Indy2007 HPRA racing pictures
Races held 5/5/2007 at the Major Taylor velodrome Saturday, and the Moorseville park Sunday.
Thanks to Chris and Dora Cortez for the great pictures, and thanks to Jeff Hunn for picture selection and captions!
From left: Richard Nicodemus, Frank Lindley, Becky Balfour, and Chris Cortez listen to Jane Hunn as they wait their turn for the 200-meter (actually 237-meter) sprint. 
Theron Hill (M5 TiCa) and Chris Cortez (Gritters lowracer) discuss the weather (or something). 
Dave Balfour winds up his streamlined Trisled Sorcerer trike on the velodrome banking. Trikes are much harder to ride on banked surfaces than bikes.
Rick Gritters takes his homebuilt streamliner (w/airplane spinner nosecone) high up the banking. 
Chris Cortez stays on the low side of the track as he finishes his speed run. 
At Mooresville's Pioneer Park on Sunday morning, local favorite Doc Pearson picks up speed heading downhill in his SuperStreet FWD Infinity.
Jeff Hunn on the Beauchamp/Reynolds Ti 'Cuda rounds the corner at the bottom of the hill (with several riders in hot pursuit) and tries to hold his speed as he heads up the long hill. 
Canadian Jim Iwaskow has attended quite a few Midwest-area HPRA races over the years, and even made it to the Florida race earlier this season. He's racing a homebuilt carbon-fiber Lightning clone, with work-in-progress tailbox, moving him from Stock to SuperStock class this year.
Leader (founder?!) of the old-but-fast-guys Tyger Johnson heads up the hill in his SuperStreet Lightning F40. Tyger has had impressive results again this year in area time trials, often beating serious upright racers less than half his age! He beat most of the racers this weekend, too!
Jeff Hunn leads Richard Nicodemus around the corner and up the hill. Jeff moved to SuperStreet class for this season, although he doesn't yet have a fairing on his bike, so he and Richard were competing head-to-head in the weekend's races.
Dennis Grelk leans the Barracuda Streamliner over in the bottom corner, followed by Chris Cortez.  
Here's a better view of Chris on his new Rick Gritters lowracer, with (M5?) tailbox robbed from his old Earth Cycles Sunset. 
A leaning 'Cuda chases a non-leaning velomobile. 
Doc smiles because he's just crested the hill another time!
The Barracuda is looking a little worn in places. Notice the (HID?) headlight on top--can you say practical streamliner? 
Sean Costin does a transponder check prior to the unfaired race. Dennis Grelk follows. Left to right on bikes: Dora Cortez, Becky Balfour, Jane Hunn, and Theron Hill. 
Jeff Peiffer & Keenan Cokain do their transponder check (notice blue transponder on right fork dropout), followed by Bill Lozowski.
Becky Balfour on her Gritters custom lowracer. Don't look back--the buzz saw is gaining on you! 
Rick Gritters, breaking the law. Notice the homemade chainring on the Rotor cranks. Also note the custom dual rearview mirror gloves. 
The most common view that other riders saw of Rick. Not much frontal area! Frank Lindley stands watch just before the last short fast downhill drop.
Bill Lozowski on his M5 Lowracer. Since Bill doesn't have a front quick release, he (along with several others) has to find an alternate location for his transponder. Bill's is on his left rear dropout. He could technically beat someone across the finish line but lose, if the other person's transponder (front wheel) crossed before Bill's back wheel did. It has happened before in HPRA racing! 
Sean Costin (No-Com) and Bill Lozowski (M5 Lowracer) crest the hill together.  
HPRA computer expert and timing system guru Luke Gilbert made a rare appearance on the course this weekend, racing Garrie Hill's Barcroft Oregon FWD lowracer. We sure appreciate Luke's willingness to show up at these events and help make things run smoothly! 
Dennis Grelk appears to be sleeping while hammering on his FWD lowracer. He had set a course record 297 miles in 12 hours the day before at Ohio's Calvin's Challenge event, so he can be forgiven for resting a bit! 
Jeff Peiffer & Keenan Cokain race their homebuilt school-project hybrid tandem. It is similar to an Opus Counterpoint (no longer made) or a Hase Pino.
Theron Hill working hard on the M5 TiCa (Titanium Carbon) lowracer. Those aren't really blinders; they're rearview mirrors.
Dora Cortez raced a Lightning Stealth last year, and this year has moved down to a Baron lowracer. 
Jane Hunn races her Earth Cycles Sunset lowracer. Note the single-sided fork and the step-up mid-drive. 
Sean Costin rests comfortably on his No-Com, while Dave Balfour, Rick Gritters, and Dennis Grelk discuss the race 
The homemade chainrings on Dennis Grelk's homebuilt lowracer are almost as big as his front wheel. He doesn't use the big ring yet, but will when he gets the fairing for it finished. 
Garrie Hill brought his new M5 Carbon high racer to show, but it languished in the van with no one to race it.  :( 
Dora Cortez accepts prize money from Doc Pearson for winning the women's division, while Don Barry double-checks the winners' list. Standing and clapping are Jane and Jeff Hunn, Dennis Grelk, and Jim Iwaskow (in orange). 

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