Northbrook Tucker 100 HPRA HPV and Recumbent bike Racing Results
Tucker 100 HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Races held July 8th at the Northbrook velodrome, Northbrook, IL.
Thanks to race director Sean Costin, and all the volunteers for making the event another sucess. Thanks to the Spencer's, the Cortez's, Mike Mowett, and Dan Glatch for all the pictures. Words by Warren.

More pictures by Dave Balfour

While the racers filter into the velodrome and get signed up and tech inspected, there is always a lot of interesting stuff to see.

Tyger Johnson is selling this nice Lightning U2 lowracer. You can contact Tygers Bikes and Music at (815) 449-2203.

Steve Spencer and his father Laverne pose in front of their tent. Looks too professional! Steve raced this highly modified BikeE.
Todd brought this PA system, pulling it behind his E-bike. It was used throughout the event to play background music and to announce the races.
Eric Ware poses with his Microbike lowracer. Microbikes are built by Minnesotan Jeff Caswell. 

Eric raced the "Orange" Varna trike streamliner last year at Battle Mountain.

Bruce Gordon arrives with his nicely shaped SuperStreet class Coroplast streamliner. This Sunset Lowracer chassis'ed vehicle is currently for sale.
Here's Todd's E-bike. It's a standard full suspension MTB with a hub motor on the back wheel. The yellow boxes are for the NiMH batteries. It's a 36 volt motor which he is running at 72 (?) volts to allow it to run at higher speeds.
A highly decorated LWB recumbent belonging to one of the race spectators.
Jane Hunn leads off the Ladies, who are lined up for the flying 200K sprint. Racers had 1.5 laps to get up to speed, then were timed for the 200 meter time trial.
Wendy Toy gets ready to do the TT on her Ray Brick built custom lowracer.
Jane powers past the TT finish line.

The first couple of racers were timed electronically using the timing tape system, but then the tapes got too hot and started sticking and the remainder of the racers were timed manually.

Dave Balfour  gets ready to race his Windwrap nosed Coroplast mini-liner in the TT. 
Jeff and Jane Hunn race their Vision tandem during the TT. Their Ollinger racing tandem is currently "in the shop", being fitted with Garrie Hill seats.
Dave Balfour gets a good run in the TT. Dave had to abort his first run as the Coroplast panel in front of his head came loose, blocking his view. 
Steve Spencer shows us his race face as he pushes hard toward the finish during the TT.
Steve Golber on his Mike Burroughs built RatRacer, races in the TT.
Chris Cortez races his M5 tailboxed Sunset lowracer during the TT event. 
Richard Nicodemus (L) and Tyger Johnson (R) get ready to race their Lightning F-40s.  
Faired class races get lined up in preparation for the Tucker 100 lap event. Earl Russell on his Ti-Rush (L) starts in front of Steve Spencer.
Maria gets ready to race on the Spině LWB with fabric tail fairing. This vehicle was built by Tony Levand.
Chris Cortez and Steve Golber appear to have well matched vehicles. They raced in the SuperStock class.
The Reverend Bruce Gordon folds himself into the Coroplast "PopCycle". This bike is for sale.  
Dave Balfour and Tony Levand button themselves into their Coro-Liners.
Len waves the green flag, and the racers are off! Rick Gritters gets a holeshot and takes off fast. Meanwhile, in the back of the starting lineup, Warren gets a bad start and has to be up righted and restarted.
Rick passes Warren while Warren gets up to speed, but within a few laps, Warren catches up to Rick, and then un-laps himself and takes the lead.
Maria cruises around the banked corner.
Jane and Jeff cruise through the banked corner. 
Steve Golber on the banked corner. 
Rich Meyers comes around the corner in the newly refinished and reframed Mini-Moby. 
Rick leads Dan Glatch in the Piranha.  
Tony Levand cruises around the corner in his "Carp" streetliner. 
Earl Russell races without the body sock on this hot day.
Warren Passes Rich.

Racers speeds range from 16MPH to 40MPH in this event. Slower racers hold an inside line, but the faster racers must be very careful to look for traffic and be ready to slam on the brakes. HPRA rules specify that all racers must have 2 independent brakes. 

Steve Spencer cruises by the start/finish line, while Tyger Johnson prepares to pass him.
Richard Nicodemus cruises by on his Lightning F40.

Richard, Tyger and another F40 racer have been tearing up the Northwestern Illinois TT circuits.

Dan Glatch, in his Piranha streamliner, is followed by Mike Mowett on his socked Cervelo wedgie TT bike.   
Tyger Johnson, at speed, blasts around the corner in his much patched F40.
Warren hangs out behind Rick, trying to figure out whether to pass or just hang out comfortably 1 lap ahead.
Warren's animal hindbrain takes over and he passes Rick again. Rick sticks like glue to Warren's tail.
'Liners pass Superstock racers in front of the stands.
Dan passes Tony. Tony is working on a new racer, yet to be unveiled.
Rick and Warren Collide in the East corner, and crash spectacularly. Neither are hurt. The 'liners are scraped up a bit. Warren and Rick both hop back in, but Warren's back tire and wheel were trashed after striking on of the poles visible between the wall and track in this photo. Rick goes on to win the race.
Here's a shot of the paint left on the velodrome after Rick and Warren collided and crashed during the 100 lap faired class race. Warren's yellow streak, goes up to the wall (which has a nice gap under it, allowing his tire to be trashed by a support pole), and then down again, for a total of a 50 meter slide. 
Stock class racers on ultra-lowracers line up for the 50 lap unfaired race. 
Sean Costin prepares to race on the Challenge NME. 
Dora Cortez and Jane Hunn line up to race.
Barb Pendergast takes a little nap while waiting for the stragglers (like that dang timing guy) to get on their bikes and ready to race. 
Len Brunkalla drops the green flag, and the racers are off!
Dennis Grelk sprints away from the line, and the rest of the stock racers attempt to catch him.
Warren latches on and Sean catches a little draft behind Gary as they struggle to catch up to Dennis.
Wendy drafts Barb, and they both pass Dora and Jane.
 Gary, Warren, and Sean blast by in a disorganized paceline during the 50 lap race.

That's two NoComs, a Cobra, and an NME...

Becky Aulenbach cruises by on a 20x20 Reynolds Wishbone lowracer. 
High and Low red bikes. Wendy Toy is down low and Jim Woodburn is up high on his Bacchetta.
Eric Ware cruises by the start/finish line on his microbike.
The lowracer boys pass the lowracer girls.
Jeff Hunn on the Reynolds ti-Cuda drafts Eric Ware on his Microbike.
Dora and Jane zip past the start/finish line.
Dennis Grelk was hard to catch on his Gritters lowracer.
The paceline worked hard to catch him. 
Dennis finally dropped back and drafted.
Warren races his NoCom in a skinsuit made by Aussie Tim Marquardt. Very colorful...
Becky Aulenbach rides the inside line, while Harvey Hanig on an Earthcycles Sunset takes the outside.  
 A longshot of Barb, Jeff, Wendy, and Eric
Racers racing.
Zoom Zoom Zoom.
Hearts are pumping.
Looks of concentration.
From the looks on their (and my!) faces, this race is about done. This is what we do for fun? 
Dennis books in on by again. Dennis is mostly an MTB racer, but that doesn't seem to hurt his recumbent racing one bit.

Well, except when he runs into a tree and his ribs are still hurting...

Sean Costin recovers from the grueling 50 lap race, while his son Jonathan and wife Lisa look on. 

Alternate title - Woman and child pummel biker, while he begs for mercy...

Jane Hunn, Jeff Hunn, and Eric Ware rest on their bikes after the 50 lap race.
Warren drags himself back to the timing system after the 50 lap stock race to print out the results.
Gary Toy extricates himself from his bike after the tough 50 lap race.
Sean presents the $$CASH$$ prize for 1st place in streamliner to  Rick Gritters.
Todd shows how to go 40 MPH on the velodrome - the easy way. Todd's mountain bike is equipped with a over-volted electric hub motor, custom voltage controllers, and a couple of high power battery packs. 
Jeff Hunn tries out Jane's new trike. Jeff got a good deal on the trike from the event sponsors, Amlings Cycle.
Richard Myers Moby streamliner, under wraps at the hotel parking lot. 

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