2007 Xenia Ohio HPRA HPV Racing pictures
2007 Xenia Ohio HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Races held Oct 6th & 7th, 2007 at the Xenia, Ohio Kil-Kare Raceway. Thanks to Jeff Hunn for the captions!

Pictures by Chris & Dora Cortez
Pictures by Richard Meyers
Picture by Garrie Hill

Pictures by Dennis Grelk (on Google Picasa)

Pictures by Jim Iwaskow

Marge Branch on a Catrike 
Doug Jacobs on a Velokraft NoCom. 
Steve Katterhenry on beautiful homebuilt trike.  
 Phil Lewis on a WizWheels.
Chris Cortez racing one of Garrie Hill's GreenSpeed racers. 
Frank Lindley on SuperStreet Infinity FWD. 
 Doc Pearson on another SuperStreet Infinity FWD.
 Steve Hoeft on homebuilt (very) highracer.
 Dora Cortez on Baron X-Low.
 Trike racers line up at the start/finish line.
Dennis Grelk rides his mother's new Kettwiesel.  
 Bill Peters on a GreenSpeed.
Phil Lewis (left) and Greg Gross riding a Garrie Hill GreenSpeed SLR.  
 Bryan Katterhenry on another beautiful homebuilt.
 Phil Lewis again.
Chris Cortez again. 
 Bryan Katterhenry
 Trikers practice their cornering prowess
 Chris Cortez
 Dennis Grelk and his homebuilt FWD.
Greg Gross riding Garrie Hill's CF M5 highracer. 
 Rose-Hulman students Ariel Young (left) and Nobutoshi Hiro.
Dora Cortez again. 
 Greg Gross again.
 Ariel Young riding university HPV project original bike.
 Jane Hunn on Earth Cycles Sunset lowracer.
Steve Hoeft again. 
 Luke Gilbert riding Garrie Hill's Barcroft Virginia Ti.
 Bill Hannon on a Velokraft NoCom.
 Dennis Grelk leads Bill Hannon, Gary Toy, and Doug Jacobs.
 Nobutoshi Hiro again.
Xenia 2007 Pictures by Chris & Dora Cortez
Garrie Hill talks to rally participants on Friday morning.
Rick Wianecki installing sport-specific footwear. 
Gene Metcalf checks out Barcroft Virginia Ti. 
Dennis and Mary Grelk and Jane Hunn wait for the ride to start. 
Greg Gross tries out Garrie Hill's CF M5 Highracer. 
Rick Wianecki on homebuilt leaning trike. 
Trikers (& others) pose for picture at the start of the ride. 
Trikers (& others) pose for picture at the start of the ride.  
Rally participants enjoy the beautiful paved Ohio bike paths on a gorgeous day! 
Rally participants enjoy the beautiful paved Ohio bike paths on a gorgeous day! 
Greg and group stop for food & visiting, before heading back to Xenia. 
Richard Myers' vintage Infinity square-tube LWB, built in Indiana. 
Richard Myers gets around on his kickbike making race preparations Saturday. 
Racers wait their turn in line for a flying-start 1-lap individual time trial. 
Gary Toy races his Cobra CF FWD lowracer. 
Faired vehicles preparing to start. From left: Dennis Grelk, rick Gritters, Richard Myers, Rose-Hulman student, Jeff Hunn (#144). 
Rick Gritters in homebuilt streamliner. 
Rick followed by Dennis Grelk, passing Richard Myers. 
Jeff Hunn in Ti-Cuda lowracer w/homebuilt fairing. 
Jim Iwaskow riding homebuilt CF SWB. His CF tailbox is undergoing further development. 
Frank Lindley leads Chris Cortez. 
Doc Pearson leads Richard Myers and Danny Sing in the Rose-Hulman streamliner. 
Chris Cortez (SuperStock) drafts Jeff Hunn (SuperStreet). 
Jeff Hunn about to be passed by Danny Sing in the Rose-Hulman bike. 
Rick Gritters. 
Rick Gritters and Dennis Grelk passing Danny Sing.
Richard Myers (Streamliner) passing Doc Pearson (SuperStreet). 
Chris Cortez about to pass Jim Iwaskow (both racing SuperStock). 
 Richard Myers.
Dennis Grelk. 
Chris Cortez.
Doc Pearson. 
Jeff Hunn passing Frank Lindley (both SuperStreet). 
Richard Myers. 
 Jim Iwaskow.
 Dennis Grelk.
Danny Sing in the Rose-Hulman streamliner.
 Chris Cortez
Steve Hoeft posing w/homebuilt highracer. 
Chris Cortez, Doc Pearson, and Jim Iwaskow. 
 Rick Gritters removed his canopy because of the heat.
 Richard Myers.
 Danny Sing races the Rose-Hulman bike.
 Garrie Hill gives trike racers instructions.
 Trikers await the start.
 Trikers coming out of a corner.
 Trikers await the start again.
 Jeff Hunn on Catrike Expedition.
Greg Gross leads Chris Cortez and Steve Katterhenry into a corner. 
Jeff Hunn. 
Bill Peters.
Marge Branch. 
 Eventual winner Dennis Grelk riding the only delta trike in the race.
 Jeff Hunn.
 Chris Cortez.
 Bill Peters.
 Ed Reynolds.
 Phil Lewis
Greg Gross leads Ed Reynolds. 
Greg takes the curve wide to pass Jeff. 
 Dennis leads, followed by Greg, Jeff, and Bill Peters.
Jeff tries to get a draft from Greg on GreenSpeed SLR (Super Low Racer) 
 Trikers lean hard to avoid lifting inside wheel on corner
 Steve Hoeft riding high, Doug Jacobs riding low, Greg Gross in- between.
 Dora Cortez.
 Gary Toy waits with his Cobra.
 Racers line up for the stock race
 Racers line up for the stock race
Jeff holds the ti - Barcroft while Luke finishes getting the timing system set up.
And they're off! 
 It's a carbon fest out there. Carbon M5 followed by Carbon NoCom.
He's trying to find some clean air up there...
 More carbon following the M5. This time it's a Cobra.
Nobutoshi Hiro rides past some fellow Rose-Hulman students. 
 Racers taking the corner 3-wide.
 Eventual winner Dennis Grelk pushes humongous chainring
Dora Cortez. 
Dennis leads the pack. 
 Doug can't attract spectator interest...
Dennis Grelk's uncle, father, aunt, and mother seek shade during the race. 
 Dora passes Luke, and is about to get passed by Bill and Gary.
Ariel Young leads Dora Cortez. 
 Dennis again
 Bill Hannon leads Gary Toy.
 Doug Jacobs.
Luke Gilbert 
 Gary drafts Bill.
 A Katterhenry brothers creation--a beautiful wooden trike!
 Another Katterhenry trike.
 Steve Katterhenry sits on his trailer by another of his trikes.
Recumbent veterans Richard Myers, Frank Lindley, and Doc Pearson enjoy the shade. 
 Rear frame details of Katterhenry wooden trike.
 Closeup showing the transponder that keeps track of racers'
position, laps, speed, and time.
Gary is still drafting Bill. 
 Luke Gilbert enjoying the ride of the Barcroft Virgini-Ti.
Ariel Young. 
 Bill and Gary again.
 Dennis Again.
Gary by himself. 
 Dora almost done with her 1-hour race.
 Gary finishing the 1-hour race--curse you, Red Baron!
 Nobu finishing 1-hour race.
 Ariel showing the effects of gravity (and possibly some less- than-optimal design engineering).
 Jeff Hunn & Richard Myers take middle corner on new kidney- shaped race course.
 Chris corners well on Gritters lowracer.
 Dennis heads into middle corner.
Rick Gritters follows Richard Myers into middle corner. 
 Doc Pearson.
 Richard Myers.
 Rick Gritters
 Richad Myers passing Doc Pearson.
 Chris Cortez.
 Rick Gritters.
Frank Lindley.
Jeff Hunn.
 Dennis Grelk.
 Frank takes the middle corner
 Jeff leans hard in the corner.
 Rick leans to take the corner wide, while Dennis heads straight to the apex
 Rick leans hard.
 Rick, Dennis, and Jeff.
 Frank Lindley.
 Chris Cortez.
 Jeff Hunn.
  Rick Gritters.
Richard Myers.
 Dennis follows Rick.
 Richard Myers.
 Chris Cortez gets the checkered flag from Garrie Hill.
  Richard Myers gets the checkered flag.
 Frank Lindley gets the checkered flag (I think).
 Stock racers line up for kidney-shaped short course race.
 Racers start the race.
 Luke Gilbert enjoying the ride!
 Thom Ollinger follows Gary Toy to the middle corner.
  Greg Gross corners.
 Doug Jacobs follows Bill Hannon through a corner.
Jane Hunn. 
 Dora Cortez.
Erik Greiffenhagen corners on Challenge Jester. 
  Trikers go all out on short-course 5-lap race.
 Brian Katterhenry & Chris Cortez corner during trike race. 
Pictures by Rich Meyers
Richard Myers. 
 Richard Myers and Dennis Grelk pass Doc Pearson on the inside corner.
 Dennis leans the Barracuda way over--he went too far one time and took himself down, but got back on and finished the race.
 Richard, Dennis, and Frank Lindley take the middle corner, pursued by Rick Gritters.
 Jeff Hunn.
Dennis Grelk leads Richard Myers, Danny Sing, and Rick Gritters around a corner.

Picture by Garrie Hill

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