Florida Challenge 2006 Pictures
Florida Challenge 2006 Pictures
Held Saturday and Sunday Feb 25th & 26th, 2006 at the Brain Piccolo park in Broward County, FL. Races were run on the road course (Sat) and velodrome (Sun). Thanks to race director Shari Bernhard, results wrangler Walt Smyser, and all the other volunteers and sponsors for making this a successful event. 
Pictures and verbiage by Warren Beauchamp.
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Race Pictures by Willie
Race Pictures by seregram
Garrie Hill powers Dana Barlow's Too Strange streamliner trike. Everybody was impressed with the trike's handling on the crit course. The trike body's sealing had the interesting side effect of vacuuming the track and Garrie was covered in dirt after the end of the 25 lap race.
Alan Bridges races his Catrike Pocket during the 1 mile TT on Saturday. 

On the plus side, the well anchored canopies stayed anchored down on this very windy day, though anything else not nailed down (like unattended trikes) had a tendency to wander off.

John Tetz prepares to run the 1 mile TT in his Zote foam bodied custom tadpole trike velomobile. 

John went off course during the 25 lap race when he was hit by a particularly strong gust of wind from the inside of a corner. The wind gust caused his inside wheel to lift and he chose to go off-roading rather than take the chance of crashing.

Lance Barlow waits in the queue to race Gene Metcalf's Wincheetah carbon fiber trike.
Reg Rodaro races his fabric bodied delta trike velomobile. Reg brought Carey Chen with him and both raced Reg's delta trike creations.
Andy Jacoby and Canadian Jim Iwaskow talk while waiting for their turn to breath hard. Andy's relaxing on his Rans Vrex, while Jim supports his homebuilt and much modified carbon fiber SWB recumbent.
Chicagoan Chris Cortez prepares to run the 1 mile TT on his rare Earthcycles Sunset. Chris and his wife Dora made it to the races as part of their Florida vacation.
Alcibiades Ramos races by on his Catrike Speed.

Saturday evening Alcibiades insisted that a heavier bike is faster when going into the wind because it carried it's momentum better. No amount of logic could convince him otherwise. For some reason or other he did not show up with lead weights taped to his bike on Sunday, as we suggested...

A happy Garrie Hill prepared to be extracted after his 1 mile TT. 
Ellen Sayers cranks past the start/finish line during the 25 lap race on Saturday. Is Garrie resting in the shade in Too Strange? No actually he's preparing to blast by Ellen on the straightaway. 
Steve Bennett and Mike Kring draft each other during the 25 lap race on their Catrike Speed recumbent trikes.
Bacchetta racers John Schlitter (L) and James Ossa (R) converse amongst the sea of bikes after the race. John and Jim took turns winning all the races.
 Sunday at the velodrome started as a pretty nice day. Still windy, but nice temps and dry. 

Racers mill about preparing for the 200 meter flying sprints.

Steve Bennett and Sergio Agramonte converse while waiting for their turn at the 200 meter sprint. Sergio was riding a Zox 20x20.
Martin Connolly prepares to race the Colarusso GroundShuttle FWD RWS tadpole trike streamliner. 

Martin completed his 200 meter run flawlessly, just before wiping out on one of the high banks and leaving really nice rubber marks down the banked surface.

Jay Hoover's Reynolds T-bone with coroplast tailbox.
Garrie watches a racer on course, while James and John queue up to put down their hot laps.

Shortly after the 200 meter races were completed, the 1K races were started, but only a couple racers completed their runs before the rain came down, forcing everyone to hightail it out of the velodrome.   

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