Waterford2006 HPRA  HPV and Recumbent Bicycle Racing
Waterford 2006 HPRA HPV Racing pictures
Races were run at the Waterford Sportsmen's Road Racing track, Waterford, MI, June 10 &11 2006.
Thanks to Mike Mowett, Jeff Hunn, and Chris Cortez for the pictures. Thanks to the members of the MHPVA for organizing and running a great event.
More pictures by Dave Balfour
Racing Results
As soon as a critical mass of riders showed up Saturday morning, the riders meeting was held. Sean Costin asked for a special vote to decide whether he could race his latex rubber sheeting faired Challenge NME in the "stock" class.
After some discussion and ribbing about the extra safely Sean would enjoy with his "condom bike", it was decided that it would be allowed at the Michigan races. 

(L to R - Garrie Hill, Bill Frey, Saan Costin. Warren Beauchamp, Luke Gilberts)

The HPRA women racers gather together to compare notes.  

(L to R - Jane Hunn, Becky Aulenbach, Dora Cortez, Maria Castrejon) 

Airwolf Don came by to show his extremely nicely finished NoCom to the racers. 

Hey Don, where did that front wheel disk come from?

The Waterford Raceway is a family friendly environment, and features a playground with modern equipment.
Showing maximized High and Low aero platform examples, Sean Costin and Mike Mowett talk before the sprints begin.
Garrie Hill and Rick Wianecki hang out in the shade while timing the 200 foot sprints. Garrie timed the event with his radio remote timing system.
Racers line up at the top of the hill in preparation for their sprint down the hill, around the corner, and down the straightaway toward the 200 ft traps.
Dennis Grelk concentrates before launching himself down the hill on a Gritters lowracer. 
Jim Iwaskow, on his R-84 clone, puts the pedal down at the start of his 200 foot sprint. Jon Stinson gets the next racer in liner queued up.
Rick blasts by the 200 ft traps to post a winning average speed of 45.914 MPH. 
Bob Krzewinski (L) and Wally Kiehler (R) line up in their matching Lightning F-40s.
Practical transportation event meister Paul Pancella hangs out on his Volea highracer, waiting for his turn to go fast.
Challenge factory racer Sean Costin prepares to show why people give him bikes to race by winning the 200ft sprint with a class winning 41.073 MPH speed.
Rich Sadler and his foam bodied streetliner. This bike has a space frame MWB bike of Rich's own design hidden away in there somewhere.
Next was the hillclimb/coastdown. The idea here is to sprint up the hill like your tail is on fire, and then stop pedaling and coast until you can't stay upright any longer. In my streamliner sometime I would wait too long trying to get every last inch and just fall over. You then mark your stopping place with a piece of chalk. You are rated on your hillclimb time, and how many yards you can roll.
Rick Gritters waits in line and uses his canopy for some shade. In the front of the line, Bruce Gordon starts his run in his P9PCycle coro-liner. The winding road up the hill can be seen in the background.  
Julie Pitco & Dan Thorne on their tandem (Trice?) queue up in line.
2006 Indiana science teacher of the year Jane Hunn gets a launch from her hubby Jeff. 
Nick Myers, the lone Junior competitor, as well as the only rider with a "normal" bike, gets a holeshot on his way up the hill.
Dave "veloliner.com" Balfour starts his sprint up the hill in his Gritters chassis Windwrap and Coroplast 'liner.
Robert Teregan launches up the hill on his ATP Vision front suspended SWB 'bent.
Dora Cortez passes the "start" timing tape on her way up the hill. She's riding a very patriotic Lightning Stealth.
Warren Beauchamp gives it full power up the hill on his Velokraft NoCom.
Chris Cortez, on his M5 tailboxed Sunset lowracer, cranks it up the hill to set himself up for his class winning coastdown.
Rev. Bruce Gordon, on another Sunset hidden away in that Coroplast body, launches up the hill.
Tony Leland on his LWB Coro-bodied commuter bike, which he has dubbed the "Carp", in reference to other faired bikes with fish names, starts his run.
John Simon launches Rick Gritters while Jon Stinson mans the walkie-talkie. Rick won the hillclimb in streamliner class, and John Simon won the coastdown (as usual!).
Becky Aulenbach peeks over the top of the foam bodied Catrike Pocket, built by Dave Balfour.
Paul Bruneau came in second in the Urban Transportation Challenge this year - on a unicycle. The competition heavily weighted things like "compact size".

Here Paul rides through the maneuverability course.

One of tasks was to stop on a line after being timed around the parking lot course. Looks like Paul nailed it...  

Wally Kiehler won the UTC in his fully faired Lightning F40.

 The 12 lap Lemans start race was timed with the HPRA AMB system. Here, Luke Gilberts enters the racers into the system and assigns the Transponders.
Racers are told to line their bike up against one side of the track...
...and then line up on the other side.
Jon says ready... set... 
Racers run across the track trying not to slip on their bike shoes. 
Stock bike riders get under way quickly, streamliner pilots have a bit more work to do.
Racers away! John Simon gets under way in his Moby streamliner very quickly, and starts getting up to speed before he even closes the canopy.
Nick and Jane pass the Waterford Hills road racing marquis.
Paul Bruneau on his Velokraft VK-1 leads Jeff Hunn on the Reynolds Ti-Cuda. 
This is how the race looked for practically the entire event. Sean, Warren, Dennis, and Rick, all took turns drafting and pulling on their Ultra-low-racers. 
With about 2 laps to go, Dennis took off, and was pursued by Sean and Warren. 
Dennis burnt out with about 1/2 lap to go, and Warren and Sean sprinted for the finish. 

The transponders said Warren won, but Sean put his transponder on the back wheel. Eye-witnesses identified Sean as the winner by a foot or so...

The last event of the day was the 1K sprint. Racers lined up on the back straightaway and were timed by the HPRA tape switch system.
Here are pictures of just about everybody who  raced. Clicking on the individual images will display a nice big picture of that rider/bike.
Sunday was another beautiful day. The one event was the fast 50, a 50 mile road race around the  entire 1.4 mile track.

In this picture, Dave Balfour walks his streetliner back to the starting grid after doing a transponder check, getting a chuckle from the other racers.

The riders are off! The riders quickly form into groupings of with other riders of similar speeds and start drafting.
Tony gets a draft from Dave.

Tony is currently working on a new 700C racer to replace this commuter bike.

 Jeff Hunn blasts by on the 24 lb titanium framed ti-Cuda.
Bruce Gordon, on his Zox20-20 paces Paul Pancella, on his Volea highracer through the "S" turns.
Racers set up for a sharp right hand turn.
Fast man in the stock class, Dennis Grelk, leans through a corner on the way to his winning 25.8 MPH average speed for the 50 mile race.
Bill Frey cranks up the hill on his Easy Racers Gold Rush. That hill got very painful after 25 laps or so...
MHPVA webmaster and unicycler Paul Bruneau comes out of the corner on his VK1. 
Rick Gritters dodges through the corner in his Dacron fabric covered steel tubing space framed streamliner.
Aero roadie Mike Mowett leads Juff Hunn up the hill.

Rumor has it that Mike will be riding a NoCom soon, as part of the GeeBee racing team.

Sean Costin hits the corner on a Challenge NME with custom wheelcovers and latex rubber bike fairing. 
Rick Gritters cranks by at the top of the hill. Rick and John Simon lapped the stock racers 5 times in the 50 mile race.  
John Simon crests the hill in his 70 lb Moby streamliner, followed by Wally Kiehler in his F40.
The hills begins to take it's toll on the riders. Warren pulls up the hill, followed closely by Dennis.
Jeff and Mike crest the hill, looking forward to the downhill slope awaiting them.
Warren and Dennis were trading drafts for most of the race, but eventually Warren could not hang with Dennis any longer, and Dennis pulled ahead. 
Rev. Bruce looks like he's having a good time, even after climbing that dang hill. Does he ride around with his hand up like that all the time you may ask?
Sean drafts Dave  
Sean eventually catches Warren, and they take turns drafting while trying to catch Dennis. Despite their best efforts, Dennis continues to pull ahead.
Paul drafts Bruce? Though it seems unlikely, a highracer does get a bit of draft benefit from a lowracer.
Maria Castrejon cruises through the corner into the "swamp" curve. Maria was the only woman racing in the fast 50.
Tony and Mike cruise through the corner, with Paul on the outside.
Warren and Sean sprinted for the 2nd place finish, neither wanting to give an inch.
Sean beat Warren by a foot or so...
Bruce Gordon passes the finish line at the end of the fast 50.

See, Bruce doesn't ride with that hand up all the time. In this picture he has the other hand up!

Fast 50 winners were awarded cash prizes and printed awards by age group and by racing class.

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