John Frasier 10 mile TT 2006
John Frasier 10 mile TT 2006
It was a beautiful day for racing, sunny and temps in the 50s. Winds were a factor as always, but nothing like the death march 4 or 5 years ago. 300 or so upright TT guys, and 5 recumbents. The course was actually 9.6 miles this years, they moved one of the turn arounds so farmer Joe wouldn't run over their signs. David and Richard ride with Tyger Johnson, and are tearing up the TT events in Northwestern Illinois.

Finish times:
David Boettner - ti F40 - 25:55.26
Richard Nicodemus - F40 - 25:52.86
Mike Mowett - Upright TT bike - 25:16.59 (soon to be NoCom racer)
Sean Costin - Challenge NME - 22:54.45 (25.16 MPH Ave)
Warren Beauchamp - NoCom - 22:25.70 (25.68 MPH)
Alan A - NoCom - 21.29 (26.81 MPH)

The fastest roadie guy was somewhere in the 20.something range.

(most) pictures by Mike Mowett. Wordage and other pics by Warren. Click on the images for a bigger picture.

AA gets his heart rate up to racing rate on his velokraft NoCom.
Sean's "Factory Racer" Challenge NME FWD very low racer.
Sean takes a test ride to get the boom adjusted right.
Richard Nicodemus lines up to be started on his Lightning F-40. Racers were released at 1 minute intervals.
Richard returns after his TT run, while David Boettner is ready to launch.
David Boettner yells "Go! Go! Go!" as he goes by.
Sean Costin cranks away from the start line.
Warren Beauchamp on his velokraft NoCom zones out and backpedals to keep his legs warmed up while waiting.
AA gets into the starting lineup.
 AA is ready to go
"Upright" Mike Mowett came all the way from Michigan to race (and take pictures).  
Sean holds the NME and NoCom to do a side by side comparison. The bike layouts are pretty similar.
The NME has a lower seat height, and the NoCom has a lower crank height. Sean's other bikes do not have such a large seat to BB distance, so it will take him a while to acclimate to the NME.
Dave packs the F-40s into the trailer. 
How do roadies compete against the fastest recumbent bikes ever built? Here, they practice the "extreme superman" position. Ow.
AA returns from his TT. After a hard race like this, it's hard to get off the bike.

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