Picts set 1_ Indy Trike Race
Indy 2009 HPRA Racing Pictures
Recumbent racing pictures by Mike Mowett.
Indy Trike Race Garrie asks racers to raise their hands if theyd rather be racing two wheelers.
Indy Trike Race Marge Branch 910 Jane Hunn 925.
Indy Trike Race starting row Jeff 911 Tim Hicks on leaning trike Dennis on Hase trike Chris Cortez.
Picts set 2_ Indy Infield picts
Dennis doing something with his pedals.
Don Barry doing check in duties at the Major Taylor velodrome.
Riders and builders gather around Tim Hicks trike LtoR Danny Sing Tim Hicks Dennis Grelk Rick W Jeff Van Treuren Tommy Roberts.
Rose Hulman captain Jeff Van Treuren shades rider before launch.
Rose Hulman Jeff Van Treuren pushes Ariel Young off in the MarkIV which won the ASME national championship 1 week earlier.
Rose Hulman member Danny Sing worked at Hed over the summer and got this bike.
Rose Hulman nearly whole team even the guy in the Ferris State shirt.
Rose Hulman readies Ariel Young to ride Chris Wlezien in blue shirt at left.
Rose Hulman team having lunch LR Chris Wlezien.
Rose Hulman was practicing quickly changing out riders which is what they have to do in the ASME competition during the endurance race.
Tim Hicks explaining his trikes front wheel drive design.
Tim Hicks explaining somethin on this trike to Jeff from Rose Hulman.
Tim Hicks rear view of trike with lock on capability.
Tim Hicks top view of awesome leaning trike.
Picts set 3_ Velodrome racing
Don Barry doing lap count duties which Richard passes in the Moby.
Frank Lindley riding the velodrome on his Infinity Banshee.
Jeff Hunn in Frank n Liner or should it be called Hunn n Liner now.
Jeff Hunn sans the top in the FranknLiner had some issues with his shoes rubbing the fairing top Apparently he has BIGGER feet than Frank.
Jim Curry made it three Infinity racers on the track.
Rev Bruce Gordon.
Richard Myers Infinity.
Rose Hulman alum Tommy Roberts on recumbent.
The Alleweder aluminum bodied trike.
The national ASME champion Mark IV from Rose Hulman.
Tim Hicks passes Jeff Hunn.
Tim Hicks was very fast on his lowracer with tailbox _ one of two bikes he raced counting his trike.
Tony Levand in his venerable Coroplast liner.
Upright Mike had fast first 200 meter but had to run again at about 4 mph slower because time was missed.
Velodrome snapshot 1.
Velodrome snapshot 2.
Mooresville picts set 1_ Trike Race
Chris Cortez on trike.
Jeff Hunn.
Jonathan Costin is a blur rounding course Dad Sean snaps picture.
Tim Hicks is really a blur on trike rounding corner.
Tim Hicks leaning and at full throttle in the Trike race.
Trike Race.
Mooresville picts set 2_ Other
Awards cermony Don Barry did the results and awards.
Bill Lozowski is very fast on his M5 lowracer.
Chris Cortez inside Richards minMoby streamliner.
Doc Pearson Randy Lindley and Misses.
Doc Pearson says Im over here at the Awards ceremony.
Dora Cortez on her Gritters lowracer.
Garrie says number one rule inside a streamliner no flatuence.
Jim Iwaskow homemade tailbox for Challenge Jester.
Marti Daly brought all the magazines that HPV articles have appeared in.
Marti Daly IHPVA photos magazine articles.
Marti Daly past IHPVA president brought her IHPVA archives to share.
Ricks aero football front end on his lowracer at one time there was a plastic cone here.
Sean Costin on Tim Hicks Black Max leaning trike.
Sean Costin on Tim Hicks trike Tim compiled all the Trike Records.
Sean looks at some old IHPVA photos.
Streamliner tryouts Richard let several people try on the Moby.
Warren doing the dance while warming up.
Warren on infield talks to Bill Hannon.
Warren on Tim Hicks leaning trike.
Mooresville picts set 3_ 10 lap race streamliner
Dennis is a blur at over 40 mph off the Hill.
Lineup for Streamliner SuperStreet SuperStock race.
Richard descending the hill at Mooresville.
Tim Hicks in 10 lap race.