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Indy Pictures 2008
Pictures and commentary by Mike Mowett, unless noted otherwise.
Videos from Jeff Hunn:
Start of trike race
Middle of trike race

Beginning of trike race bell lap
Outlaw drag, Streamliners Richard Myers vs. Dan Glatch
Outlaw drag, Bill Hannon vs. Charlie Ollinger
Outlaw drag, Dan Thorne vs. Julie Pitko

More pictures by Chris and Dora Cortez

Saturday Trike Race
Jeff Hunn, John Liam, and Chris Cortez. The three fastest trikers 
Dan Thorne dad and daughter Julie Pitko, a schoolteacher came all the way down from Mich UP. 
Garrie shouts encouragement to Chris on his bike 
John Liam sprinted past Jeff Hunn for the win 
Garrie prepares to lay down the law and the cash for the 3 man trike sprint 
Post trike race Lineup for additional 2-lap 3man sprint for cash 
Trike races were held in the Major Taylor Velodrome parking lot. 
Sunday Mooresville Race in the Park
The only time Dora Cortez didn't smile all weekend was this warm-up.
Fast guy from Florida Stephan Hofft says his homebuilt lowracer has flat front fork material from NASA scrap bin 
Another fast guy (Eric Kragness) says thanks Garrie for letting me ride the bikes but boy am I tired. 
Bill Hannon on his Velocraft NoCom with Zzip rear disk wheel very nice 
Jim Iwaskow from Toronto bought Frank Geyers Challenge Jester and reworked it 
Jim Iwaskow's new carbon seat is half the weight of the Challenge aluminum seat 
Jim Iwaskow also hand made carbon brake levers copied off M5 
Overview of Jim Iwaskow's new handlebar setup on Franks old Jester 
Chris Cortez on Garrie's trike raced in Trike class and Stock class 
Sean world record holder explains a few things to John a race observer 
Garrie's velomobile never left his van on Sunday. 
5 year old Jonathan gives 17year old Charlie a run for his money.
Sunday Trike Race
Marj Branch looked strong 
All race long Jeff led followed by John and Chris till John very impressively again sprinted to the win.
Jane Hunn schoolteacher out for a Sunday stroll. Monday its back to teaching. 
Walk The Line
Racers wait as officials prepare timing system.
Group Lineup Racers walk across the line for a transponder check. 
Ryan Miller Junior class winner on his upright bike.
Julie Pitko with Challenge lowracer.
Jeff Hunn on Titanium TiCuda that Warren built.
62 years young and still very fast. Bill Lozowski with his shiny M5 beat warren in the drag races.
Bill Hannon with NoCom with flip-up steerer.
Sean Costin NoCom has to bend way down since he has no flipup steerer 
Eric Kragness flew in from Pensylvania for the races on Sunday. He borrowed Garrie's Bacchetta Ti Aero and was very fast.
Chris Cortez on Gritters lowracer with now removed M5 tailbox for this season 
Jim Iwaskow on Challenge Jester.
Doc Pearson with Infinity superstreet racer.
Big Thank you to Luke Gilbert for manning the HPRA timing system at this and several past races.
Mooresville 10 Lap Race
Blast off start to Mooresville lap race.
Sean trips the tape to start race. Sean averaged over 30MPH on his first lap. 
Racers ready to head downhill just past the line.
Sean blasts towards the line on one of the laps.
Don Barry co dictator and flag meister watches race. 
Bill Lozowski blasts by on one of the laps. 
Stephan Hofft on his homebuilt lowracer has a drink.
Doc Pearson Superstreet class winner. 
Don Barry times Sean on a 2:09 lap that was one of his slower laps.
Fast group powers by one of the laps.
Chris Cortez looked smooth and strong all weekend.

Sean Costin did his world famous head bobble all throughout the race.

Dan Glatch cruises by in his Piranha streamliner.

Rich Myers navigated his long wheelbase Moby streamliner up down and around.

Bill Hannon this guy is just superfast for being over 60. 

Chris Cortez comes flying down the hill towards the line. 

John Liam med student on Garries Barcroft Oregon lowracer with tailbox.

Sean demonstrates a high speed lean and pass maneuver around Bill Lozowski. 

Jonathan watches quite a mix of bikes go by and thinks where's dad?

Sean takes the checkered flag from Don for a win and course record.

Post race Sean is tired but ok. 

Post race, Sean recovered but Lisa and Jonathan are still in agony from watching dad speed by so many times. 

Pack up the bikes!
Michigan Upper Peninsula bound Julie and Dan removed the seats for less drag with roof and hitch mount they say their mileage dropped from 24 mpg to 17 mpg with the bikes all over it.
Frank Lindley Infinity (on red truck) and Doc Pearsons Infinity sticks out the back with tailgate and window bungee corded together.
The Hunns use their minivan and its roof to get tandem, trike and recumbent TiCuda in 
Jane appears to bite on their trikes seat getting it inside van. Sorry, bad picture. 
Richard and Marj trailer the Moby behind their vehicle and gingerly wrap it up.
Garrie has the right idea; a Sprinter van with bikes stacked and hung inside it. This went to Casa Grande and back with even more bikes inside. 
The Ollingers got four bikes plus four people in and on top of their minivan from Ohio.
Bill's got room to spare in his truck. I don't think he was done loading yet.'

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