend.

Upright Junior Racer, and State of Michigan Junior Champion Cory Dubrish made a return appearance to Waterford. He was there in 2002 as a 14 year old. Now 17 years old, and about 200 lbs of muscle on a 6’2” frame, he looked impressive on his Felt time trial bike. Cory’s dad, George Dubrish, is good friends with Bill Frey, and I’ve also talked to him at our local bike store. George said Cory rode 550 miles in nine days at a cycling camp in Alabama over Spring break. He’s a fast spinner, and practices a high-cadence.
Cory was perhaps a bit overworked and his dad said being bothered by the heat near the end, as 15-year old Charlie Ollinger took the win, with a new Junior Hour Record!

Mike Mowett


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