2009 Manchester Medley Pictures HPRA HPV and Recumbent Bike Races held August 15th & 16th 2009 at the North Manchester high school.
2009 Manchester Medley Pictures
HPRA HPV and Recumbent Bike Races held August 15th & 16th 2009 at the North Manchester high school.
Pictures and captions by Mike Mowett
Saturday Chris Cortez took all corners at full speed.
Saturday Chris really trying to kiss those pylons as he goes by.
Saturday It appears that Dennis is going one way while Reena and Steve are going another.
Saturday Jane Hunn rounds the corner on her trike.
Saturday Jane Hunn.
Saturday Jeff Hunn drives the barricade around the high school course doing cleanup Would the Drivers ed teach allow this.
Saturday Jeff Hunn.
Saturday lineup for Trike race.
Saturday Reena heading straight for the camera Reena enthusiatically cheered on every rider.
Saturday Reena took a break from her cheerleading duties to race herself in the trike race.
Saturday start of race Don Barry was the flag person and lap counter.
Saturday start of race and they are off.
Saturday Trike course included the parking lot islands and around cones in the parking lot.
Saturday trike race Rich Myers stand on the island taking pictures.
Saturday Warren Beauchamp tired and happy after race.
Sunday Chris Cortex relaxes.
Sunday Chris Cortez around the apex.
Sunday Dennis around the apex.
Sunday Doc Pearson is a blur as he goes by in his Infinity Banshee.
Sunday Frank Lindley rode the entire race.
Sunday Garrie Hill on Tim Hicks lean steer trike.
Sunday Garrie Hill tries out Dennis lean trike.
Sunday Garrie on Dennis trike.
Sunday Garrie says this is fun.
Sunday gathering in the parking lot Note all the Team Lowboy jerseys.
Sunday Here they come again Rich followed by Dennis on his lean trike.
Sunday Jane Hunn around the apex.
Sunday Jeff Hunn around the apex.
Sunday lap after lap Dennis stuck on Richs tail.
Sunday Lean trike lineup with riders leaning to their left bikes to the right.
Sunday Marge Branch around the apex.
Sunday Moby Rich and Marge pack up the Moby on their trailer.
Sunday Moby Rich Myers went 100 miles in 3 hours 28 minutes at Michigan in this bike.
Sunday Moby Richard says he will transport the Moby in his new minivan on the trip to Iowa.
Sunday Moby The insides of the Moby Blue GeeBee Moby MiniMoby whatever its called I think it should just be called the Myers Moby.
Sunday Rich Myers streamliner race winner on his 73rd birthday.
Sunday Steve Wood around the apex.
Sunday Steve Wood at high speed.
Sunday streamliner race Rich Myers was drafted by Dennis Grelk on his leaning trike The Moby is a bit more quiet than the 3 wheels of Dennis trike.
Sunday streamliner race Warren gets checkered flag followed by Doc.
Sunday Tim Hicks around the apex.
Sunday Tim Hicks Road Rash. He fell on 3 of the 4 corners on Saturday just about getting the course named after him.
Sunday Triker studs in the parking lot of Manchester High School.
Sunday Warren and Doc rode lap after lap drafting.
Sunday Warren coming up to the line with Doc still hot his tail.

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