Indy 2006 HPRA HPV racing results recumbent bike
2006 Indy HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Recumbent bike racing at it's finest!
Thanks to Dave Balfour, Yvonne Dilling (via Jeff Hunn), and Rick Wianecki for the pictures. Scintillating commentary by Jeff Hunn and the rain adverse Warren Beauchamp. Indy 2006 results and race report
Saturday the races were held at the the Major Taylor Velodrome in Indianapolis. 

In the infield was Dave Balfour's new streamliner. It's a Windwrap bubble/Coroplast body on a Gritters lowracer 

Racers line up for the 200 meter sprints. Left to Right, Bruce Gordon,  Christine House-Shumway, Gene Metcalf, and Bill Lozowski.
Christine House-Shumway nears the front of the line.
 Another angle...
Here's a nice short of the racers sandwiched between the green grass and  the high banking of the velodrome
Kevin Berls hangs out in his carbon fiber shelled Berls/Varna streamliner while waiting for his 200 meter sprint.
Rick Gritters, in his Dacron fabric over steel tubing streamliner, puts on his canopy in preparation for his race. 
Dennis Grelk, in his Zotefoam bodied LWB streamliner  
Christine House-Shumway passes the timing sensor during her 200 meter sprint.
Dennis Grelk reaches critical velocity during his 200 meter sprint
Gene Metcalf cranks it up during his 200 meter sprint.
Jeff Hunn races the ti-Cuda past the start line during the 200 meter sprint.  
Jeff and Jane Hunn crank their Double Vision past the 200 meter finish line sensor.

Jane Hunn was recently nominated Indiana's science teacher of the year for 2006!

Kevin Berls winds it up during his 200 meter sprint.  
Racers line up for beginning of 50-lap race, just as it starts to sprinkle.
Garrie Hill gives the pre-race speech.

Pictured are: Jeff Hunn (yellow), Christine House-Shumway (pink), Chris Cortez (blue), Gene Metcalf (behind Chris), race director Garrie Hill, Mark McPhail (trike), and Jane Hunn (blue)

Garrie drops the green flag to start the 50 lap race!
And they're off! 

Left to right: Bill Lozowski (M5 Lowracer), Dennis Grelke (Gritters Lowracer), Bruce Gordon (Zox Lowracer), Jim Iwaskow (homebuilt CF).

And they are off too! 

Left to right: Chris Cortez (Earth Cycles Sunset), Jeff Hunn (Ti 'Cuda), Gene Metcalf (M5 TiCa), Mark McPhail (? trike).  
Rick Gritters in his white streamliner tears down the front stretch, leaving all other racers in his wake.

Extensive analysis of this one picture reveals that Rick has modified the nose of his streamliner this year to round the leading edge of the body. This will help the air stay attached to the fairing longer (makes it faster!), and should improve the cross-wind stability

Dave Balfour, in his yellow Coroplast streamliner prepares to pass Jeff Hunn, who is working hard to ride without crossing either the red or blue painted lines. The painted lines were very slippery because of the rain. 

A few laps later, an operator error caused Jeff to bump into the rear of Frank Lindley's SuperStreet bike. Jeff went down, left some skin on the track and received a hip bruise in return, but fortunately didn't take anyone else with him. He remounted his chain and resumed racing.

Bruce Gordon tries to find a draft behind Frank Lindley's SuperStreet fairing, while Dennis Grelke passes both on the outside. 
Gene Metcalf races his M5 tiCa titanium and carbon fiber lowracer. 
Jim Iwaskow leads on the front straight, with Bruce Gordon coming around the outside and Jeff Hunn playing it safe on the flat infield after his crash.  
Mark McPhail races his trike close to the baseline during the increasingly wet 50 lap race.
Jane Hunn leads the race group along the back stretch of the velodrome. Dave Balfour and Kevin Berls stay high in their streamliners as they pass the other racers. 
Dave Balfour (Windwrap bubble/Coroplast body on Gritters lowracer) cruises by. 
Kevin Berls (Varna streamliner) passes Gene Metcalf. 

The race ended when the rain caused a wipeout involving Kevin and Bruce Gordon. 

Sunday's racing was held at the Mooresville, IN Pioneer park. Races were help on the "short" track due to the deteriorating conditions of the "long" track. 

Dave Balfour sends his greetings from within his nice dry steamliner.

Outlaw drags were cancelled while the pavement dried, but the weather grudgingly cooperated and the 10 lap races were started. Racing L to R are Paul Pancella, Dave Balfour, Bill Lozowski, Jim Iwaskow, Chris Cortez, and Paul Bruneau.
Dave Balfour prepares to take a sharp corner at speed.
Paul Pancella cranks through the corner.
Chris Cortez pushed through the corner during the 10 lap race.

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