North Manchester HPRA HPV and recumbent bike racing Pictures
North Manchester HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Races held Aug 19th and 20 at the North Manchester, IN high school. Pictures by Warren Beauchamp, Reena Markstahler, Jeff Hunn, and Dennis Grelk. Words by Warren.

  More pictures by Dave Balfour
Chris Cortez goes fast around the corner on his Sunset lowracer with M5 tail fairing during the 45 minute race at the North Manchester high school .35 mile mile course.
Dave Balfour hits the corner in his Coroplast bodied Grutters lowracer. Or part of his bike was hitting the corner anyway. On every corner a piece of Coroplast bodywork would scrape on the ground. I think that's how Dave know he was going fast enough!
Dennis Grelk, in his newly acquired Barracuda streamliner, cruises around the course during the 45 minute faired classes race. 
Rich Meyer in the Gee Bee Mini-Moby ticks off the laps like clockwork. 
Jeff and Jane Hunn race their Double Vision tandem. 
Joe Brooks and Tess Machlan race their Brick Tandem.
Paul Bruneau races his velokraft VK2 with tailbox. In the background, Doc Pearson wheels his Coroliner back to the truck after losing the chain and mucking up the gears.  
Dennis blasts by the start finish line, recording another lap on the AMB timing system.
Frank Lindley takes corner 4 at speed on his Infinity SWB FWD racer. 
Jane and Jeff provided a good draft for Doc, who hopped on the "bathroom bike" folding recumbent to finish the race.
Rich takes corner 4 in the Moby. Rich has done a lot of work to the Moby in the past few years including tons of body work, a landing gear, front wheel doors, and work on the frame.  
Jeff and Jane hit corner 4 at speed. 
Dave shows off his underside on his way around corner 4. No space between that body and the road... 
 Dennis leans into the corner, there's just a bit of space showing there...
Doc spent the rest of the race drafting Jeff and Jane. He later said that that was the most fun he had racing in a while!  
Joe and Tess come down the front straightaway, with Frank passing on the outside. 
Joe and Tess set up for the corner.  
 Paul Bruneau cruises through corner 4.
Next it was the non-faired 45 minute race. Here Jeff Hunn on the ti-Cuda leads Paul Pancella on his Volea.
A group of races comes down the fast straightaway leading up to turn 4. L to R, Dave Balfour on his CatTrike, Jane Hunn on her Sunset, Becky Aulenbach on a CatTrike, Dora Cortez on her Lightning Stealth, Dennis Grelk on the Gritters lowracer, and Warren Beauchamp on his NoCom. 
Warren paces Dennis through Corner 1  
HPRA co-dictator Don Barry hangs out and flips numbers on the lap counter board. 
 Dave prepares to pass Jane through corner 4.
 Dora follows Jane through corner 1
Luke Gilbert hard at work performing the timing duties for the event. 
The last race of the day was a 45 minute race for all racers. Here, Paul cruises through corner 1.
Sunday was sunny and mild. Another great day for racing.

Dora and Chris Cortez on the back straight during Sunday's 25 mile race.

 Chris, Joe & Tess, and Dave power through turn 3.
 Dave comes down the straightaway.
Dora leads Becky down the straightaway.
 Races speed around the back of the school during Sunday's 25 mile (71 lap) race.
Joe and Tess cruising...  
Luke Gilberts takes a break from timing to race a trike on Sunday. 
Reena Markstahler finally has her arm twisted enough, and takes a break from cheering on the races, to get cheered on herself. 
Dave and Rich mix it up during the 75 lap race. Dave tried to retake a lap on Turn 2 of the the track, and ended up sliding out and threading his way sideways between a tree and a light pole. Dave shook himself off and got back into the race, thanking his Coroplast body panels for keeping his skin intact.
A pair of trikes come down the straightaway. 
 Dennis took some pictures while racing. Here, he passes Doc and Joe & Tess.
Dennis Snapped this picture while passing Reena.
After the races, the racers gather around to talk about bikes. What else? Dennis rides Warren's NoCom. 
Warren gathers up the timing equipment, while Luke prints out the results.

After the races, everyone descended upon the local Pizza Hut for an all you can eat salad and pizza eating frenzy, then hit the road. 

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