Hawkeye Downs 2006
Hawkeye Downs 2006 HPRA Racing Pictures
(more pictures to come...)

More Pictures by Dave Balfour
More Pictures by Rick Paulos 
More Picture by Abouna

Saturday's unfaired classes 1 hour race was run after 5:00pm, and the shadows were getting long, but it was a great time to take pictures.

Sara Kay Carrel  lets out a yell as she goes by on her Bacchetta Aero.

The track was so big that unless riders were actively drafting, there was usually only one rider going by at a time.

Sean Costin motors by on the FWD  Challenge NME with custom reinforced fork.

A happy Dora Cortez cruises by on her Lightning. Or is that a grimace? Nah.
Gary Toy on his Cobra, passes Theron Hill on a M5 TiCa. 
Aaron Stiles  crises by on his florescent orange lowracer.
 Jeff Hunn races the Ti-Cuda

What is not visible in these pictures was the wind. Winds gusted at 10 to 20MPH, making drafting difficult.

 David Tass races his Yellowbike Baron lowracer.
Iowan Leo Edwardsson races his Rans highracer.
Dennis Grelk races Rick Gritters tiny lowracer. Dennis averaged over 28.5MPH during the 1 hour event. 
Sara Kay leads Jeff down the back straight. 
70 year old Richard Myers races his Cattrike at 110%.
Dave Balfour tries to keep the sun out of his eyes on his Cattrike 700.  He had lost his carbon fiber rear wheel disks in wind gusts.
Sean tows Gary around the track. 
Dennis blasts past  David and Theron.
 Jeff drafts Sara Kay.
Dave raced in Stock, Trike, and streamliner classes. Clearly he is having too much fun.

During the ride to the races Sean, gary and I discussed the possibility of a special "enduro" class, for those people that want to race in every event.

Leo Edwardsson cruises by. 
Dennis Grelk takes a drink
 Theron squints into the sun.
Aaron, working hard.
Rich Myers, now giving 120%  
 Dora still looks like she's having fun.
 Sara Kay, Theron, and Jeff.

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