Hawkeye Downs 2008 HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Hawkeye Downs 2008 HPRA HPV Racing Pictures
Racing held Oct 11 & 12 at the Hawkeye Downs race facility in Cedar Rapids, IA.
Pictures by Dora Cortez, Chris Cortez, and Warren Beauchamp. Words by Warren.
Racers and Spectators mill about waiting for the racing to begin..
Aaron Stiles gets his homebuilt super-stock class lowracer ready to go.
Rick Gritters, wearing an exceptionally cool jersey, gets his 'liner ready to race. That's Rick's better half Brenda on the left. 
Race director Dennis Grelk prepares to race the Barracuda 'liner.
Garrie Hill rides his WAW velomobile, with the canopy opened, to the start area.
Doug Gracer warms up in his Aleweder velomobile/track racer.
Rick Gritters warms up in his dacron over cromo tubing bodied 'liner. 
Warren Beauchamp takes a lap in the 'Cuda 'liner. Warren had tire rubbing problem all weeksend.
David "Doc" Pearson  cruises by in his Superstreet class Infinity Bulldog FWD SWB racer.
 Faired class racers get ready for the lap race.
Brenda puts the lid on Rick. 
Racers are away! Except for Warren who has a tire/chain interference problem. He eventually gets going, but misses the timing tape on the first lap. 
Doc takes the checkered flag. 
 The Trike and Womens class race was run on the two inside loops. Races had to run them in a horseshoe pattern. Here Garrie Hill rounds the corner, and this course is ALL corners.
Chris Cortez sets up for the tight 180 degree corner. 
Dora Cortez hits the corner. 
Rachelle Cobb races one of the Rose-Hulman lowracers. 
Chris Cortez takes the corner at high speed. In the background, the streamliners are lined up against the stage.
The velomobiles lined up against the infield fence.
 Another lap race begins. Rick Gritters takes an early lead.
Dennis accelerates past the start/finish line, followed closely by Tedd Wheeler in his Aleweder. 
 Warren and Garrie Hill motivate down the track.
 The Rose-Hulman streamliner zips by.
Doc and a Rose Hulman stock class bike.
Dennis, at speed. 
Warren rounds the corner. 
 Doug approaches the start/finish line.
 Rick makes a high speed pass.
Aaron cranks by. 
Aaron on the back stretch. 
Dennis on the back straightaway. 
Doug on the back straightaway.   
Garrie? on the back straightaway.  Garrie rode the WAW on Saturday and Tracy Thompson rode it on Sunday. Gary lent the WAW under the condition that he races it next year.
Doc on the back straight. 
Rick passes Richard Myers on the back straight. 
Danny Sing had to register as a streamliner to ride in the faired class race, even though he was riding a stock bike.
Garrie in the WAW. 
Tedd in the Aleweder. Tedd's wife Donna made him a nice aerodynamic cover for the cockpit. Tedd says that it gave him another couple MPH. 
Doc and Doug on the back stretch. 
Rick passes Richard. 
Dennis in the Barracuda. Dennis painted it white because it's easy to touch up when it gets crashed.
 Rick rounds the corner toward the finish line.
 Richard heads toward the finish line. Donna holds the checked flag.
Warren heads toward the finish line. Though he spent most of the race trying to fix the rubbing tire, he did get back into the race in time for the last lap...

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