Indy 2007
Indy 2007 HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Races held 5/5/2007 at the Major Taylor velodrome Saturday, and the Moorseville park Sunday.
Pictures by Jeff & Jane Hunn & Co. Text by Jeff Hunn.
More Indy 2007 racing pictures by Chris & Dora Cortez
The crowds cheer as the 50 lap Indy challenge race begins.

Left to right: Dave Balfour in trike streamliner, Sean Costin on NoCom, Tyger Johnson in faired Lightning F-40, Chris Cortez (behind Tyger), Jeff Hunn on Ti 'Cuda, Bill Lozowski, Becky Balfour (behind Dave), Theron Hill on M5 TiCa, Jim Iwaskow, Dora Cortez, Garrie Hill, and Jane Hunn. 

Saturday velodrome corner 
Sean Costin/NoCom, Garrie Hill/Barcroft Oregon, Jim Iwaskow/homebuilt w/tailbox, Rick Gritters 
Chris Cortez urging Dave Balfour to put his shirt back on. 
Rick Gritters, Frank Lindley, Doc Pearson, ? (teacher/advisor to the 2 students who rode the homebuilt Counterpoint clone), Sean Costin, Tyger Johnson, Richard Nicodemus 
Preparing for transponder check Sunday morning. From left: Bill Lozowski, Dave Balfour (in streamliner), Doc Pearson, Richard Nicodemus, Tyger Johnson, Dennis Grelk, Chris Cortez, Rick Gritters, Jeff Hunn. 
Don Barry gives the green flag for the start. Rick Gritters in red leads Dave Balfour in trike streamliner. Chris Cortez takes the inside corner. Jeff Hunn and Tyger Johnson are covered by the flag. Jim Iwaskow, Richard Nicodemus (red F-40), and Dennis Grelk (yellow Barracuda) bring up the rear (Bill Lozowski was a holder).
Jeff Hunn heads across the start/finish line, followed by Chris Cortez and Richard Nicodemus. Jeff rode in the SuperStreet category in anticipation of riding a not-yet-finished streetliner sometime this season. 

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