Florida2007 Pictures
2007 Florida Challenge HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Pictures by Chris and Dora Cortez
On Friday some of the racers went to the crit track at Brian Piccolo park to loosen up and check out the track. Here, Canadian Jim Iwascow takes a few laps.
Chris tries out a Bacchetta Carbon Aero 
Bacchetta brought some of their new bikes to show. Here's the new LWB model.
Chris's Gritters lowracer compared to the new Bacchetta LWB bike.
Dora tries the carbon Aero, while Garrie Hill rides the Bacchetta LWB.
Dora on the Aero. 
 Garrie on the LWB
Jay Copp rides his Aero with a neck brace. He raced after having neck surgery the previous week. 
Dora and Chris, both on lowracers this year
Garrie Hill stokes the Barcroft tandem, while Bill Cook captains. Check out the couplers in he frame. This tandem comes apart and will fit in a car trunk.
 More test riding
Bill Cook, with his reporter friend on the tandem.
Dora tries the LWB
Bill Cook on the Barcroft Oregon FWD lowracer. This year the drivetrain is greatly simplified.
Here's a shot of the drivetrain. Note the floating return idler, which deflects when the tire hits the chain. This provides a better turning radius without derailing.
Early Saturday morning the racers all show up at the track and get ready to race.

Rich gets ready for a couple laps in the GeeBee Mini-Moby.

Jay Hoover warms up on his coroplast faired Reynolds recumbent.
Terry Hayes warms up on Richard's tailboxed Catrike.
Dora does some warmup laps on the Earthcycles Sunset.
John Schlitter on his Carbon Aero
Mike Kring warms up on his Catrike.
Peggy Kring
Sergio Agramonte warms up on his tailboxed Zox.
Jose Berrizbeita
John Schlitter
Racers line up for the the stock class last man out race. 
Warren tries hard not to be the last man.
John powers up and beats Warren in a sprint to the finish.
 Faired and trike class racers prepare for the LMO
 Chris puts on his race face.
Chris and Jose dual it out. Chris bests Jose, but he doesn't realize he is out and ends up running Chris off the track.
Racers line up for the sprints.
Stock and Women racers line up for the 30 minute lap race 
Racers wait patiently for the timing system to be started. 
Ok, Warren is done setting up the timing system and is ready to race.
Racers ready? Go!

Half of the bikes racing were Bacchetta highracers.

John and Warren take the lead and lap the rest of the competitors, while taking turns drafting each other.
Felipe Carpio on what looks like an Actionbent highracer with USS.

Jorge Mejias?
Dora takes the corner on the Sunset  
Sara Kay Carrell
Steve McDonald paces Ken Evans 
Another Bacchetta rider
Jay Copp 
Reg Rodaro on his MWB homebuilt bike.
Stephan Hofft rides his homebuilt lowracer with super high BB and super huge chainring.
Steve McDonald passes Ken Evans  
Reg Rodaro 
 Sara Kay
 Warren and John
Jay Copp passes other Bacchetta racers
 Chuck Cantieny on his Bacchetta Ergotron 4000
Steve Hoeft on his homebuilt lowracer with ultrahighBB and GigantorRing (tm).
John S. hits the corner at high speed.
Felipe takes the corner.
Sara Kay on her Bacchetta Aero 
Steve Copp banks into the corner. 
Chuck Cantieny  
Reg exits the corner while a group of drafter Bacchettas near the apex. 
Sara Kay in the corner
John gets some draft from Warren  
 More drafting
Bacchettas drafting toward the end of the stock race
The new Barcroft Oregon lowracer
The compact Barcroft Columbia tandem
Faired class racewrs line up for the lap race.
Down low is Chris Cortez, up and to the right is Jim Iwascow
More of the same theme... 
Chris drafts Jay Hoover, while Rich Meyers passes on the outside in his 'liner. 
Garrie Hill crises by in Too Strange, follwed by Mike Kring.
 A nice shot of the straightaway
 Terry Hayes
 Jay Hoover
Robin Hayes
 Jay blasts by in a coroplastic blur.
 Robin and Jim
 Jay again
Jim again 
Jose, Chris & Terry
Garrie & Robin 
Later that evening we all gathered at a Cuban restaurant for dinner and conversation.
 Chris is on the right in the back.
 On the right side of the table, L to R are Sara Kay, John S., Garrie, and Dana Barlow.
 L to R are Jay Hoover, Warren, Shari Bernhard, and Reg Rodaro
 Kim, Shari's hubby, Chet's wife & Chet Fromm.
That's Bill Cook in eye popping green.
Gary present a picture of penny farthing bicycles to Sharie.
Sunday at the velodrome, another beautiful day.

Warren prepares to do a 1K sprint.

Yes, grimacing does make you go faster. Warren learned that from Sean Costin...
Bill Cook on the Oregon 
Bill again, 2nd lap
Bill on lap the last lap.
Trike races were held on the small flat oval inside the velodrome.
Go speed racer. 
The trikes had a tough time on the highly banked corners of the velodrome, and the tight corners made it more fun at trike speeds. 
Mike Kring passes on the outside.
Ah. Florida. I can smell the ocean and sun tan lotion just looking at the picture...

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