2009 Manchester Medley Pictures
By Chris and Dora Cortez
 Doc Peterson
 Jeff Hunn says go that way
Bruce Gordon  
 Dennis Grelk
 Bruce Gordon
 Steve Wood
 Curtis Valey
 Warren Beauchamp and Joe Brooks
 Tim Hicks
Jow Brooks 
 Caution, funny bikes ahead!
 Jeff Hunn
 Warren and Tim wait to do their 1 lap srint
 Luke Gilberts is Saturday's timing official
 Tim and Dennis talk with Garrie Hill
 Saturday faired classes &  trike race.
 Jeff Hunn & Chris Cortez
 Frank Lindley
 Doc Pearson
 Brian Stevens
 Jeff and Chris
 Warren and Tim
 Jeff and Chris
Dora and Chris Cortez. 
 Happy Dora and Chris Cortez.
 Warren's chain greased leg
Jane Hunn 
 Joe Brooks
 Jeff Hunn
 Jeff, Warren, Chris
 Low boys
 Paceline - Warren, Bruce, Jeff, Mike?
You are here. 
 Paceline reloaded.
 Chris and Dora resting after the race.
 Trike race
 Ready to start?
 Fast corner
 Lots of cones in the parking lot denote the course
 Dennis corners
 Jane corners
 Chris passes start/finish
 Jeff pass start/finish
 Reena Markstahler
 Steve sets up for a corner
 Dennis leans sharply into a corner. Yes, that's a trike.
 Dennis wins.
Reena finishes
Jeff finishes
 Jane finishes
 Chris finishes
 Steve finishes
 Rich and Marge pack up.
 Rich's liner is packed up.
 Dennis and Tim talk
 Front of the school
 Trike race
 go speed racer
 Tim leads Dennis
 Tiltin' Tim
 Marge Branch
 Chris and Jeff
Lap counter Jeff

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