Xenia Ohio HPRA Recumbent racing pictures
Xenia Ohio HPRA Recumbent racing pictures
Races held Oct 7th and 8th 2006 at the Xenia Ohio Kilkare speedway.
Pictures by Chris and Dora Cortez, unless stated otherwise. Comments by Warren.
This event was a trikefest, and had a relatively huge recumbent trike turnout.

Marj Branch looks forward to her first recumbent race. Picture by Rich Meyers.

Jeff Hunn warms up an a tiny Greenspeed trike. 
Racers meeting! Everyone gathers to find out what the today's races are.
Racing timer Luke Gilberts enters the racers into the AMB timing system. 
Rick Gritters and Dennis Grelk lead the line of racers waiting to do the 1 lap Individual TT race. 
 Jane Hunn starts the racers
Dennis Grelk pushes hard during the 1 lap sprint, on a Gritters lowraers.
 Rev. Bruce Gordon cranks through the 1 lap TT on his Zox lowracer
Bill Hannon races his velokraft VK2 during the 1 lap TT
 Erik Greiffenhagen races a Challenge Jester? lowracer during the 1 lap TT.
Dave Balfour races his CatTrike 700 during the 1 lap TT. Dave replaced his usual covered rear wheel with a lighter spoked wheel for better acceleration out of the corners.
Jeff Hunn sets up the Cuda-W lowracer in preparation for racing.
Dennis Grelk heads out onto the track on the landing gear of the Barracuda streamliner. 

Judging by the heavy clothing people were wearing I'd say it was a good day to be in a streamliner.

Junior racer Chandler Metcalf on a newly-purchased Ray Brick Velogenesis kid-sized recumbent does her 1 lap TT.
Dora Cortez concentrates as she runs her 1 lap TT on her Lighting Phantom.
 Frank Lindley and Chris Cortez wait in line for their TT run.
Frank Lindley of team Banshee takes off on his 1 lap TT run. He's racing an infinity Bulldog FWD quazi-low racer. 
Faired class racers line up for the TT. 
Joe and Tess on their Brick tandem. 
Doc Person makes his TT run. 
Dave Balfour prepares for his run. Chris Cortez holds the Coroliner's top. 
 Gene Metcalf and his Daughter Chandler.
Thom Ollinger taxies out on the landing gear to make a run  in the Coslinger II. Thom has modified the bike as a head-out vehicle for road riding.
 Thom sprints hard around the .28 mile track.
Dennis Grelk cranks through the 1 lap TT in the barracuda streamliner. 
 Dave Balfour runs his 1 lap TT.
Steve and Bryan  Katterhenry prepare for the 10 lap trike race, on their home built trikes. The one in the forgeround appears to be made of wood.
Greg Gross on one of Garrie's Greenspeed trikes, sports a helmet camera (or a rifle scope??) 
 Bryan Katterhenry
Organizing recumbent racers is like herding cats.

Hey, time to race!  Rich Meyer, Greg Gross, and Jane Hunn line up for the race.

Bruce takes lap counter duties. 
A large field of trike racers is lined up and ready to go. 
The trike course was "technical". This means that riders did a lot of cornering. Here, Dave takes the corner, while Jeff sets up for the corner behind him.
Rich looks through the corner, followed by Greg
Jane Hunn sets up for the corner. 
 Steve Katterhenry on his wooden trike.
Dave leans into the corner. 
Jeff takes the same corner. Man that's a tiny trike.
Jane blasts through the corner.
Dave cools down after the race.
Next was the 10 lap unfaired class race.   
Racers launch for this sprint race around the twisty trike course.
Dennis Grelk leans into the corner on a Gritters lowracer.
Jane Hunn takes the corner on the inside, Rick Gritters prepares to pass her on the outside.
Bruce Gordon is passed by Bill Hannon.
Jane Hunn looks though the corner on her Earthcycles Sunset.
Rick Gritters takes the corner on his FWD lowracer.
Marj Branch races in womens class on her trike.
Bruce takes the corner on his FWD Zox. 
 Dora Cortez takes the corner on her SWB Lightning recumbent
After the race, Ray Brick holds his Velogenis lowracer while talking to Gene Metcalf
Bill Hannon takes a cool down lap  on his Vk2.
After lunch, racers line up for the grueling the 1 hour race.
Chris Cortez gets a hole shot on Rick Gritters. 
 Rick pulls by Chris on the inside.
Rich Meyers gets up to speed on the first corner, passing Bruce Gordon.
Thom Ollinger clicks through the gears in the Coslinger II, followed by Frank Lindley, Dave Balfour, and Doc Pearson. 
Rick overtakes Chris
Doc cruises by in his multi-material racer.
Chris Cortez motors by on his Sunset lowracer.
Rick dives into the corner
Rich Meyers in his newly repainted Gee-Bee Moby. Rich has been working for a couple years to refurbish and update this well used streamliner, which was originally constructed in the middle 1980s.
Dave in his Coroliner.
Dennis corners in his Barracuda 
Thom in the much modified Coslinger. 
Thom drafts behind Rich 
Drag races. Rick vs Dennis. 
 Rick wins.
?, in the Rose-Hulman University streamliner races Dave, who seems to have added a rear wheel disk over night.
Marg and other racers mill about during the drag races.
 More milling...
Rick Gritters shows off his new pair of shorts.
Rick and Rich are ready to go. Rick wins again.
Now it's Rick vs Dave.
Father VS Son. 
Dora vs Jane
Dora looks happy with her performance. 
Upright dude from Rose-Hulman University  vs Bill Hannon 
Jeff vs Ray 
Rick vs Jeff 
The Rose-Hulman University crew works to fix the bike before the next race.
Dennis vs Rick 
Rose-Hulman University crew 
Chris vs Frank 
Frank takes off at high speed. 
Doc vs Bruce
Bill vs Rick
Rick gives it the gas 
Rich Meyers says: This is a picture of Rick and I lined up for the final drag race which he won easily after I missed a shift. The picture shows the launch ramp that my landing gear sits on, which works great. I simply peddle hard and before I reach the end of the 2 ' ramp I am on two wheels with no wobble or adjusting the steering. My liner leans over quite a bit on it's landing gear and was very difficult starting on a banked track, but no more. 

Picture by Marj.

Racers prepare for the unfaired 45 min race and head in the general direction of the start line. 
The Rose-Hulman University was allowed to compete with the unfaired racers. 
Hmm. That's not Jane on Jane's bike with Jane's number, it's Louise (sp?).
Racers are ready to go.
And they are off. Rick takes an early lead. 
Dave's right side wheel disk has a fancy paint job.
The Rose-Hulman University bike  is underway.
Trice racers group together.
David Eliott races a VK2
Go speed racer, go!
Dora drafts Ray Brick. 
Trike racers form a paceline.
Joe Brooks & Tess Machlan crank on by.
Rick paces Bill 
Bill Hannon breathes hard and goes fast.
Some bike go round and round 
 Dennis passes an interesting vehicle.
Greg Gross, followed by Jeff Hunn, Davis Elliot, and Dave Balfour. 
Dennis motors by Rick and Bill. 
Louisa on Jane's bike hangs out behind Dora 
Bruce paces Ray. 
Dora paces Rich
Go Bruce! 
 Go Jeff!
Go Becky! 
Go Tech! 
Greg Gross leads Dave Elliot
Go Dora! 
Go Steve!
Go Dave!
Race is over for Bruce. 
Joe and Tess cruise pass the finish line. 
Rich kicks to the end. 
Bryan passes the end. 
Trike races relax in their most comfortable chairs. 
Lowracer dudes discuss the action.
Jane congratulates Louisa.

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